Friends reunion video

6 of the Most Legendary Moments from ‘Friends’

Since it’s clear now that there won’t be a ‘Friends’ movie, take solace by reliving these iconic moments from the hit ‘90s series.

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Friends reunion video

Since it’s clear now that there won’t be a ‘Friends’ movie, take solace by reliving these iconic moments from the hit ‘90s series.

A few months ago on YouTube, a user published a video called the “‘Friends’ Reunion Movie” that caused quite a fuss among the millions of fans of the popular TV show.

The video was created by a team of people who specialize in making concept trailers for hypothetical movies, so the resulting quality of the teaser was very good. In the clip, it appears that Monica and Chandler have gotten divorced, Rachel is working as a therapist and Joey is an award-winning actor.

FRIENDS Movie Teaser Trailer Concept - Jennifer Aniston Friends Reunion

However, despite the popularity of the fan-made trailer, it is highly unlikely that any “Friends” movie or reunion series will occur. In 2016, co-creator of the show Marta Kauffman flat out said that the series will never be revitalized in any form or fashion, as “Friends” is about a time in everyone’s life when your friends are your family. Naturally, once the characters have made new families, there is no need for more episodes or film.

Still, all the talk about a “Friends” reunion got me thinking about how much I loved the show, which led me to think about some of the most legendary quotes and episodes from the series.

Clocking in at over 10 seasons and 236 episodes, “Friends” remains one of the most popular TV shows of all time. So here, in no particular order, is a short list of my favorite parts of the heartwarming series.

1. Unagi

In the 17th episode of the sixth season, Phoebe and Rachel take self-defense classes that have them bragging about how they can kick anyone’s ass. Ross tells them that after years of studying karate (a word that he pronounce very funny) he has learned that self-defense is useless without unagi, a state of total awareness.

Rachel and Phoebe tell him that unagi is a sushi and that there’s no such thing (which is correct, as “unagi” is the Japanese word for freshwater eel), and Chandler later tells Ross the same thing.

After Ross jump-scares Rachel and Phoebe, the two return the favor in his apartment. A funny and unforgettable moment.

2. Joey in All of Chandler’s Clothes

In the second episode of the third season, Ross arrives at the flat to gather everyone to attend an important function at the museum.

Despite the fact that they are running late, nobody is ready and Ross is losing his head over it.

After a short argument about a chair they share, Chandler goes to get dressed and hides all of Joey’s underwear, forcing him to “go commando” in a rented tux.

In revenge, Joey goes commando wearing all the Chandler’s clothes and doing lunges in them. Really hilarious moment of the show, watching Chandler’s face.

3. The One with All the Poker

This was in the 18th episode of the first season when the guys played poker with the girls. This wasn’t the funniest moment in the show, but it was memorable because in it, Ross shows that he is truly in love with Rachel.

In the middle of the game of poker, Rachel receives a call from Saks informing her that she hasn’t been picked for the job. Frustrated, she decides to take it out on Ross after all the other friends folded their hands.

At the end, Rachel wins the hand with a full house. However, Ross accepts his defeat but looks rather satisfied, all because he made Rachel happy. Some watchers (including me) think he had a better hand but decided to give his love a moment of happiness.

4. Rachel and Ross Get Married in Vegas

This was the double-length season finale of the fifth season, when all the friends went to Las Vegas, Nevada, to see Joey. Joey had been secretly working as a gladiator in armor at Caesar’s Palace because he lost his acting job.

In Las Vegas, Monica and Chandler fight about whether she could see Richard again. Monica starts gambling, and after she makes up with Chandler, both of them start playing baccarat and start winning big.

In the meantime, Ross and Rachel are playing black jack and drinking in their room. After another big win, Monica and Chandler decide to get married but when they arrive at the chapel they see very drunk Rachel and Ross, who got married before them.

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The glamour of the Las Vegas and their brick-and-mortar casinos is shown at their greatest, and the episode is one of the best as it has all, fun, love and an interesting twist at the end.

Friends reunion video
In the Vegas episode, Ross and Rachel drunkenly get married, which leads to trouble later on when Ross refuses to file for divorce (Image via E!News)

5. When Joey Had to Speak French

In the 13th episode of the 10th season, Phoebe helps Joey prepare for an audition by teaching him how to speak French. Joey does not progress well and just speaks gibberish, thinking he’s doing a great job.

Phoebe later goes to the audition and explains to the director in French that Joey is her mentally disabled younger brother so he’ll take pity on Joey. An interesting fact about this is that in real life, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc both speak fluent French.

6. The Last One

Truly one of the best moments of the show. Ross is distraught because Rachel left. He goes to his apartment, checks his messages on the phone and hears a message from Rachel, which is cut off in the middle of an argument between Rachel and an air-stewardess.

Ross tries to hear the rest of the message, asking himself, “Did she get off the plane?” The door opens and he hears, “I got off the plane.” He turns and finds Rachel at the door.

What an end of the show!

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