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The news of a live action adaptation of 'Kim Possible' leaves its fans both worried and excited (Image via Polygon)
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Will this live action adaptation of the beloved show fall prey to the curse of live action reboots?

In the last couple of years, remakes and sequels have become a normalized trend that no one even blinks at anymore, even to the point that they have been ingrained into their everyday lives. So, it’s not really surprising that given the current onslaught of nostalgia, moviemakers have recently taken to making old films or shows, especially cartoon ones, into live action motion pictures.

Reactions to this new wave of live action films have been mixed with some enjoying the nostalgia that comes with them while others preferring that their past is left alone. The new Disney Channel “Kim Possible” live action movie, since its announcement, has not escaped the conversation around reboots and remakes.

“Kim Possible” first aired in 2002 and lasted 87 episodes and two films. It was a show that tweens and teens connected with for its perfect mix of the adventurous excitement in saving the world and the everyday struggles of a teenage girl in high school.

Its format of an animated TV show was perfect to reach out to young kids and it delivered the story and characters very well, something the new format of a live action film might not be able to do.

For the most part, the response to the news of this new project has been pretty split. Some people are jumping at the idea of having one of their favorite childhood shows recreated while others are warier of the whole project. Considering the staggering quality of live action films that have been presented to the public lately, this reaction is to be expected.

Movies such as “Beauty and the Beast” adaptation was able to achieve success and surprise people because they stick to the original story and only changed what was necessary for the format of a live action film.

On the other hand, the live action of “Death Note” had fans cringing away from any new live action adaptation attempts because they strayed from what the fans knew and loved in the original manga. People are just as protective of “Kim Possible” as they always are when it comes to shows, movies and books that stir a sense of nostalgia.

In a sense, viewers do have a right to be wary since childhood shows, especially the iconic animated ones such as “Kim Possible,” have a certain magic to them. Usually this magic seems to get lost in the process of recreating adapting the show into something that would make more sense in the real world.

Live action films are always tricky to deal with since creators are faced with remolding a work that comes with a lot of attachment to the viewers. No matter how the end product comes out, people will only react negatively simply because the don’t like the idea of change, which is almost inevitable in adapting an original series into a different format.

Fans are a little more at ease with the adaptation of “Kim Possible,” however, because it will be written and produced by the original creators of the series, Marl McCorkle and Robert Schooley. Having the people who originally came up with the concept of “Kim Possible” to stay with the series until it finished is a comforting thought to those who hold the show dear to their childhood.

With a project that seems so random and out of nowhere like this, one begins to wonder how much the creators really care about telling a story and sending a message. If the creators and writers of this film are only creating a live action adaptation to milk the franchise, then they won’t really care what happens to a story and characters that many have come to love.

While it’s great to see such a classic story as “Kim Possible” get reinvented and re-introduced to the public, maybe it’s best if it’s untouched and left for people to remember fondly. “Kim Possible” was great and worked wonderfully as it was and this new project of adapting it into a live action might change all that.

But then, what’s life without change? The movie might end up being better than anyone thought it would as well.

Funnily enough, the biggest controversy that has come from the news of this project hasn’t been from people stressing over the originality of the story; its the casting of the characters.

Viewers arguing over a cast of characters is a testament of how attached people have become to the “Kim Possible” series, but once initial arguments die down, conversations will likely be just as split as the news of the live action development.

It’s never a win-win when it comes to any movie adaptation and live action films get the worst of criticisms compared to any other movie adaptations out there.

Kim Possible
Who, of all those actresses out there, will be casted as our beloved ‘Kim Possible’? (Image via ANITH)

The new live action of Disney Channel’s “Kim Possible” was a surprise to hear about, which leaves fans are both dreading and anticipating. Personally, I feel like people will expect too much of the movie and then be disappointed with the result.

Taking on a live action adaptation is difficult because it feels like you’re fighting a losing battle from the beginning and there is no way to be able to please everyone. However, Kim Possible is a good character that needs to be shared more of with the world: she’s fun, exciting and, of course, nostalgic.

Hopefully those qualities will win out through the process of making her live action, and if they do, the movie will be satisfying regardless of how many changes have come about.

“Kim Possible” is a blast from the past that will hopefully end up being enjoyable in the future as well, and with this new take on it, who knows? So maybe not everyone will be satisfied (they hardly ever are), but maybe a good movie will come out of this adaptation.

There is still that chance that a whole new generation might end up being enchanted by her in the live action version of the much loved show.

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