Upcoming Horror Films
Upcoming Horror Films

12 Horror Movies Coming Out Later This Year

After watching these movies, you’ll be afraid of absolutely everything.
July 6, 2018
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This year has been filled with the release of several successful horror movies, such as “A Quiet Place” and “Hereditary,” but that’s not all of the movies that film directors and producers have in store for avid horror audiences.

The rest of the year promises even more scary movies, and there have even been announcements about some of the horror flciks being released in 2019. It doesn’t have to be Halloween to watch scary movies, so check out this list for some upcoming movies to add to your watchlist.

1. The Devil’s Doorway

Set in 1960, The Vatican sends two priests are sent to a home for “fallen women” in Ireland, and their investigation leads them to horrifying discoveries. This movie will be released on July 13.

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2. Unfriended: Dark Web

This movie ties technology into horror as the film takes place through a video chat with a group of friends.

When one of the friends finds a computer in the lost and found at work, he quickly realizes that it was a bad idea to claim the laptop as his own after the real owner starts stalking him. The computer holds dark secrets, and the owner is willing to do anything in his power to regain possession of the computer. This movie will hit theaters on July 20.

3. Slender Man

Slender Man is a tall, skinny character with long limbs and face without features. The terrifying figure wears a black suit and terrorizes children by stalking and abducting his victims.

When a high school girl goes missing in Massachusetts after trying to summon Slender Man and disprove his existence, the mysterious disappearance can only mean one thing: Slender Man is real. This movie will be released on Aug. 24.

4. Boarding School

After becoming obsessed with his dead grandmother, a young boy is sent to an abnormal boarding school. This movie will premiere on Aug. 31.

5. The Little Stranger

Taking place in 1948, Dr. Faraday receives notice of a patient at Hundred Hall. The house is occupied by a mother and her two children, and the doctor soon learns that something is haunting the house and its inhabitants.

This movie will appear in theaters on Aug. 31.

6. The Nun

After the mysterious suicide of a nun in Romania, a priest and novitiate (a woman who is studying to becoming a nun) must go on a journey to uncover the mystery. Along the way, they encounter paranormal forces. This movie will premiere on Sept. 7.

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7. Halloween

Michael Myers returns for his victim Laurie Strode, who was a high school student in the 1978 version of the film, but four decades later, Laurie is ready to take revenge on the infamous masked man who almost killed her one Halloween night. This movie will hit theaters on Oct. 19.

8. Suspiria

This upcoming film, which premieres on Nov. 2, is a remake of the original 1977 film.

Audiences will follow the story of a world-renowned dance company in Berlin as they battle supernatural forces and mysterious murders.

9. Glass

This movie connects with “Split,” which followed Kevin Wendell Crumb, a man that suffering from multiple personality disorder.

Now, a security guard tries to use his supernatural power to trace Crumb, specifically his personality of “The Beast.” Audience members will be introduced to Mr. Glass, who has been imprisoned for committing mass murders. You can meet this new character when this movie premieres on Jan. 18, 2019.

10. It: Chapter Two

“Chapter Two” takes place 27 years after the first film, where viewers first met the group of friends called “The Losers Club.”

Years later, the friends have moved on with their lives, but one day, they get a phone call that brings the club back together. Has Pennywise returned? Who is his latest victim? All questions will be answered on Sept. 6, 2019.

11. Pet Sematary

Adapted from the Steven King novel, this film follows the Creed family, who recently moved to a new house located near a “Pet Sematary.” Let’s just say it’s a terrifying place. You can see how scary when the film hits theaters on April 5, 2019

12. Polaroid

Don’t get your picture taken with this polaroid camera because everyone who does experiences a fatal end to their life. Bird Fitcher is a high school who discovers the camera and all of its terrifying consequences. Although there is no specific release date, this movie is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2019.

So what are you looking forward to seeing? These movies will be sure to have you screaming and throwing your popcorn in the theaters.

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