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How Superhuman Is Changing Meditation Apps

Mimi Bouchard has created a phone application to help people fit this meaningful practice into their everyday lives.
April 30, 2022
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In an age of wellness trends and health fads, meditation has stood the test of time as one of the most revered practices for one’s overall well-being. Meditation apps have become exceedingly popular as many people strive for new ways to decrease their anxiety or generally increase their happiness. However, many people are intimidated by meditation since they believe that the practice requires perfect focus or innate spiritualism.

The former reality star and current wellness junkie Mimi Bouchard has proclaimed her goal to change that misconception over the past few years, aided by the launch of her app Superhuman. Originally titled Mimi Method, Bouchard rebranded in the summer of 2021 to launch the Superhuman app. The expansion has been rapid and impressive as Bouchard’s business grows and her brand, which includes a podcast, flourishes.

Superhuman states on its website that its goal is to impact 1 million lives by 2025. Bouchard was born in Canada. She transformed from a former reality star on the English show “Made in Chelsea” and blogger to a multimedia businesswoman — all through the power of her determination and the success of Superhuman.

Bouchard has advertised the premise of the Superhuman app as “the meditation app for people who hate meditation.” The app operates on a subscription basis, and the cost of membership comes to $29.99/month or $189.99/year. Although the subscription price does not come cheap, Superhuman offers a 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked. The Superhuman team truly believes that the app does not disappoint and confidently offers this risk-free trial to prospective members.

Additionally, the data from Superhuman users speaks for itself. 95% of users reported feeling a significant shift within one week of using Superhuman. 85% reported feeling a change from just 5 minutes, and 90% reported that other people noticed a difference after just five meditations. The reason Superhuman sets itself apart from other meditation apps can be condensed into three aspects: it includes much more guidance, it offers meditations for many specific areas of life, and it encourages multi-tasking.

The meditations on Superhuman include much more guidance than most other meditation apps. More similar to a podcast or motivational speaker, the segments found on Superhuman feature inspiring music and speeches from Bouchard meant to foster relaxation or productivity. Most meditation apps on the market offer less guided, more free-associative exercises that can often leave users feeling lost, distracted or unaffected.

Bouchard keeps the listener engaged with her themed meditations and inspires them to tune into whatever feeling they need or desire and manifest it through focus and thought. Bouchard writes these motivational scripts, which she calls “professionally recorded ‘pep-talks.'” Bouchard works closely with her music creator and producers to create each meditation and make it as uplifting and effective as possible, instead of the simple breathing exercises that remain the cornerstone of meditation apps currently on the market.

Unlike other popular meditation apps, which often make complete concentration the criteria for a successful session, Superhuman encourages multi-tasking. In this regard, many options like cleaning meditations or errand meditations allow subscribers to perform a daily meditation and feel the ensuing satisfaction without feeling the pressure of sitting down and concentrating entirely.

Examples of these categories include: “chillin’ meditations,” which are less structured and more music-based; “get ready meditations,” which serve as listening material while getting ready for the day; and “errand meditations,” which have specific meditations meant to inspire listeners while they are grocery shopping, cleaning or performing any daily task. For many people who have hectic lives and many chores throughout the day, the encouragement of multitasking enables subscribers to feel accomplished and look after their well-being without sacrificing anything else on their to-do list.

The app also releases new meditations daily, so there is always new content. The incredible variety of meditations found on Superhuman allows subscribers to easily incorporate meditative practices into preexisting routines and demystifies the whole concept of meditation. The goal of Superhuman is to get the most out of meditation, creating a product that is both effective and accessible and destroys any limitations on becoming the best and the most authentic version of yourself.

Lastly, one of the main highlights of the Superhuman app is that it offers meditations for many different areas of life. Subscribers can find something on Superhuman for any specific mood, feeling, wish or aspiration. Some examples of these include meditations for break-ups, a self-love mirror exercise, an exercise to de-stress from a family event, a pre-date confidence meditation, and so many more that cater to specific feelings and life occurrences. No other meditation program offers diverse and personalized meditations that can be used in many different ways and contexts.

Bouchard’s goal remains to help people transform their lives through meditative practices, which can guide them in becoming the best versions of themselves. Her mantra that she mentions in many meditations refers to the importance of healthy habits: “I always say that your mornings are the most sacred part of your day because your mornings create your days, your days create your weeks, your weeks create your months, your months turn into years, and your years become your life.” This mantra rings true, as users who have reported continued use of Superhuman attest to a noticeable transformation.

Bouchard affirms that this new approach to guided meditation, supported by neuroscience, remains the most effective way to change your life for the better — even by using the app for only a few minutes a day. The accessibility and variety that Superhuman provides currently remains unmatched in the array of apps in this area. As the Superhuman app espouses, its goal is to “live your future now” and become your future self. For anyone looking for motivation and inspiration, this app can be a helpful tool in the journey toward self-improvement.

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