Double Shot at Love
Will the "Jersey Shore" stars actually find love? Or will they just pull pranks the entire time? (Illustration by Jessica Shaklee, University of Georgia))
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Double Shot at Love
Will the "Jersey Shore" stars actually find love? Or will they just pull pranks the entire time? (Illustration by Jessica Shaklee, University of Georgia))

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If the finale of “The Bachelor” left you wanting more drama, heartbreak and love, a new dating show might be exactly what you need. While it doesn’t feature former NFL players or models, the game show is hosted by two of reality TV’s biggest clowns. Vinny Guadagino and Paul DelVecchio, better known as Vinny and Pauly D, are the new stars of their very own dating show “Double Shot At Love.”

The show is a reboot of the 2009 hit with the same name, which featured bisexual twins inviting 20 potential love interests, 10 males and 10 females, to the show. Both shows are spinoffs of “A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila,” one of MTV’s highest rated series.

All three shows were produced by SallyAnn Salsano, who is no stranger to Vinny and Pauly D, as she also produced the reality TV series that everyone knows and loves, “Jersey Shore.” In “Double Shot At Love,” Salsano combines her two franchises to create a masterpiece of “Jersey Shore” humor and dating show drama.

Double Shot At Love Season 1 - Tuxedo Time Shoot

During their time on “Jersey Shore” neither of the two men found a serious relationship and instead were focused on casual hookups. But now, at 31 and 38, the duo are looking for something a little more special.

But when the men grew tired of the casual dating scene, it became more and more difficult to find a meaningful connection. A busy schedule filled with DJ tours, appearances and filming doesn’t leave much time for love. So because Pauly D and Vinny have spent the past decade on film, it only seemed natural for them to find love in the same setting.

Here’s everything you need to know about what goes down on “Double Shot At Love.”

The series premiere of “Double Shot At Love” kicked off with an unusual twist. As the contestants were introduced, it was revealed that they did not know who they were competing for, but had some pretty wild guesses. “I would be so stoked if the contestant was Post Malone,” said Brittani, one of the women on the show. Brittani might have been slightly disappointed to see a DJ instead of one of the hottest rappers in the game, but having two for the price of one might even the score.

The contestants in general are almost laughable. On other dating shows like “The Bachelor,” there tends to be a pattern of stereotypical characters: tall, pretty blondes who have some sort of modeling career and possibly fake hair. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with “Double Shot At Love.” These women are the definition of “reality dating show” from head to toe, and their leopard-print outfits make them a shoe-in to be the next big time guidette. Seriously, though; nearly every contestant is from New York or New Jersey.

Their careers seem a little farfetched, too. There are the typical array of models, but one contestant in particular claims that she “hosts in the exotic car community.” Someone needs to show me how to get into that business, because obviously I’m doing something wrong with my life if I’m not doing that.

While having two men to choose from seems a little intimidating, in this rendition, the ladies have full control. The women get to decide which “Jersey Shore” man they want to have a shot at love with. Initially, this sounds like a recipe for drama and disaster, but both men have promised that it won’t ruin their friendship. Vinny and Pauly D constantly joke that the “best man may win.” Although tensions have yet to surge, only time will tell as viewers dive further into the season.

One element of the show that makes it seem much more realistic is the fact that Vinny and Pauly D live just a few rooms away from the contestants. In other words, the men are witnessing the drama firsthand, which happens behind closed doors in most dating shows. Both Vinny and Pauly D have stated that getting to know the women“on a real level” is very important to them, and how these contestants treat the other women who they are competing with is a very large reflection of that.

It’s refreshing to know that the men are exposed to the drama, and it satisfies viewers who are sick and tired of that one mean girl going too far in these competitions.

One aspect that viewers simply cannot ignore is the dynamic duo’s humor. Their hilariously good jokes and pranks featured on “Jersey Shore” have only continued on “Double Shot At Love.” For instance, the first episode starts by asking the contestants very simple questions like “Name four different kinds of pasta” and “What is the name of the national anthem?” to purposely bring out some of their stupidity. It’s a laugh the entire ride, and the men seem to get even more riled up by the camera’s presence, soaking in all of the attention.

The big question is: Will these two find real love? Pauly D seems to think that this is the moment he’s been waiting for and that he will leave the show with his future wife. Vinny, on the other hand, remarked “If it happens, it happens.” Because both of them have been in front of the camera for years, broadcasting their love life doesn’t seem to phase them.

If Vinny and Pauly D can find a girl who is willing to give them a shot and merge herself into the world of reality TV, then they’ve found themselves a winner.

With the season ongoing and contestants slowly drop off, “Double Shot At Love” is definitely a show for viewers who crave the love-story arch of “The Bachelor” but hate the cordiality and fake aspect of it. This is old-school, trashy reality TV at its finest, and viewers can’t get enough.


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