Upcoming Streetwear Drops for the Rest of 2019

Streetwear has become mainstream, and that means it's getting hotter than ever.
September 7, 2019
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Streetwear has continued to be a popular fad over the past couple of years, even if many people believe it is dying down. While the obscurity of many streetwear brands has been lost, the general population has begun wearing the newest clothes to complement their style, with hordes of buyers lining up for limited-release streetwear and sneaker releases.

Among these people are a number of rappers, athletes and actors who have been seen on their social media wearing the hottest new releases. Some of these famous people have also collaborated with streetwear brands to create their own styles.

There have been many extremely successful streetwear releases this year, such as the recent Bape x Wilson collaboration and the Kyrie x Spongebob collaboration. Bape also recently collaborated with the well-known battle royale video game, “PUBG,” and on Aug. 31, they released digital outfits that players can buy for their characters.

There’s no doubt that streetwear is still alive and thriving. Here is a list of exciting upcoming streetwear releases.

Chinatown Market University – Sept. 3 to Sept. 7

The increased popularity of streetwear has introduced new people into the world of fashion, and Chinatown Market, a prominent streetwear brand, is paving the way for a new generation of fashion designers and creators to develop their craft. Keeping in the spirit of developing the fashion world, Chinatown Market is holding a series of classes in New York City to teach the finer arts of creating clothing. While there isn’t much known about the event at the moment, keep your eyes on their social media to learn more.

All The Marathon Clothing x Puma – Sept. 5

Before the fatal shooting of Nipsey Hussle in front of his clothing store, he had been hard at work, developing his fashion line called All The Marathon; its upcoming release is meant to commemorate his legacy. All proceeds will be going to the Neighborhood Nip Foundation, a charity named after Nipsey that hopes to continue his philanthropic acts toward local communities.

This release includes T-shirts, jackets and pants. Due to Nipsey’s legacy and streetwear’s close ties to the hip-hop community, it is likely that this release will be extremely notable this year. The clothes will be available on the Shoe Palace website and at various retail locations.

Yeezy Boost 700 V2 “Inertia” – Sept. 7, 2019

The Yeezy line has gotten a lot of buzz since its inception in 2015; in fact, in some places, it is hard to go a block without seeing someone wearing the iconic shoe. Kayne West is one of the most prominent names, in both music and fashion, and he is seen almost exclusively wearing his Yeezys, typically before the shoes are even released. The Inertia 700s are hyped up a lot among sneakerheads due to its unique colorway. These shoes can be bought online through the Adidas webstore, as well as on various resale sites, through raffles.

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Naked and Famous x Dragon Ball Z Capsule Collection – Sept. 13 to Oct. 11

Many artists nowadays have been vocal about taking their inspiration from anime, and “Dragon Ball” is arguably the most iconic anime franchise of all time, spanning pop culture across multiple generations.

In this upcoming release, Canadian streetwear brand Naked and Famous Denim partnered with “Dragon Ball Z” to create coats and jeans that feature characters from the anime. One of the jackets to be released is even inspired by the character Future Trunks, who wears a denim jacket in the show; it has a capsule corporation logo, like he does on his jacket.

Nike Air Max 270 React Hyper Jade – Sept. 12, 2019

Just because a shoe looks good doesn’t mean that it isn’t practical. The Nike React line of shoes is versatile in both fashion and function. The React line has some of the best running shoes that Nike has on the market, and the Hyper Jade shoes, specifically, have been catching people’s eyes due to their vibrant colors and hybrid silhouette. This pair is the final installment in the Nike Air Max 270 React line, along with this year’s earlier releases of the Blue Lagoons and the Electro Greens. These shoes will be available online at and at select retailers.

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Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 Medium Olive – Sept. 14, 2019

All rappers might not want their own line of shoes, but pretty much all of them want their own line of Jordans. Many rappers grew up hoping to be able to get the newest kicks to show off to their friends at school. Travis Scott is among those rappers and has his own line of shoes with Nike. This will be the third pair of Jordans that he has released, and these shoes were actually seen at his halftime performance at the Super Bowl this year. This new release features the Cactus Jack logos and art in various locations on the shoe, as well as a side pocket. It will be available at select retailers for $250.

Air Jordan 4 WMNS Mushroom – Sept. 19, 2019

Unfortunately, most streetwear is made in men’s sizes, distinguishing it from other fashion styles; many female streetwear enthusiasts and sneakerheads just dress in smaller men’s sizes, because streetwear is meant to be worn baggy. However, many Jordan shoes are released every year in women’s sizes, and the Air Jordan 4 WMNS Mushroom shoes are pretty interesting looking, with a mixture of earth tones and black accents. The shoes will be available at and at select retailers for $190.

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Supreme Fall/Winter 2019

Supreme is iconic in the streetwear community for mixing skater culture with high fashion, as well as for its odd collaborations and products other than clothing, such as the Supreme Crowbar and the Supreme Brick. Every year, Supreme releases merchandise in two waves: spring/summer and fall/winter. During each wave, exclusive new items are released online every week. Among all of the new and original clothing to be released during this wave, there will also be a Honda x Supreme collaboration motorcycle and a variety of fashionable jackets, a staple item for Supreme fans. Who knows? Maybe there will even be a rerelease of the most iconic piece of streetwear, the box logo t-shirt.

OG 1985 Nike Air Jordan 1 Replica (Rumored)

The pinnacle of streetwear culture is the Jordan 1 shoe. If you are not aware, the Jordan 1 is the first shoe ever made in the Jordan line, designed in a collaboration between Nike and Michael Jordan and coming in Chicago Bulls colors. This release is the first potential remake of the iconic shoe, and while the release isn’t confirmed yet, Nike usually releases a grail-worthy pair of Jordans every year. The shoe is rumored to drop on Black Friday, with specifications similar to the original shoe that came out in 1985.

In the end, streetwear can be anything you wear on the street; it doesn’t have to be Hypebeast clothing. (That being said, Hypebeast publicizes streetwear and directs the whole market. If no one wore designer clothes, there wouldn’t be many people wearing streetwear at all.) And with these upcoming releases, it doesn’t seem that streetwear is slowing down anytime soon.

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