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Life Goes On for Peter Weber and ‘The Bachelor’ Final Four

The latest season of the long-running reality series may be over, but life for its star and the top four contestants continues.
April 15, 2020
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It’s been a month since Peter Weber wrapped up his season as the Bachelor, and it was definitely one of the more drama-filled ones the franchise has seen. From lies to betrayal, the season was anything but smooth sailing for the 28-year-old pilot protagonist. His heart was torn between two girls: Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett.

Sluss had gained the support of Weber’s family, but Weber’s heart was still set on Prewett. Regardless of his true feelings, Weber proposed to Sluss at the end of his finale, after Prewett broke up with him two day prior. In hindsight proposing to another girl right after being dumped by another probably wasn’t the best idea, so it is no surprise that Weber broke off his engagement to Sluss after a month because of his feelings for Prewett. Prewett and Weber never confirmed that they were dating, but it is verified that after the finale aired the pair officially ended anything they had between them and went their separate ways.

Peter Weber

Today Weber is single and plans on remaining single for a while. He’s been criticized heavily for his season of “The Bachelor” for being too indecisive and rewarding drama rather than trying to stay away from it. “The Bachelor” is a reality show so there definitely is going to be drama, but in his season, it took away from the romance. Despite the criticism, Weber is taking the journey as a learning experience. In a podcast with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti, the pilot said, “I don’t regret it. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on everything that has transpired — the good decisions I made, the poor decisions I made — and try to grow from that and become a better person moving forward.”

Currently, he is in quarantine with Kelly Flanagan, who made it to the top five on his season. The two had a budding romance off screen prior to filming Weber’s season and it continued to grow on screen. It came to a halt after she left the show, but now it seems to be starting up again. They haven’t confirmed that they’re dating, but fans, including me, are rooting for them to get together.

Aside from his dating life, Weber has been making appearances on a few different podcasts. He’s been extremely active on social media, especially given the current situation. Fans are most excited to see him move out in the upcoming months; when it was revealed that Weber still lived with his parents, Bachelor Nation jumped at the opportunity to meme the situation. On a recent Instagram Live, Weber announced that he will be moving out either to New York or LA and fans were ecstatic to hear the news.

Hannah Ann Sluss

After ending her engagement with Weber, Hannah Ann Sluss has moved on and got the closure she needed by watching the season air. She insists that the two ended things on good terms, but has been sending some shade toward Weber on different podcasts and on her Instagram. Nevertheless, the 24-year-old model has been keeping herself busy by picking up more modeling gigs. While the season was airing, Sluss moved out to LA and since then has been building her modeling portfolio alongside her good friend, “Bachelor” alum Hannah Goodwin.


Madison Prewett

Madison Prewett and Weber announced their breakup a few days after the finale aired and since then, Prewett has been doing amazing. She took to Instagram to share a few words about Weber and the time they spent together. It seems like there is no bad blood between the two. Prewett was rumored to be dating “Bachelorette” alum Connor Saeli, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Saeli went on Instagram with his good friend Mike Johnson, where Johnson asked Saeli what was going on with him and the 23-year-old pageant star. While his answer didn’t say that they were dating, he did confirm that there is something going on between the two.

Kelsey Weier and Victoria Fuller

While Kelsey Weier and Victoria Fuller didn’t make it to the final two, these two girls were in the final four and developed deep connections with Weber during their time on the show. Weier became known for “champagne-gate.” In an early episode in the season, Weier and Sluss got into a heated argument over a wine bottle that Weier had been saving to open with Weber. Once Sluss unknowingly popped Weier’s champagne bottle everything went downhill.

Despite this bump in her journey for love, she formed a very strong connection with Weber and quickly became a frontrunner. While her connection with Weber was strong, she ended up falling too hard for the pilot. After being eliminated from the show, Weier was heartbroken. However, she received the closure she needed at the Women’s Tell All and by rewatching the season as it aired. Today she is doing much better and the former Miss Iowa has big things planned for the future. Fans want her to return to the “Bachelor” world; however, as of now, Weier doesn’t have any solid plans to make an appearance on any “Bachelor” spinoff.

Fuller was the third person to get eliminated from the show. Her time on the show has been pretty drama-filled so it makes sense that her time off the show is just as dramatic. After the finale, she received backlash for posing in what initially appeared to be a “White Lives Matter” campaign. Along with this, there have been several accusations made against her of ruining relationships and being involved with married men. She cleared those rumors up at the Women’s Tell All and via Instagram. She later apologized for posing in the campaign and for her behavior on the show. Today, she’s pursuing an M.S. in economics and attending philanthropic events to keep herself busy. As far as her dating life goes, she’s kept it very secretive so it is unknown if she is still single or taken.

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