"House of Cards" will unveil its final chapter this November, notably with Kevin Spacey's absence. (Image via Digital Spy)

Here’s What’s Coming to Netflix in November 2018

Get ready for new ‘House of Cards,’ ‘Narcos,’ Trevor Noah and many, many more holiday movies.

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Get ready for new ‘House of Cards,’ ‘Narcos,’ Trevor Noah and many, many more holiday movies.

With Halloween over and done with, Netflix has officially shifted to the holiday season. There are plenty of movies ,such as “The Christmas Chronicles,” to watch with your friends and family while wearing ugly holiday sweaters and snuggling up under blankets.

But if you’re not into that sort of thing, there’s no need to stress — Netflix has also been promoting the return of “House of Cards,” a new music-focused reality show and a Scottish war film set in the Middle Ages, among others.

The streaming service has a whopping 28 movies and TV shows coming out during November (see the full list at the end) for you to enjoy. Here are some of the most anticipated.

“House of Cards” Season 6 (Nov. 2)

This hit Netflix original drama about American politics was thought to be in trouble when the show’s lead actor, Kevin Spacey, was accused of sexual assault. But the show was able to continue on without him and now features a female president, Robin Wright.

The new season has gotten better reviews than the last few, and viewers seem to be happy about the change of pace that the removal of Spacey has brought about.

“Westside” (Nov. 9)

Westside” is another Netflix original reality show that will feature nine musicians working to follow their dreams and create a showcase performance. It seems similar to “Glee” and “A Star is Born” according to Glamour, so if you enjoyed those, you are likely to enjoy “Westside.”

Plus, the show has promised to release a soundtrack with the new series.

“Outlaw King” (Nov. 9)

With a surge of historical drama movies in the past few years, now Netflix has got onboard out with its own addition.

Outlaw King” goes back in time to the 14th century when Scotland was trying to win its independence from England. This action film has gotten mixed reviews, but if you’re a fan of Chris Pine, you will probably want to see it.

“Narcos: Mexico” (Nov. 16)

This TV series was intended to follow as the fourth season of the original Netflix series “Narcos,” but instead chose to focus on the Guadalajara Cartel and drug trafficking in Mexico. The series is set in the 1980s and will feature Michael Peña as DEA agent Kiki Camarena.

The original “Narcos” series has gotten favorable reviews, so “Narcos: Mexico” looks set to be another excellent release.

“The Kominsky Method” (Nov. 16)

If you need some comedy in your life during the month of November, this will be a great series for you. Featuring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin, “The Kominsky Method” follows two old men working through their problems and life experiences together.

The show promises to offer a hilarious and realistic take on getting old, so you’ll want to add this to your “to be watched” list.

“Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia” (Nov. 20)

If you love “The Daily Show” and/or Trevor Noah’s two other films on Netflix, you’ll be happy to know that Noah has partnered with Netflix again to release a special stand-up film. The comedian is well known for tackling controversial world debates through clever jokes.

Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia” is set to feature comedy dealing with racism, immigration and more issues in today’s society.

“The Final Table” (Nov. 20)

Netflix has also decided to take on the ever-popular genre of cooking shows. They’re created a global competition where different teams of chefs from around the world work to make various international dishes.

The show looks a tad bit dramatic, but if you love baking competitions and the like, you’re likely to enjoy “The Final Table.”

“The Christmas Chronicles” (Nov. 22)

Because Halloween is over, it’s time to move on to the other winter holidays. Netflix has made sure to include several Christmas movies in its November release, with “The Christmas Chronicles” likely being the most popular. The brand-new Christmas film features stars such as Kurt Russell in a holiday adventure.

Two children who try to capture Santa (Russell) end up on a thrilling ride as they learn how Santa really does his job. This could be a great family movie or simply a film to watch to get ready for the holiday season. And no, the movie does not look like your boring, cookie-cutter Christmas film — based on the trailer, Russell seems to embody a modern, more rambunctious Santa Claus.

These films and TV shows look set to provide more than enough entertainment to last you until Netflix’s next releases in December. If you are looking for other shows to watch, I’ve included the full list of releases below.

Happy watching!

Full List of November Releases

Nov. 1


“Sex and the City: The Movie”

Nov. 2

“House of Cards Season 6”

“The Holiday Calendar”

“The Other Side of the Wind”


“Remastered: Tricky Dick & the Man in Black”

“They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead”

Nov. 4

“Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj”

Nov. 5

“John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons”

Nov. 9


“Medal of Honor”

“Outlaw King”

Nov. 16

“The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”

“She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”

“Prince of Peoria”

“The Kominsky Method”

“The Princess Switch”

“Narcos: Mexico”

November 19

“The Last Kingdom: Season 3”

Nov. 20

“Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia”

“Motown Magic”

“The Final Table”

Nov. 22

“The Christmas Chronicles”

Nov. 23

“Frontier: Season 3”

Nov. 30

“Death by Magic”

“A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding”

“F is for Family: Season 3”


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