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Getaway Cabins Are the Perfect Way To Enjoy Nature in Style

Reconnect with your loved ones, disconnect from social media and recharge in a woodsy wonderland with this new glamping experience.

Are you burnt out, overworked or stressed? Are you searching for an escape from the buzz and hubbub of the city and suburbs? Are you looking to refresh your creativity or your energy by spending a night in the wilderness? Are you, however, not what most people would call a camping guru? If so, Getaway cabins might be the perfect solution for you.

What Exactly Are Getaway Cabins?

With escapes located across the United States, no matter where you call home, you can take a break with Getaway in true glamping fashion. Locations of the company’s vacation rentals span Atlanta, Austin, San Antonio, Boston, Charlotte, Raleigh, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Portland, Seattle and Washington D.C., with even more spots likely to sprout up as Getaway cabins continue to grow in popularity.

It’s no wonder that Getaway cabins are becoming a hit all over the U.S. With their rustic, wooden interiors and wall-sized windows, Getaway cabins make visitors feel like they’re occupying their own little space of the forest — and who doesn’t love the calming effects of being absorbed in nature?

In true camping style, cabins come equipped with a fire pit, a grilling grate, an outdoor picnic table and chairs. Firewood and fire starters are also available for purchase to truly warm up your night. S’more-making materials are also at the ready and can be added to your cart when you sign up with Getaway.

In addition to the homey comfort of the woods, each Getaway cabin provides a comfortable queen-sized bed for couples or lofted queen bunk beds for groups of four. The tiny kitchens are full of everything you need for your little retreat, including big items like a mini-fridge and a stove, as well as cooking and cleaning supplies like pans, pots, kettles, mugs, plates, cups, silverware, paper towels, dish soap, knives, scissors and can and bottle openers. The spice essentials — salt, pepper, olive oil, sugar and creamer — are stocked up, too.

Rates start at $99 per night, though they differ by location and booking date. Weekend bookings tend to be much pricier than weekday stays. Furthermore, reservations made more than 60 days in advance do require a two-night minimum stay, so make sure to keep that in mind when booking.

As far as privacy goes, cabins are scattered throughout the woods, but close enough to neighboring cabins that you won’t feel completely alone. In other words, Getaway cabins achieve a healthy balance of privacy and safety. Intriguingly enough, as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article titled “Tiny cabins are opening in southeastern Ohio—just an hour from Pittsburgh” noted, the company doesn’t publicize its cabins’ specific locations. Instead, once it’s booked, visitors will receive an email revealing the exact address of their secret Getaway cabin location, along with an individualized lock code.

Perhaps the most interesting and novel detail of all, these tiny, 140-200 square-feet cabins promote romantic, connective environments, going so far as to provide phone lockboxes, which allow visitors to disconnect from their devices during the duration of their stay if they choose. Cabins also do not include televisions, and they only provide old-timey landlines in case of questions or emergencies.

In an increasingly globalized and communicative world, it’s essential to disconnect every once in a while, and there’s no better place to do so than in the middle of the enchanting woods. Getaway cabins, in sum, are rustic, woodsy little wonderlands that will allow you to reconnect with friends, a loved one or yourself as nature brings you back to reality.

The Origin of Getaway Cabins

Now that you know about all of the bonuses of recharging at a Getaway cabin, you might be wondering how this wonderful little business came to be.

The CEO and co-founder of Getaway, Jon Staff, was burned out at the ripe age of 25 after pioneering a few start-up businesses. As the Forbes article “Getaway Offers An Escape To a Tiny Cabin” detailed, Staff decided to traverse the country in a tiny Airstream house. He told Forbes, “I lived in it for five months and traveled 8,000 miles, working remotely.” After this experience, the idea for Getaway ignited.

Staff and his co-founder, Pete Davis, wanted to create a place where “overworked, overstressed urbanites” could “slow down, reconnect with a loved one or simply disengage for a weekend.” Forbes described Getaways as a mashup of “tiny houses, forest bathing and weekend together-time minus cell phones, Netflix and to-do lists.”

As Getaway’s vice president of marketing, Rachel Mansfield, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, this disengagement is what draws people from all over the world to these woodsy cabins. She explained, “Being almost completely unplugged is what customers most love about the Getaway experience.” Mansfield considered Getaway cabins to be a “wellness experience” that allows visitors to disconnect from social media and the crazy, technologized world around them.


In a highly interconnected, globalized world, a break is rare. People are always busy — whether it be with a job, university, keeping up with social media accounts or checking in on family and friends over Zoom. It’s essential that every once in a while, you take a step back and appreciate the beauty of the world around you.

Getaway is filling this gap, allowing visitors the opportunity to ground themselves and reconnect “to our essential nature and the things that matter most.” Sometimes it’s easy to forget the simple things that really make life worth living, and there’s no better place to remind yourself of the clarity of the world around you than Getaway cabins. I implore you to give this innovative glamping experience a shot; you’ll walk away recharged, reenergized and reconnected with your loved ones and yourself.

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