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Rob Gronkowski Retires for the Second Time — What Comes Next for Number 87?

With the tight end retiring yet again, it's time to consider whether he returns to the field or tries something new.
July 6, 2022
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Think of two things that go together so well that you can’t imagine them being apart for too long. Humans and iPhones, peanut butter and jelly, Bert and Ernie. These are all things that are meant to be together, just like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

But at the end of this last football season, Gronk has decided to retire for a second time after his initial retirement three years ago in 2019, splitting up this iconic duo once again.

There are many predictions as to where this huge personality and major football star will go now that he has announced retirement- so what are some of the most likely destinations for the beloved No. 87, who most definitely has energy left in the tank?

Return of the Gronk

Many speculate that Gronkowski has not yet finished his football career and will come out of retirement for a second time.

He has done it before, so who’s to say it won’t happen again?

Yes, fans and media without any personal connection to Gronkowski can speculate, but even his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has said he would not be surprised to see his client back on the field once again.

Gronkowski can still play and there is no doubt about that.

Unlike his last retirement, prompted both by a slate of injuries after suffering a torn knee ligament, a broken forearm and a hurt back, as well as diminishing confidence, this time is much different.

Gronk left the field and announced retirement after two seasons of play and showed us that the prime Gronkowski was back to barreling through defenses and scoring seemingly difficult touchdowns with ease.

In the two seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after returning three years ago, Gronk had completed 100 catches for about 1,425 yards and had scored 13 touchdowns.

Those are not the stats of a player who needs to retire, so this will all come down to whether Gronkowski feels ready and wants to put his previously injured and deteriorated body on the line once again.

Rob Gronkowski is a name that all football fans know and love. Even if you are not a fan of the teams that he has played for, he still earns your respect both on and off the field, and that is why people are hoping for a return of the Gronk.

And, as a hopeful tidbit, maybe this wait is all to get revenge on Tom Brady who retired and unretired earlier this year.

Gronkowski Rushes Toward a Rebirth in Television and Movies

So, what if Gronk really doesn’t return to the field?

One place where this big personality can also shine would be the film industry.

Whether it be movies, television shows or game shows, Gronk really does have the ability and the talent to be on the screen.

Not only is Gronkowski a very popular presence that would instantly draw in viewers for any particular show, but he does have some experience as well.

Gronkowski was the host of a Nickelodeon show called “Crashletes,” a co-host for the “2022 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards,” and competed on a season of the “Masked Singer“; he has been on other game shows and has acted in some films as well.

With the energy and comedy that naturally seeps out of Gronkowski’s skin, putting him on television as an actor or a game or sports show host would be totally natural for the former tight end.

Leaving football will be an adjustment and Gronkowski will want to scratch the itch to get back into the world of sports in some way, and hosting a show that involves sports could serve as the backscratcher he needs.

So, maybe Gronkowski will rejoice in his rebirth through hitting the big screen rather than getting hit by big blockers.

From the Field to the Broadcasting Booth

Former football players have often pursued broadcasting jobs after retiring from their sport.

These former players have insight into the game that is distinct from the average broadcaster, which brings a spark to the show and an element that may not be tapped into otherwise.

Some players such as Troy Aikman and Terry Bradshaw were able to make extremely successful post-retirement careers out of moving to the booth and, as time goes on, it seems like having former players in the booth is a continuing trend.

Most recently, retired Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo made the transition from the field to the headset and he has seen great success. Almost immediately, Romo was slotted as a main analyst and rose through the ranks because of his anticipatory commentary, knowledge and enthusiasm for the game.

Considering all the players that made the jump, could Gronkowski be the next player to throw on the headset and give audiences his thoughts on the game that he played for 11 seasons?

In the end, it is a possibility that the former tight end trades in the helmet for a headset.

Or of course, there is the small chance that Gronkowski relaxes and takes a break during his retirement rather than jumping back into the world. But with his energy, personality and joy for life, it would be surprising to see him sit back and take it easy.

As the 2022-2023 football season approaches, the only way to find out where Gronk will go is by keeping your eyes peeled for a decision from No. 87.

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