Have a Strong Stomach? Test It by Watching These 3 ‘Good Mythical Morning’ Videos

Like the food they eat, Rhett and Link are hilarious but weird.
November 5, 2018
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“Good Mythical Morning” is a YouTube channel created by comedy sensations Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, who have been friends since childhood. In college, they received an assignment to create a podcast, which is when “Good Mythical Morning” was born.

Now, both in their 40s, Rhett and Link’s channel boasts over 14 million subscribers. Their 14 seasons of videos consist of several humor-filled bits that send viewers into fits of laughter. Below are my top three favorite videos from the “Good Mythical Morning” channel.

1. Will It Cheesecake? Taste Test

In this video, Rhett and Link try different types of cheesecake that they’ve made themselves. However, these are not the types of cheesecake anyone would eat — Rhett and Link make the dessert out of disgusting types of ingredients such as beef bile, calling their efforts “pure experimentation.” 

The first taste test cheesecake is dubbed “the philly-cheesesteak cheesecake,” which is made with rib-eye steak, onion, mushrooms and provolone filling. This one actually doesn’t sound too bad, reminding me of a sort of pot pie. The guys agree, saying, “Will it cheesecake? Yes!”

The next on Rhett and Link’s list of experimental cheesecakes is something they named “the KFC’s cake,” which is made from fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn filling, gravy and coleslaw. Again, this one doesn’t sound like it would taste that bad. After trying the concoction, the guys determine the KFC’s cake “will cheesecake,” saying it makes eating easier because all of the food is in each bite.

For their third taste test, Rhett and Link present something they call “the five-hour energys-cake,” made with a Rockstar, Redbull and Monster filling. The guys describe the mint-green cheesecake as tasting extremely sour and tart, but ultimately do not hate it. Will the “five-hour energys-cake cheesecake?” Rhett and Link simultaneously agree by saying “Yes!”

Lastly, the guys try a cheesecake named, “bile-have-what-cheese-havin,’” a cheesecake made from the bile found in a cow’s digestive system. This nasty concoction is literally gray, featuring bile filling and bile whipped cream and topped off with a liquid bile syrup. Both men gag and spit the “food” into garbage cans as soon as it enters their mouths, claiming it is the worst thing they have ever tasted on the show (couldn’t have seen that one coming … ).

2. Putting Weird Things Through a Water Filter

In this episode of “Good Mythical Morning,” the guys put several different liquids (that are not water) through a water filter to see just how powerful filters are. They come up with some pretty interesting results — after putting Mountain Dew through the filter, they find the remaining liquid to be clear with no carbonation. After a taste test, they conclude that even though neither the carbonation or color made it through the filter, the Mountain Dew taste did.

The second liquid they put through the water filter is Listerine. After running the Listerine through the filter, it comes out clear but still smells very much like alcohol, just without the minty flavor. They give it a taste, and although the filtered Listerine still tastes like mouthwash, it is not nearly as strong as the original.

Their next water filter test is with chicken noodle soup. The chicken and noodles obviously did not make it through the filter, but a very cloudy and less-yellow version of the broth did. Link and Rhett both try the filtered soup, and Link describes it as having the consistency of water with a very mild taste of chicken noodle soup.

Next up on the guys’ list of water filter victims is a Budweiser beer. After putting the beer through the water filter, Link compares the finished product as “a very hydrated person peed in a glass,” versus the original beer, “a very under-hydrated person peed in a glass.” They both give the new beer a taste and conclude that it “tastes almost like nothing at all, but has a slight beer flavor to it.”

3. Nasty Food Jenga

This video features a large Jenga tower with different colored blocks, each color corresponding to a colored bucket containing some sort of nasty food. The object of the game is whenever Rhett or Link pull a colored block from the tower, they must eat the food in the corresponding bucket. When either one of the men pulls a block that knocks the tower down, the one who toppled the tower must eat a smoothie made of everything in all of their buckets.

The bucket foods go from good to bad, starting with blue and ending with white. Link’s buckets consist of Frosted Mini Wheats, seaweed, marmite-filled Twinkies, raw oysters wrapped in blue cheese, dried spiders and a mystery bucket, in that order. Rhett’s buckets consist of smoked sausages, umeboshi plums, Oreos with a cat food filling, pig anus cupcakes iced with caviar spread, cubed and hardened blood and a mystery bucket, in that order.

The game starts out with Link pulling a green block, forcing him to eat seaweed (not bad compared to the other buckets, though). Rhett goes second, purposely pulling out a blue block so he can eat a smoked sausage. The game goes on like this until eventually, Rhett is forced to pull a white block from the tower. The corresponding food to his white block is a food found in the mystery bucket …smoked sausages covered with glue.

Rhett pulls the block that knocks over the stack, resulting in a yummy smoothie made up of all the ingredients in his buckets, including the cubed blood.

“Good Mythical Morning” is an awesome channel with hysterical hosts Rhett and Link. If you want a good laugh or are just looking for something new to watch on YouTube, be sure to check them out!

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