The Cast of ‘Dynasty’ as Zodiac Signs

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September 21, 2019
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“Dynasty” is coming back to television screens this upcoming fall and with barrels of drama to follow. The race to success and prestige is no easy trek but for the Carringtons, power is everything. However, power comes with a price and usually at the expense of someone looking to right the wrongs of the elite family.

But the Carringtons are more than elite, aren’t they?

Throughout the series, we have seen just how vulnerable the family can be. The family is too complicated to be understood, but they are a family nonetheless. The Carringtons possess certain qualities that make them unique. In celebration of their return, I have created a list of possible zodiac signs according to their unique characteristics displayed on “Dynasty.”

Blake Carrington

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Symbol: Scorpion

Element: Water

Love him or hate him, Blake Carrington is the textbook definition of a Scorpio. The no-nonsense billionaire is all about making his way to the top and maintaining his dynasty at all costs. A Scorpio is almost always 10 steps ahead because of their innate ability to observe, read and investigate others. Blake, just like other Scorpios, is far too stubborn and determined to reach his peak. How else could he succeed in such a cutthroat business environment?

While his many relationships are often problematic, Blake cannot be helped for his controlling and manipulative nature. For him, it is a sign of love. As much as he wants to express his emotions, Scorpios keep their feelings at bay and one can’t expect them to open up so easily. I mean, we are referring to the man who tanked the chances of building a children’s center to build a baseball field for his fiancé. Talk about romance.

Fallon Carrington

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Symbol: Lion

Element: Fire

For this prim and proper heir, there is so much more than what meets the eye. Fallon Carrington is a diva without a doubt, but she is a diva with a heart of gold. Leos tend to be passionate and confident, which reflects in everything they do. Fallon might not exemplify the perfect daughter or friend and we could draft a novel about how imperfect Fallon is, but the truth lies in her generosity when she thinks no one is paying attention.

However, this unadulterated kindness is not to be mistaken for weakness. Leos love attention any way they can have it. Drama is the norm for Fallon and if you cannot get on board, then expect to feel her wrath. Just ask Ashley Cunningham. Leos know how to take difficult matters into their own hands and make the most of it. I, for one, cannot wait to see how Fallon bounces back in this new season. It’s bound to be a doozy.

Steven Carrington

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Symbol: Fish

Element: Water

Steven, Steven, Steven. Where do I even begin? The troubled descendant of Alexis and Anders (it is still hard to get used to that idea) is more than his nervous breakdowns. Steven is constantly at battle with himself and as a Pisces, he is sensitive to a tee. Apart from the partying and drug relapses, he can be the most gentle person ever, which is a sharp contrast to his sister.

Pisces are known to be friendly. Steven does not fall short in this category, but some could say the charming man is too friendly. He exudes warmth and positivity to everyone, including those who might not be so deserving of his trust. This does not phase Steven for long though. He forgives again and again, which is the nature of a true Pisces.

Adam Carrington

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Symbol: Twins

Element: Air

It has been a journey discovering the real Adam Carrington and once we did, there was no going back. Adam is a Gemini for several reasons, beginning with his inability to remain consistent. He drips charm at all social gatherings one moment and is, literally, pushing people into fireplaces the next.

Gemini signs are infamous for their double personalities. Adam, on the one hand, is a lost soul attempting to find his way back to the home he was ripped from as a child. On the other hand, Adam is the man vengefully seeking to take back what belongs to him regardless of who gets hurt in the process. Geminis are extremely intelligent and skilled. It’s too bad Adam has no plans of using his quick-witted ideas for good.

Sam Jones

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Symbol: Bull

Element: Earth

Sam Jones is a complex character in the world of “Dynasty” — at best. He is the friend that looks out for anyone in need, but he is also the friend to cancel plans last minute because he’s too lazy to get ready. Taurus stand up for what they believe in and will not budge under any circumstances. If Fallon can trust him to come through, anyone can. Sam is a devoted lover for the finer things in life and nothing less will do. No wonder he felt such ease making himself at home in the manor. No one embodies the idea that life should be about pleasure and happiness like Sam does, but that is exactly what makes him so captivating. He is willing to risk it all for the simple joys of life and without regret. As a Taurus, the snarky fashionista is a force to be reckoned with.

Jeff Colby

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Symbol: Crab

Element: Water

Family is at the core of “Dynasty,” but Jeff Colby actually demonstrates what it means to devote your life to protecting them at any cost. The persistence in Jeff is remarkable, and it is with such integrity that he has been able to come this far. While the last season depicted a much different side to the tech billionaire than we are used to, it is fair to say he was tossed a raw deal (all thanks to Blake Carrington). Cancers are susceptible to moody behavior and pessimism if they are not taken care of properly. Jeff may never admit it, but love is at the root of all his actions, even his fight for justice against the Carringtons.

Michael Culhane

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Symbol: Maiden

Element: Earth

Michael Culhane is a natural born survivor and with Virgo as his sun sign, there is hope for his redemption. The chauffeur-turned-businessman has built his empire from the ground up despite the naysayers of the world. Every move of his is calculated and while love blurred the lines for a bit, Michael affirmed his place as the most hardworking person on the show. Virgos tend to search for the good when everyone thinks there is no good left to find. Michael saw that in not only Fallon but now Kirby. Truth be told, it may be this character trait which leads him to his ultimate demise on “Dynasty.”

Kirby Anders

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Symbol: Ram

Element: Fire

How ironic is it that Kirby Anders would have a fire sign? From dishing out bold comebacks and catfights, the redhead can clearly be impulsive. Like any Aries, Kirby is confident in her abilities and unapologetic about it. The independent woman made strides at Fallon’s side, but I have a feeling we are about to see so much more of what she’s capable of in this new season. Kirby is often misunderstood and for all the wrong reasons. As an Aries, she simply wants to go for her passions without judgement and become the leader she was destined to be.

The zodiac signs attached to each character are completely fictional but attributed to their behavior throughout the show. As the fight for the “Dynasty” continues, these characters become more and more complex in their own right. Keep your eyes peeled for Season 3 and watch closely this time. Maybe you will be able to see the various zodiac signs continue to unfold on the screen.

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