6 Online Clothing Stores That’ll Help You Ball on a College Budget

Because looking good shouldn’t require a second college loan.
October 2, 2018
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Everyone knows that shopping for clothes can get pricey as you begin to evolve your style, especially in the realm of online shopping. Trends come and go, so spending $50 on a pair of shoes you might not like next year is a commitment you’ll have to think twice about.

Luckily, tons of websites exist that offer cheap and stylish outfits that allow you to break out of your clothing bubble without breaking the bank. If you’re trying to look like a million bucks without spending them, check out these sites for some great deals.

1. Fashion Nova

If you follow icons like Cardi B and Kendall Jenner on Instagram, you’re probably already familiar with this spicy online clothing store. Fashion Nova carries both men and women’s clothing, as well as plus-size options. Shipping is free on orders $75 and up in the U.S. and international shipping is only $15.

The site offers over 10 categories of clothing, ranging from jumpsuits to sweaters to lingerie, and is even promoting a Halloween-themed section with some iconic costumes. Fashion Nova is known for its sexy outfits that can make anyone feel confident, no matter their income.

Upon entering the site, you’ll immediately have the chance to utilize a promotional code or coupon, and if you wish to enter your email, you can continue to receive updates about upcoming sales.

2. Shein

This site is for those of you who are looking for some business casual outfits for a great price. You’ll find your favorite fall sweaters and other staple items here, like denim jackets and edgy sunglasses. Shein offers free standard shipping on orders over $49, and you’ll receive an additional 15 percent off your first purchase.

If you’re searching for clothes that appeal to bohemian or even more modern tastes, look no further. The site is split into more popular categories for those who are going for a specific style. As fall and winter approaches, you’re sure to find an affordable jacket or sweatshirt that both you and your bank account will love.

3. Romwe

One of my personal favorites for online clothing, “Romwe” is perfect for those who are really trying to ball on a budget. Almost everything on the site is under $20, and students even get an extra 10 percent off their final order. You’ll find graphics tees, crop tops and killer boots that resemble designer items for a fraction of the cost.

Shipping is free on orders over $49, which is just enough to fill your closet with at least one of all your favorite staple items. Along with clothing, Romwe also carries household essentials like bake ware and office supplies. You can revamp your entire closet and decorate your apartment all for a reasonable price. This site is great for college-goers wanting to spruce up their dorm rooms without having to take out a loan just to do so.

4. JustFab

Calling all boot lovers! This site is always promoting specials on your favorite pairs of boots, all ranging from combat to heeled pairs. I recently placed an order myself that allowed me to purchase some black velvet thigh-high boots for less than $10.

Unlike other websites, JustFab prompts shoppers to take a short quiz upon entering the site that generates styles and products fit to your needs. You can choose as many styles as you like, and JustFab will make suggestions so that you can easily shop for your favorite items. You can also become a VIP exclusive member, which notifies you of countless promotional codes and sales. You’ll never miss out on a steal for fashionable boots again.

5. Yesstyle

This Korean site carries what I would classify as vintage clothing items for those searching for a classic look. You’ll find adorable dresses and skirts sure to make you appear like you’ve spent big money, but you’ll have everyone fooled. Yesstyle carries countless other products like home goods and makeup items, all at discounted prices.

For the more adventurous shoppers, you can try out some quirkier products like face lifting rollers and eyebrows scissors. Shipping is free on purchases over $35, which seems rather generous considering how cheap Yesstyle products sell for.

6. Wish

Although many have questioned whether this site is a scam or not, Wish is one of the cheapest resources for online shopping, and it’s completely legit. Most of the shipments come from Japan from individual sellers, so the shipping time for products might be considerably longer than other sites.

You can find just about anything you’re shopping for, and even more that you’re not. Everything on the site is extremely cheap, but buy at your own risk. Many have reviewed that the original sellers are hard to get into contact with if something needs returned, so I wouldn’t suggest investing more than a small chunk of money into this store. If you want a good laugh, go watch some Wish hauls on YouTube. Many of the products are surprisingly pleasant, while the rest are huge flops that serve merely as video entertainment.

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