BlizzCon 2019

BlizzCon 2019 Brings the Heat With Reveals That Thrill Fans

In spite of some controversy, the annual convention by the game developer Blizzard still brought out the crowds.
November 10, 2019
8 mins read

True fans will make any effort to better immerse themselves in the world of their passions. If it’s superheroes in tights and capes, then Comic Con might be your thing. But if you’re a video game junkie looking at some of the most impressive multiplayer games in the new wave, BlizzCon is where it’s at. Showing off all their best new games at the massive annual fan convention is just one part of the package.

As far as gaming conventions go, it’s an event to express yourself in cosplay, meet some of the creators behind the scenes and interact with the festivities of their unique franchises. BlizzCon 2019 pulled diverse groups of fans from all over the world in all kinds of series, creating a memorable interactive experience that promises even more ambitious projects from the company in the future.

Once again, BlizzCon has brought a universe of community gamers together. Want tons of cosplay? The myriad of devoted fans who went above and beyond were an impressive sight to behold. Even if you weren’t in on it, walking around and catching the many sights allowed for an appreciation of the art. Fans of characters in all sorts of games added their own flair and personal stylizations, bringing out the best of their favorites in unprecedented ways. BlizzCon loves all this, and personally prides itself on the annual tradition of banding together for a group cosplay photo. Naturally, any participant who’s brave enough can join in, and it seems to get bigger each year.

Contests were brought back in BlizzCon 2019 for the categories of talent, costumes, art and a community night event. This brings in a thrilling opportunity for the fans to express themselves in wonderful and genuine ways. If you aren’t already doing it out of passion, it’s another incentive and fantastic way to have fun with what you want to present. If you’ve got skills in creating cosplay like no other, a penchant for interesting movies, a heart for illustrations or any other secret talent you’re dying to show, then the stage is yours. Even talents not necessarily related to BlizzCon 2019 were presented at points, and that’s okay — BlizzCon encouraged this in order to inspire more to join the night and have fun. Entering the contest beforehand had their own set of rules and subcategories for participating, but BlizzCon 2019 was nevertheless open minded and appreciative of their fans’ efforts — they had as much fun judging and announcing winners in the process.

As with most gaming conventions, BlizzCon 2019 also participated in hosting eSports, and it easily housed the thousands in a multitude of contests. Ever wanted to see the pros of your favorite games up close? Fans had the chance to do just that, and here’s a short recap of major tournaments that many were there for:

— “StarCraft 2” announced pro player Dark as the world champion after a complete stomp.

— “World of Warcraft Arena” featured Method Black in a surprising victory against Wildcard Gaming.

— With “Hearthstone,” VkLiooon is the first ever woman to be crowned an eSports champion at BlizzCon.

— The United States finally won the “Overwatch” world championship after 4 years of heartbreak.

Playing the game and watching it over streams is one thing, but it’s an entirely different feel to see it live and witness video game championships in the making. This year’s annual eSports especially proved that point by crushing expectations and making the unbelievable victories possible.

For most die-hard fans, the overall convention experience wouldn’t be complete without the big reveals and highly anticipated announcements. Some of the best highlights in BlizzCon 2019 were the impressive array of iconic video games that promoted new expansions to the current favorites or even completely new sequels altogether. If you’re a fan of the following series, consider yourself blessed, as you’ve got a lot to look forward to:

— “World of Warcraft: Shadowlands” is an expansion that features new covenants to join based on player choice and a storyline covering the lore on Sylvana’s characterization (releasing 2020).

— “Diablo IV” returns with more hell and blood than before, but it’s not only the stunning graphics that have changed; the cinematic universe allows a revisit to “Diablo 1” and “Diablo 2” and a nonlinear world with so many new choices.

— “Overwatch 2” is an entirely new sequel that will run our favorite characters through a long awaited story mode, allow a “shared” multiplayer environment in cross-platforming and feature a new PVP mode and touch on other refinements in skins, maps and more.

— “Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons” opens up a new chapter in its universe and tailors its new modes following the recent success of “Auto Chess” — little is known otherwise, but we do know there will be a lot of dragons (releasing Dec. 10).

Despite the anticipated announcements, interactive contests and other engrossing festivities that BlizzCon 2019 had to offer, some were skeptical after their month of political controversy. BlizzCon seemed like a disaster of an idea earlier in October when the company censored a pro player, “Blitzchung,” for supporting Hong Kong protests. Punishing the player and the other two casters who added their own input on the action, the decision frustrated fans even after a brief apology and a return of the prize money.

Still, when it came to BlizzCon 2019, most of the fans found their own reason to move on from the incident. There were protestors at the event, and naturally there were a few moments here and there, but Blizzard accepted this, let it happen, and opened up with a formal apology. The show goes on, and BlizzCon 2019 wasn’t about any of that — it was just about gaming celebration and looking towards the future of the company with its fans.

BlizzCon 2019’s offers a chance to partake in some of the best events, announcements and entertainment that properly reflects everything they have to offer. Fans lived the full immersion and fantasy of these creative gaming universes in BlizzCon 2019 through cosplay, creative events, eSports championships, new announcements and so much more. Only one question remains: What’s next for Blizzard?

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