Why Online Gaming Is the Ultimate Way to Switch Off

It might seem weird, but sitting back and taking a break with your console or computer might help you study.
October 4, 2019
5 mins read

Studying is a huge part of students’ everyday lives. Tests, exams and homework often take over your free time in the evenings and on the weekends. So, it’s no surprise that we all end up procrastinating every once in a while. Whether it’s scrolling through Instagram, playing a game or even tidying our rooms, everyone has been distracted at some point. 

But what many teachers won’t tell you is that this downtime is vital for your concentration. You need to take frequent breaks before both mind and body become too tired to drink in all of the information in your readings. You’ll notice that whenever you have some time off, you’ll be able to return to your studies with a clearer, more focused mind. 

So, what should you do in your free time? 

Online Gaming

Online gaming is a top choice, especially with the vast range of different games to choose from. From the rush of a casino game to immersive RPGs, whatever you’re into, there’s something out there for you.   

Casino games are usually the go-to for many students on their study break. The games are a great way to rest the mind and experience a dose of adrenaline that’s perfect for pushing you through a tough night of cramming. And, the best part is that it’s a simple and fun way to earn a bit of extra cash. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, you can read more at casinofever.ca.

Scientifically Proven Benefits to Gaming

Gaming is fun — we all know that. But why is it such a good way to give your brain a chance to reset? 

The University of Rochester released a study, finding that online gaming has the power to improve both your visual attention and your concentration. This is an amazing discovery, showing that gaming can help you to focus on the important things while ignoring everything else. 

A really key finding in their study was that the more adrenaline-inducing a game is, the better the benefits for your concentration. They proved this in a cognitive experiment, entering both gamers and non-gamers into attention tests. By the end of the study, the gamers had thoroughly outperformed their non-gaming counterparts. 

On top of this, in Psychological Bulletin, an analysis was conducted on 89 correlation studies, comparing cognitive improvement over a length of time with gamers. 

Overwhelmingly, the studies highlighted a positive connection between the time spent gaming and high scores on cognitive tests. They focused on skills such as perception, spatial perception and the ability to switch to new approaches once finding the old ones won’t work. 

Splitting Your Study Time Wisely

The key to getting the benefits of online gaming is by giving your brain the chance to use them. This means you can’t just spend all of your time gaming. You still have to put time and effort into your studies. So how should you split your time? 

The most effective way is by breaking down your study time into bitesize chunks. Aim for around 30-minute intervals, giving yourself 10 minutes in between to enjoy your favorite online game, get a snack and relax.

These timeframes are tried and tested. The brain stops taking in information after 30-40 minutes. The break period will give your mind the chance it needs to process all of the information you’ve just read while allowing it to take a well-earned rest. 

Overall, online gaming is a very effective way to spend your free time. On top of that, it can also be a great way to spend short breaks during study periods. The huge cognitive benefits mean that you don’t have to feel as guilty too, you can just switch off and relax

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