You don't need a huge at-home gym to work out with Claudia and Joshua Kozak. (Image via Instagram/@hasfitclaudia)

HASfit Is Perfect for Staying Physically And Mentally Fit at Home

The YouTube channel provides a fun, free, inclusive and COVID-proof way to work out.

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You don't need a huge at-home gym to work out with Claudia and Joshua Kozak. (Image via Instagram/@hasfitclaudia)

The YouTube channel provides a fun, free, inclusive and COVID-proof way to work out.

Like most college students, my life has been completely turned upside down by the pandemic. However, I’m grateful to say that my exercise routine is one thing that hasn’t been affected. I’m someone who relies on regular exercise to handle stress, stay mentally alert and just feel good in general. When COVID-19 struck, I didn’t have to worry about not having access to a gym, all thanks to the YouTube channel “HASfit.”

Run by the couple Joshua (“Coach Kozak”) and Claudia Kozak, HASfit provides hundreds of exercise videos that are perfect for working out without having to leave home. From strength training to HIIT workouts and everything in between, the channel truly has it all.

I have tried out countless YouTube fitness channels, but have yet to come across one as comprehensive as HASfit. The workouts are varied in both type and length so that even though I’ve been using the channel for over two years, I have yet to get bored. More importantly, Coach Kozak and Claudia run their videos in an encouraging and inspirational way that is unlike any other fitness YouTubers I have come across. After a HASfit workout, my spirits feel just as refreshed as my body does.

I’m someone who is very critical of diet culture and the way that exercise gets discussed in the media, so I want to be clear that no one should ever feel that they have to exercise, especially during a global pandemic. If you only have enough energy these days to keep up with responsibilities like school and work, you should embrace that, not feel bad about it. However, if you are someone who enjoys exercise but has fallen out of the routine due to the pandemic, or if you are interested in incorporating exercise into your life a bit more than you have previously, HASfit is a great place for you to turn. Here’s why.

Perfectly Designed for a Pandemic

While I’m sure the Kozaks didn’t have a global pandemic in mind when creating their fitness channel, it just so happens that HASfit is designed perfectly for having no choice but to exercise without a gym. While public gyms are opening up, exercising in one is probably not the safest option for the foreseeable future. Luckily, HASfit workouts will have you sweating in a space as small as a 109-square-foot dorm room, as I have learned from personal experience. As long as you have enough room to extend your arms out to the side and hold a plank, you’re all good to go for a HASfit workout.

Additionally, all HASfit videos are completely free to watch. In this time of economic instability, spending money on something like a gym membership or an online exercise program might not be an option for a lot of people. Free videos mean the channel is accessible to people in a tight financial situation. Moreover, HASfit provides many videos that don’t require people to own weights or any other sort of equipment. You only need yourself and an internet connection to work out with Coach Kozak and Claudia.

Wide Variety of Workouts

Looking for strength training? HIIT? Just abs? HASfit has it all and then some. With hundreds of videos, the channel truly contains something for everyone. The variety keeps things exciting and prevents me from dreading working out since I know there will always be something new I can try.

The videos are not only varied in type, but also in skill level and length. The channel has workouts for both seasoned gym rats and people just trying out exercise for the first time. The lengths of the videos range from as short as 10 minutes to as long as over an hour. Whether you’re looking for a challenging hour-long workout or only have 20 minutes to fit in some exercise, HASfit provides plenty of options.

The variety of the videos gives you the chance to design your own workout routine. You can easily combine shorter videos targeting specific areas to create a well-rounded workout. For example, one of my favorite combinations involves a 25-minute biceps and triceps workout, followed by a 15-minute abs workout. Because there are so many different videos, people who use HASfit feel like they have much more autonomy in achieving their fitness goals, as opposed to following a rigid workout routine dictated by a fitness instructor. People can figure out what videos they like the most and mix and match them to create workouts that suit them best on different days, which for many people is much more motivating than being told exactly what to do and when to do it.

It’s Inclusive 

My favorite aspect of HASfit is that it is welcoming to everyone, regardless of their fitness background. It can be intimidating to start exercising if you never have before. HASfit understands this and provides even the most inexperienced of people with the resources they need to know how to smartly and safely work out regularly.

Not only do the Kozaks make plenty of beginner workout videos, but they also provide easier modifications for every exercise move, even in their advanced videos. This means that people with injuries or people who are not yet strong enough to do the hardest version of an exercise can still work out safely and effectively. Another way the channel ensures safety for people working out is by giving very clear instructions for every single move and performing detailed demonstrations of each one. Coach Kozak and Claudia make it a point to emphasize that safety is of the utmost importance, and that pushing yourself to do the harder version of a move is not safe if you are not strong enough to do it with proper form.

HASfit even has videos designed specifically for older people who may have limited mobility, proving that the Kozaks really do aspire to make exercise accessible to anybody who wants to work out. The inclusivity of the channel creates a welcoming rather than intimidating atmosphere that encourages people to come back for more.

It’s Inspirational

YouTube is overflowing with fitness channels that feature overly energetic people with perfect bodies preaching about how you too can have a six-pack if you do these ab exercises every day. While most of them mean well, the reality is that fitness YouTubers often zero in on people’s desire to change their bodies. While they may try to disguise this using peppy phrases like, “Looking good on the outside will make you feel good on the inside!” their ultimate message is that you are not good enough unless you look a certain way.

HASfit rejects this superficial approach to exercise and focuses on the internal benefits of moving your body. “HAS” stands for “Heart And Soul,” and the channel takes its title seriously by promoting a message that strengthens people’s souls as much as it tones their arms. Coach Kozak and Claudia aim to inspire people throughout the workout with catchy sayings such as, “Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both right.” Sure, they’re a little cheesy, but they also highlight that the goal of exercise should be about strengthening your mind alongside your body, a message that many fitness YouTubers fail to promote.

Don’t just take it from me — HASfit videos are flooded with comments from people all over the world who have fallen in love with the channel. Coach Kozak and Claudia have created a welcoming and effective fitness channel that the world needs now more than ever.

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