The Netflix original series "Maniac" is set to feature star leads Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. (Image via Netflix)
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The Netflix original series "Maniac" is set to feature star leads Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. (Image via Netflix)

Also known as six things to watch while you wait for Season 3 of “Stranger Things.”

Once upon a time, Netflix, the biggest name in modern entertainment, raked in its burgeoning subscriber base in a way any other film retailer had, with hit movies. While Netflix still does feature plenty of box-office dominant films, such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “Doctor Strange,” unlike the now-shuttered Blockbuster video store — which Netflix had a hand in running out of business — the online video merchant sought to reach viewers with an all-new approach, streaming.

As streaming became the go-to for all things entertainment, Netflix only continued to expand  their brand with original films and series. Some of their originals, such as “Stranger Things” and “13 Reasons Why,” became award-winning fan favorites. That being said, neither are set to return to Netflix until 2019.

So, for Netflix fans who have already binge-watched the most popular series and original movies, here’s a few upcoming releases to get you through the demogorgon drought.

1. “Ghoul”

With fall drawing closer, Netflix viewers are beginning to settle into their Halloween vibes, which, of course, calls for some horror. With the help of Blumhouse Productions, known for producing “Insidious” and “Get Out,” Netflix is releasing their first-ever horror series out of India.

Ghoul” follows a prisoner who arrives at a remote military interrogation center with the goal to expose the interrogators’ most shameful secrets. The creepy trailer reveals a star-studded cast including Bollywood’s renowned actress Radhika Apte, who has already made a prominent name for herself on the streaming giant with appearances in Netflix’s “Sacred Games.”

Ghoul | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

“Ghoul” will be available for streaming on Aug. 24.

2. “The Innocents”

This sci-fi Netflix original series introduces an interesting take on the traditional theme of the coming-of-age story. When the lead character, June (Sara Groundsell), turns 16 she decides she has had enough of her father’s controlling tendencies and strict rules, leading her and her boyfriend, Harry (Percell Ascott), to run away.

Yet the young lovers soon realize that there may have been reasoning behind the harsh enforcement that she desperately sought to abandon back home. It turns out June is a shape-shifter without any control of her ability, which leads to dangerous situations.

As June tries to conquer her involuntary shape-shifting, with the help of people who promise to have answers for her, her relationship with Harry begins to feel strained.

“The Innocents” is also set to release for streaming on Aug. 24.

3. “Maniac”

Hollywood stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill have teamed up once again for an upcoming original series on Netflix. “Maniac,” a fever dream comedy, shows two strangers Owen (Hill) and Annie (Stone), who are each battling their own mental illnesses — Owen with schizophrenia and Annie a fixation on past relationship issues with her mother.

Maniac | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

The pair are drawn to a mysterious pharmaceutical study with a new drug that researchers claim can cure “anything about the mind.” Owen and Annie soon find themselves in a troubling predicament when things at the research center don’t go as planned.

The limited series will be available on Netflix on Sept. 21.

4. “Apostle”

For Netflix fans who were drawn to the thrill of “Stranger Things” when demogorgons stormed Hawkins, or when Will went into the “upside down,” “Apostle” is a must-watch. While the upcoming show isn’t claiming to be a sci-fi series, its previewed plot does seem to incite action-packed scenes.

“Apostle” is set in 1905 and follows a man, Thomas (Dan Stevens), who travels to a remote island after his sister has been kidnapped by a murderous religious cult. The group demands ransom for the woman’s safe return, but underestimates Thomas’ willingness to take extensive measures to rescue her.

The Netflix original revenge thriller directed and written by Gareth Evans, is set to release on Sept. 28. Fans are already anticipating the casting of the lead role, “Beauty and the Beast” star, Stevens. Other cast members include Lucy Boynton and Michael Sheen.

5. “The Highwaymen”

For Netflix viewers who are looking for some thrilling action but aren’t quite avid sci-fi or horror fans, “The Highwaymen” may be the perfect fix. The American crime drama tells the classic tale of the notorious pair, Bonnie and Clyde as they commit numerous counts of robbery and even murder in a unique way: from the perspective of law enforcement, rather than the robbers themselves.

Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson will play the officers who hunted Bonnie and Clyde in the upcoming original film, set to release Oct. 19.

6. “Ratched”

Many of you probably remember reading — and perhaps being slightly mortified by — Ken Kesey’s novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in high school. If so, you are familiar with the unforgettable antagonist, Nurse Ratched, aka the tyrannical head of the psych ward.

Given her disturbing methods of treatment, including shock therapy and lobotomy, it is within reason to wonder how the infamous Ratched became the infamous villain — cue the origin story.

Netflix has agreed to a two-season, 18-episode commitment to the original series that is set to follow Ratched’s journey from a low-level nurse to the unorthodox authoritarian who terrorizes mental institution patients. “American Horror Story” alum Sarah Paulson will play the lead role and will be working alongside AHS “Asylum” creator and star Ryan Murphy, who is set to executive produce and direct the first episode of the upcoming Netflix original series.

A release date is yet to be decided.

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