Tyris Manney Beauty Products Have Ingredients You Can Actually Pronounce

And they're 100% organic and vegan.
September 18, 2019
7 mins read

Finding the perfect skin care product is a journey. Some dermatological products can irritate skin, leaving it dry or greasy, or even cause breakouts. Tyris Manney, creator of Tyris Manney Beauty, is reimaging the daily skin care routine. Manney’s 100% organic products include all-natural ingredients that can actually be pronounced. No “Phenoxyethanol” or “1,2-Hexanediol” nonsense — just a fantastic, natural product at a great price.

Tyris Manney Beauty is a movement created to organically celebrate the uniqueness of every individual. He currently offers two products: The Honey Sugar Exfoliant and The Lavender Fae Cleanser. Both products are most importantly 100% organic and vegan. They are paraben-free, not tested on animals and are completely nontoxic, containing natural oils.

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The skin care guru started this business to address his problems with major modern skin care and makeup brands. They use toxic ingredients and claim to not test on animals, but many products are sold in countries like China where there are no laws against animal testing. Manney, fed up with not being able to read and understand the ingredients he would be trusting to put on his skin, decided to create a product able to safely and effectively cater to his skin needs.

Harmful side effects, skin diseases and cancer can result from unsafe skin care products and Manney wants to change all of that. Tyris Manney Beauty stands out from the rest because he wants his customers to use a product he not only fully believes in, but better yet, uses himself personally every day.

The Tyris Manney Sugar Exfoliate is a fantastic and straightforward product. Encompassing raw sugar, honey and added oils, this face mask is almost hard not to eat. It is so nontoxic and sweet. The mask contains antioxidants as well as antiseptic and antibacterial properties designed to rid skin of blackheads. The product specifically removes dirt from the pores, helping skin breathe. It then hydrates and tightens pores for a healthy, clear complexion. The product goes for only $9. Be sure to mix this product well before using.

The Tyris Manney Beauty Lavender Face Cleanser not only smells amazing but incorporates just four simple ingredients, all of which can be easily identified and pronounced. Each ingredient caters to the skin in a healthy way. Starting with a lavender oil base, the product is an anti-inflammatory, leaving skin smooth and clear with an incredibly calming and therapeutic scent.

This product targets clogged pores, using antibacterial properties to kill harmful bacteria. It is the perfect cherry to top off the everyday skin routine. It goes for $13 but can be purchased with the Sugar Exfoliate as a set for $22.

Manney himself was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago and attended Harlan Community Academy High School. His life growing up was no walk in the park; he was bullied for his sexual orientation and simply for the way he looked.

He transferred schools on multiple occasions and was even homeless at a point. There were times he didn’t know when his next meal would come. Above all, he persisted. Manney is a fighter. “Those experiences were like God’s gifts because it’s shaped me to be who I am today,” Manney proudly notes.

For Tyris Manney, washing his face is not just another everyday chore. It is a time of meditative beauty — a time for him to focus on him and appreciate his individuality. The use of his product with this sectioned-out chunk of time is essential for a good day in his eyes. Manney strives for his business to reach as many people as possible. Manney proclaims, “I want to get people to understand the importance of taking care of your skin the natural way.”

A lack of education can leave skin untreated or even harmed, a risk skin should not have to take. One day, Manney would like to be in Sephora and reimagine the way the world understands beauty, which truly starts with a safe and reliable cleaning routine. He strives to be one of the best beauty brands in the world because for Tryis Manney, nothing is impossible.

Manney’s business and beauty idols are changing the game, as Manney looks to do with his own company. He appreciates Kim Kardashian for being such a great business person — the Kardashian family as a whole is quite successful in their business endeavors.

Rihanna has rewritten the history of beauty with her successful makeup brand, Fenty Beauty. She created realistic shades for people of color that this industry has never seen before. She is killing the game and is without a doubt leading the pack for beauty expectations in America. The motto for her makeup line, “Beauty for All,” could not stand truer.

Another idol and advocate for people of color in the cosmetic world is Jackie Aina. The influential YouTuber talks everything makeup with an emphasis on the importance of taking care of the health of skin first.

Manney encourages people to believe in their beauty because “we are all beautiful.” Skin is as unique as the person that skin is on. Manney knows he is unique and so are his customers. His ideals for skin care go beyond the skin. Every scrub, every time he washes his face is a time to reflect on becoming the best version of himself and now, others can do the same with his products. Believing in oneself is one thing but putting those beliefs into action distinguishes the customers from the creators.

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I am a proud user of Tyris Manney Beauty and can positively say his products have changed the way I look at my skin. I started off with the Sugar Exfoliate and finish with the Lavender Face Cleanser. I’ve suffered with chronic acne since I was a kid and have tried so many different products that ended up hurting my skin. Because his ingredients are all-natural, my skin is happy, soft and smells amazing. I’ve made Tyris Manney Beauty a part of my regimen because it is a trustworthy product that really works.

The Tyris Manney Beauty website is simple to use and easy to navigate. Manney has started a GoFundMe page to expand on his business and upcoming products. Follow his Instagram (@tyrismanneybeauty) or like his page on Facebook for product releases, positive daily affirmations and customers who have already made Tyris Manney Beauty a part of their daily routine. Support small, local and black businesses.

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