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Recharge during an intense study session without just scrolling through social media.

If you are tired of looking at books and research papers and dealing with classes, maybe you should take a short break and do something exciting instead. There are many things you can do when you’re taking a break from studying, but let’s assume that you just want to take a short 5-minute to half-an-hour break and then continue to study with more energy. According to this BBC article, these tiny breaks (aka “microbreaks”) can have a very powerful effect on your focus and concentration.

We’ve composed a list of cool things you can do on the web in order to recharge your batteries or simply take your mind off studying for a while. Read on.

1. Watch Educational Videos on YouTube

Whoa! What’s the point of taking a break from studying if you are going to study more? The science behind this idea is pretty simple — as soon as you focus on something unrelated to your field of study, your mind is going to see it as entertainment. Therefore, make sure to explore these edutainment videos (yes, that’s the official name now), sit back, and relax while watching experts explain interesting stuff in a simple and exciting way.

2. Play Live Casino Games

There are many games you can play on the web, but the best ones that can help you completely clear your mind are live casino games. In addition to being relaxing, these are also highly entertaining since they feature livestreamed dealers who are very friendly and cooperative. In other words, if you’re yearning for company while playing online games during your study breaks, live casino games can fill that hole.

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3. Meditate to the Sound of Nature

Although you don’t really need the internet to enjoy the sounds around you, the web made the entire experience even more enjoyable. There are dozens of sites that provide background sounds of rain, waves, fire, birds and more. The truth is that we live in a world polluted by noise, which negatively affects not only our focus but also our overall mental and physical health according to The New Yorker.

Sites that offer background nature sounds help us exclude ourselves from the noise around us and free our minds completely, which is something all of us need when taking study breaks.

4. Learn a Language

Learning a language takes time, but it is an entertaining process that requires minimum effort if you do it regularly. Apps such as Duolingo are based around the fact that the primary thing for learning the basics of a language is daily consistency. Exercises available in these types of apps are based on repetition and short tasks that will take you only five to 15 minutes per day.


Studying without taking breaks will have a negative effect on your memory. Taking a break will help you recharge. Even if the break is a short one, make sure to use it constructively. In other words, swiping on Tinder and going through Instagram stories will bring you no benefits and can only make you more tired. The suggestions made above will help you break old habits and really rest mentally before you continue to study.

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