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Little-Known Health Benefits of Marijuana

It doesn't just help you relax; it might actually be good for you as well.
February 12, 2020
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Many people are hesitant to consider consuming marijuana due to all the negative stigma that comes with such a drug. After all, there are still those that treat it the same way they do heroin and cocaine, so it’s no surprise that many people would still prefer to avoid cannabis. However, there is a reason cannabis is slowly but surely being decriminalized all across America: People are realizing cannabis is not nearly as dangerous as people thought it to be.

Even better, marijuana has many beneficial properties that can help those who happen to be struggling with specific conditions. While it is still recommended that substances such as marijuana be taken with caution and moderation, it does not change the fact that it is a beneficial drug — Blunt wraps and all. Here are just some of the little-known health benefits of marijuana.

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana benefits the lungs

One of the most significant reasons why smoking is portrayed in such a negative light is due to the harm it does to the lungs. Considering that cannabis is typically smoked, it is no wonder why it has developed a reputation of being terrible for the lungs. However, unlike those who smoked tobacco — who lose lung capacity over time — studies show that those who smoked cannabis have an unaffected lung capacity at worst. During ideal situations, the lung capacity was increased.

With no evidence of lung damage found in cannabis, there is further reason to consider using marijuana for health reasons.

Marijuana can stop cancer from spreading in cell cultures

While many things claim to have anti-cancer properties, a surprising fact is that marijuana is capable of fighting cancer. For example, a specific type of malignant brain tumor is drastically slowed by marijuana, and it is just one of many types of cancer affected by the drug. That said, more investigation is needed as the evidence does not necessarily guarantee that it will help people avoid or treat cancer.

However, the fact that marijuana can stop cancer from spreading in cell cultures is an excellent find, and it is yet another reason why it might not be a bad idea to use cannabis.

It can treat depression, and slow the effects of Alzheimer’s

Some physical and mental diseases tend to be seen as slow killers. Depression is one such condition, as it is notoriously challenging to treat. Alzheimer’s is also a condition where there is little to no hope once the process has begun. That said, the odds of developing Alzheimer’s is lower in people who take cannabis, and the drug also has the added benefit of relieving symptoms of depression.

While it is perfectly fine to avoid drugs such as cannabis, there are people out there who can benefit greatly from its use. The health benefits of marijuana far outweigh the side effects, which makes it an effective means of fighting specific conditions.

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