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HINDZ Is Filled With Good Vibes And Self-Reflection

The YouTuber and mindfulness educator invites his listeners to join him for a chat over a cup of tea, creating a safe space online to discuss mental health.

Among the sea of YouTubers trying to sell you a product, there is the calm and serenity of HINDZ’s chat-with-me style videos. With sweeping aerial shots of the ocean and intimate glances at his day-to-day life, the YouTuber provides his viewers with a beautiful audio-visual experience that is both calming and insightful.

HINDZ makes content about spirituality, self-love and wellness. He also speaks on failure, insecurity and doubt. Watching his videos is like meeting up with an old friend or mentor.

The creator starts many of his videos by sitting down at a table in a seat directly across from his viewer and pouring himself a cup of tea. He slips into conversation naturally, making little comments about the tea he’s drinking and sharing passing thoughts about his day. Whimsical music plays in the background as HINDZ jumps from idea to idea. His language is informal and youthful as the YouTuber shares his sprightful excitement about his new teapot or his love of the color blue.

Before too long, HINDZ seamlessly transitions into deeper conversation. Using his hands to communicate the emotion and sincerity behind his words, HINDZ reaches out to those watching his video, both literally and metaphorically, and reveals his own reservations about the future. He divulges that he was scared to start his podcast. He then goes on to confess that he was insecure about his voice and thought no one would want to listen to his ideas in a pure audio format, admitting that he is human and flawed like the rest of us.

He knows that vulnerability is a two-way street. In order for his audience to connect with his approach to problem-solving and confidence-building, the creator opens up about his own experiences and struggles, encouraging his audience to do the same. All of this comes with ease for HINDZ. He speaks freely and surely.

This fluid speech narrates cinematic clips of quotidian life. As the YouTuber walks his viewers through his morning routine, crisp images of seemingly mundane objects and activities appear on the screen. Yet, in HINDZ’s videos mundanity is never boring. Stretching and watering the plants are presented as pleasures to be relished and romanticized. Life is simple and beautiful if viewed through the right mindset.

In his podcasts and on TikTok, HINDZ maintains his positive approach to life. On these platforms the free-spirited creative tells stories, offers advice and shares bits of culture and art. The creator speaks with his whole person. He opens his heart and forms honest relationships with his viewers, engages his brain to create new and innovative content and articulates emotion with the smooth movements of his hands as he communicates his points.

HINDZ shares all aspects of his life with his internet community. In one TikTok, the spiritual creator speaks of his deep love for Janet Jackson. In another clip, he talks about the importance of seeking help in times of need. On Instagram, HINDZ expresses his gratitude for his first video to reach 1 million views on YouTube. Many of these posts are concluded with his signature hashtag #vibeting, reemphasizing the content creator’s focus on curating the best of vibes for his audience.

After five years on YouTube, in January of 2021, HINDZ posted his breakthrough video, “let’s vibe, drink tea & talk about self love + how to gain confidence,” which has accumulated 1.1 million views to date. In the months after this video HINDZ gained hundreds of thousands of new subscribers and millions of new video views. So far, 2021 has been a year of incredible growth for the emerging YouTuber.

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But HINDZ hasn’t been the only YouTuber to gain astonishing traction over the past year. With the changing demand for more aesthetically pleasing self-help videos, many health and wellness-focused YouTubers have picked up a plethora of new subscribers.

Leah’s Fieldnotes is another YouTube channel that features intimate chat-with-me videos and a relaxing videography style that focuses on visual appeal and simple yet comprehensive beauty. Like HINDZ, Leah has gained a mass number of new fans over the past year. People love her for her authenticity, advice and artfully produced videos.

In addition to Leah’s Fieldnotes and HINDZ, other self-help YouTubers such as Nathaniel Drew, Matt D’Avella, and many more have accumulated support and acclaim. Over the past year in quarantine people have had to relearn how to take care of themselves and find pleasure in solitude. This realignment of priorities has been manifested and perpetuated through the digital content being created and consumed on social media outlets.

HINDZ is part of a larger trend. Many millennials and Gen Z were put out of work and left without direction as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lonely and bored young adults clung to the internet during this time of instability, searching for creators to uplift and guide them when all other support outlets were either exhausted or inaccessible.

HINDZ has not fallen short during this time of need. Posting multiple videos and/or podcasts a week, the charismatic spiritual teacher creates videos that perfectly address the personal problems that have been exacerbated by the pandemic such as “the art of not feeling lonely,” “social anxiety crippled me, until I did this,” and “Procrastination is a RELENTLESS beast, but we can fix this.”

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Short, thoughtful, and easy to watch, HINDZ’s YouTube videos are the perfect amalgamation of spirituality, self-help, empathy and art. Whether you’re looking for a digital friend to connect with or just some relaxing background noise to play as you’re doing house chores, HINDZ is a perfect choice.

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