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PC vs. Console — 2021 Version

Which is the best?
December 28, 2021
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While most people are familiar with the mutual teasing between Xbox and PlayStation users, the deepest-rooted conflict is still between PC and console users; there’s an abundance of topics to argue over and fans’ honor is on the line each time.

It’s difficult to solve the conflict once and for all. There will be no conclusion; there is no sublime answer. Instead, this article will examine whether this question makes sense and, if so, which is better depending on the circumstances.

Anyone who has seen such a discussion on a forum has already heard all the arguments and counterarguments that may arise on the subject. Let’s face it: Some of these are more shots in the dark than real reasons, but there are a good few of them that are worth thinking about calmly and thoughtfully before coming to a final decision. Here are a few criteria to consider.

Are you really a gamer?

The question may seem strange at first, but no one should be offended by the assumption. Let’s just start with a statement: In earlier years, everyone dreamed of the 486 and C64 games. In recent years, however, many people do not enjoy the games that much; many prefer the nostalgia of the game instead of the gameplay itself. Let’s stop for a moment, look at ourselves and be honest: Are we serious players? Do we check the release date of every new game or do we just casually play some FIFA or sometimes an online casino. Once you have the answer, one can move on to the next question.

What are we expecting?

First of all — a good experience. That’s fine so far. But starting from the first question, it is possible that our needs go beyond this and we are not only and exclusively interested in recreation. Many people need something to use for work. While a console is designed specifically for gaming, a desktop computer allows for more versatility.

Value for Your Money

A general argument in favor of consoles is that they are relatively cheap and they’re good for years; we just have to replace the disks. In contrast, a PC goes obsolete quickly and additional equipment is expensive. However, with the more expensive price for a PC comes additional features. Of course, a device that can be used for dozens of tasks at once costs more than a device that can mainly do one thing. There is nothing surprising or outrageous about this. Moreover, it simplifies our situation, because whoever wants to only play games should not worry about buying a computer — why spend twice or three times as much as is absolutely necessary?

Price, too, is a relative issue. While it’s true that once you start building a PC at home, it’s going to be hard to stop buying more advanced parts, but it’s a matter of individual decision.

Sure, if you catch the 4K, 200 FPS fever, you will have to pay more unless you want to drop back down to 1080 (in SLI), but let’s be honest: No one holds a gun to our head to do it.


“But what about the console with exclusive titles? How do my dear PC friends like Uncharted 4 or the first Red Dead Redemption? ” — the question is usually worded less subtly. However, which console features your favorite RTS games? The issue of exclusive titles in this standing war is also a double-edged sword, as all three major systems have their own special titles that are not available to others; on the one hand, these names are becoming fewer and fewer and the trend is shifting toward multiplatform releases, so this phenomenon is fading. However, it’s fair to accept that there’s something that will be available only here or only there — making an Xbox, a PlayStation or a PC unique. If someone wants to play with everything, there is no other option than to get all the systems. But overall, it’s not such a cardinal question: If we miss out on one of two games, the world won’t collapse either, will it?


As said at the beginning, there is no universal answer to the question at hand. If you’re not interested in anything other than being able to hang out with your buddies then the console has been invented for you. If you love developing your machine and always striving for the maximum, then a gaming PC is for you. That’s not to say you can’t invest in a PS4 or Xbox next to your computer if you’re excited about the adventures of the NHL or Nathan Drake, but you want to put Battlefield in 4K next to your console.


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