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10 Great Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Anyone on Your List

It’s the most stressful time of the year because you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping.
December 11, 2019
7 mins read

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s time to shop for those last-minute presents at the bottom of your list. You’ve already gotten the bulk of your Christmas gifts from super sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but there are a handful of miscellaneous people you’ve forgotten.

How are you expected to come up with something they’ll love this late in the game? But don’t fret. Here is a list of universal crowd pleasers that can make anyone feel loved and appreciated this holiday season.

Audio Gear

With the vast number of streaming platforms and digital music nowadays, odds are that the person you are shopping for would appreciate a new piece of audio tech. This list of “Best Headphones 2019” by TechRadar is a comprehensive guide to all types of in-ear audio devices.

They feature not only high-end, expensive options like Bose (and you can still save $50 on the Noise Cancelling Headphones 700), but also more budget-friendly options like these ones from 1MORE and these NuForce Bluetooth earbuds.

Comfy Stuff

It’s no secret that everyone like to feel cozy during the colder months. Whether it’s a fluffy bathrobe, a brand-new pair of slippers or a plush blanket, this category of Christmas gifts is a safe bet.

Check out this top-rated fleece robe from Oksun on Amazon or THE COMFY sherpa combined sweatshirt and blanket. Even though this might be the second or third bathrobe or blanket they receive as a Christmas gift, you can never have too many options for comfy stuff.


Nowadays, there are a ton of subscriptions to choose from. Online retailers offer a wide variety of themes and categories for any person on your shopping list. Some popular online subscriptions include Ipsy, Bark Box, Stitch Fix, The Tie Bar and Dollar Shave Club. There is even a subscription service solely based around tea called Sips by.

Subscription boxes are great because they oftentimes send products that you otherwise would have never tried. If you can think of your gift recipient’s favorite hobby, food or whatever else, odds are that there is a subscription box awaiting you.

Cooking Gadgets and Toys

Whether the people on your Christmas list are 16 or 60, kitchen gadgets and toys are always an appreciated gift. Your gift can be as practical or fun as you want. Check out these cute Avocado Huggers or these Polar Bear oven mitts.

There are so many different kitchen tools on the market, but most of these gifts are things at people would rarely buy themselves. That’s why kitchen accessories make both fun and practical Christmas gifts.

Tech Accessories

While you’re probably not looking to buy every person on your Christmas list a new laptop or the latest smartphone, buying them a new case, keyboard cover or sleeve is a nice alternative. Society6 and Redbubble are both popular websites that offer customizable home goods, T-shirts and tech accessories.

They have a great selection of phone cases and laptop cases designed by both their own professionals and at-home artists. So if you’re looking to purchase a seemingly one-of-a-kind Christmas gift for your friend who is too into their phone, you might have to pay these websites a visit.

Self-Care Items

This category of Christmas gifts encompasses a wide range of presents, from massage certificates to skincare and lotion bundles. Regardless of your gift recipient’s character, everybody loves the feeling of treating themselves. For example, take a look at these bundles under $30 at The Body Shop.

Again, if you’re planning on buying something cosmetic, it’s vital that you make sure you pick something that fits into their routine and wheelhouse of scents. Otherwise, your gift will just end up being another unused shower gel or lotion lying around their sink.


If you are shopping for an avid traveler, an airport-savvy professional or even a young person, then luggage may be the way to go this Christmas. Even if they already have a go-to set, there is a lot of wear and tear that builds up on suitcase wheels and duffel bag handles.

But if this seems like a too tall of an order, then maybe think about purchasing a wallet or card holder instead. Again, you can be assured that they will get good use out of it and it might just be one of the more exciting Christmas gifts out of the more practical category.

Notebooks, Journals and Other Stationary

It might seem boring upon first glance, but in reality, who doesn’t love a brand-new notebook? If you’re shopping for a student, then they will definitely appreciate a set of heavy-duty, quality notebooks that can last them a couple semesters.

If you’re looking to buy a gift for someone a little older, then maybe go out and find a faux leather-bound journal. Or, since the new year is coming soon, take a look at Passion Planner’s new line of 2020 planners. The best part about stationary is that it’s all very customizable. You are sure to find just the right color and cover for your Christmas gift recipient, perhaps something that could even complement a set of Cuban cigars, such as Romeo y Julieta Churchills.

Quality Time Together

Is this person a close friend, family member or even someone that you’re looking to get to know better? Then maybe for their Christmas gift, you should invest in a night out at the movies, a few tickets to a play or some other experience that you can share together.

This kind of present does not need to be overly elaborate, but it’s important to make sure your person actually likes the activity you propose. Regardless, an envelope with a gift certificate to go rock climbing, bar hop or whatever else could prove to be not only thoughtful, but also a way of building relationships.

Gift Cards

You may be rolling your eyes at this last one, but it’s a tried and true last resort. If that last-minute person on your Christmas gifts list really is the toughest to shop for, then it might just be time to guess their favorite store and buy them a gift card.

If all else fails, I hear that Visa gift cards work pretty well too.

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