Drew and Deison Afualo of Two Idiot Girls

If You Grew Up Without Sisters, ‘Two Idiot Girls’ is the Podcast For You

TikTok star Drew Afualo and her sister Deison bring both humor and heart to their new podcast.

You might have heard of Drew Afualo (who gained her massive TikTok presence by clapping back at men online), but you might not know about the podcast she shares with her sister Deison. The two worked together to carve out a space online where they can delve into issues closest to their hearts. From representations of minorities in media to recovering from being self-confessed “pick me girls” in high school, they aren’t afraid to speak on a broad range of topics — both serious and light-hearted — on their podcast “Two Idiot Girls.”

Drew Afualo is 26 years old and has accrued 6.5 million TikTok followers to date. She began making videos on TikTok about “red flags” in men accompanied by her own dating horror stories. Her unique brand of humor quickly escalated in popularity, with her TikTok following skyrocketing from 1.5 million to 4 million in just two months. Her cult following doesn’t stop there — Drew Afualo has collected 91,000 on Twitter and 534,000 on Instagram.

Drew’s distinctive high-pitched giggle has become synonymous with women standing up for themselves on TikTok. She has mentioned in interviews that she’s okay with being labeled a “crusader for women” — she’s not afraid to fight back online, and fight dirty. But away from the toughened personality she portrays on her TikTok account, Drew shares a different, more vulnerable online space with her sister.

Drew’s sister, Deison Afualo, is 28 and is less involved on social media than her younger sister. She has an Instagram account, where she posts snippets of her life (including weekly updates on the latest episodes of “Euphoria” Season 2). Aside from that, she seems to lead quite a private life online. The “Two Idiot Girls” podcast offers her followers a space where they can get to know her best, and the show delivers immaculately on this front.

I first heard about the “Two Idiot Girls” podcast through a screenshot posted to Drew’s Instagram story. I was keen to learn more about the influencer and her life, but I was also looking for some much-needed diversity in my weekly podcast rotation, which was overwhelmingly white and straight. In their debut episode, the Afualo sisters (who are Samoans) share their thoughts on representations of Polynesians in media, aptly titled, “Hire Us @ Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson !!!

In the episode’s description, they explain how they dive into the ways their community has been represented in film, and follow this by stating, “Because what’s the point of being Samoan if ‘The Rock’ doesn’t play at least 1 character in all 5 movies that represent you in Hollywood?” It’s this constructive but playful approach to their podcast that makes it so endearing.

By blending both education and entertainment, these women take apart a concept, discuss it from multiple angles, offer different perspectives and still manage to poke fun at it all. In their critique of “Moana” in their first episode, they acknowledged that the animated film was an important step in representation, especially for young Polynesian girls. Drew confessed that she had tears in her eyes when watching the movie for the first time in theaters: “I couldn’t believe I was going to watch a princess that looked like me on the big screen.”

However, the hosts agreed that “Moana” fell flat on many levels, chiefly because the film attempted to represent too many Polynesian cultures, failing to give each culture any individual full recognition. They explained that “Moana” cherrypicked parts from very different cultures, contributing to the harmful belief that all Polynesian cultures are indistinguishable from one another. In every episode of “Two Idiot Girls,” you’ll find that Deison and Drew engage meaningfully with their podcast topics and handle them with both intellect and heart.

In episodes published during Black History Month, the podcast hosts offered a platform for Black creators Fannita Leggett and Chrys the Author. The hosts made a point to ask their guests what non-Black folks can do to better support Black creators online. Deison and Drew Afualo genuinely care deeply about the dialogues they’re opening up, and it’s heartwarming to see them use their own platform to make a difference.

While the women do not shy away from serious topics, they’re also not afraid to laugh at themselves. In the episode titled “Breaking the Chokehold of Internal Misogyny,” both women describe their high school experiences in a patriarchal society. Deison explained that her “pick me girl phase” included avoiding wearing makeup, and Drew confessed that growing up she often dressed to subconsciously cater to the male gaze.

They agree that they’ve done a lot of work to move past internalized misogyny, but that it still pervades our culture deeply. When the hosts discuss their upbringings, it’s easy to see how they’ve grown into the women they are today. Both the Afualo sisters are very down-to-earth and easy to relate to; in these moments, the podcast feels like you’re in a group phone call with friends or sisters. The co-hosts of “Two Idiot Girls” often impart sisterly advice, and their bond is infectious — you can’t help but feel a connection to them both.

I think what strikes me the most about the podcast is how well the sisters complement each other. Drew comes across much more extroverted, confrontational and unafraid to speak her mind no matter how people (read: men) may take it. Deison is more introverted and soft-spoken, often sharing her struggles with anxiety and shyness on the show. Their personalities combine to form a dynamic and engaging conversation that’s easy to follow. Whether it’s to keep you entertained during your daily commute, a workout or doing the dishes, “Two Idiot Girls” is the perfect companion for a fun and informative listen.

One thing is clear: These sisters-turned-co-hosts discuss whatever is on their minds, and their conversations never fail to educate and entertain. A mix of pop culture, critical analysis and passionate ranting, “Two Idiot Girls” is one to add to your weekly podcast rotation for a dose of sisterly advice and a big belly laugh.

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