4 Instagram Food Accounts You Need to Follow ASAP

Not a good cook? Fear not. Instagram's got you covered.

While most individuals post pictures of themselves or their friends on Instagram, it’s becoming increasingly popular for accounts to post and recommend other things on Instagram. If you scroll through the trending and popular page, you can discover tons of new ideas, products to buy, places to visit and activities to try.

One of my favorite Instagram sub-genres (double entendre intended) is food. When people go out to eat, they often snap a picture of their beautifully plated pizza, colorful and fruity acai bowl or other photogenic foods. This is great for to recommend new restaurants and cafes, but sometimes, dining out is not always in your budget.

What if you want to make your own food? Instagram has a sub-genre for that too! Here are four Instagram accounts that will teach you how to make that beautifully plated pizza yourself or construct your very own, handmade acai bowl.

1. @buzzfeedtasty

One of the most popular food accounts on Instagram, as well as other social media platforms, is “Tasty,” the food network of well-known media empire BuzzFeed. Tasty is known for their easy-to-follow cooking video tutorials.

With nearly 30 million followers on Instagram, the account continues to draw people in with their one-to-two minute videos, which explain a recipe’s ingredients and steps in an easy and concise manner.


Not only are the recipes quick and easy, but they’re fun and diverse too. Part of what makes this channel so well-liked is that it showcases cuisine from all cultures, including recipes that can accommodate any and every dietary lifestyle.

With videos that garner over 1 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes, Buzzfeed Tasty continues to take the internet by storm on Instagram and Facebook. In addition to their social media accounts, Tasty also has an app where users can find recipes in specific categories and save their favorite ones.

From a classic pasta dinner to a unique dessert, Buzzfeed Tasty provides their fans with so many choices that other social media foodies simply cannot compete with.

2. @budgetbytes

This account’s username appeals to those seeking to try new recipes, while ballin’ on a budget. Budget Bytes is particularly beneficial for college students who before discovering this channel, ate ramen noodles every night.

With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, the account is well on its way to larger social media success. The culture of the food that is shown on this account is rather diverse, much like that of social media giant Tasty, with a variety of dishes that accommodate all taste preferences. Most recipes call for inexpensive ingredients, yet somehow result in a five-star meal.


When Budget Bytes posts a picture of a dish on their page, users can find the recipe for this dish in the post’s caption and in the account’s bio. The photos catch the user’s eye, encouraging them to seek further information about the recipe.

Much like Tasty, Budget Bytes has an app that users can download to maintain documentation of their favorite recipes. If you’re looking for cheap but yummy recipes, check out Budget Bytes.

3. @twisted

Twisted is the UK version of BuzzFeed’s Tasty, posting videos of popular carb-overloaded dishes with descriptions of their ingredients and recipe steps. With over 3.5 million followers on their Instagram page, Twisted is becoming a top contender in the foodie community.


One interesting yet frustrating aspect of Twisted’s videos is that they list the ingredients of the recipe, but not the specific recipe itself. I know I need butter but how much do I need? Without specific measurements, the video encourages viewers to redirect to the Instagram account, then the company’s website in order to find the exact recipe instructions.

Nevertheless, the videos still follow the same general principle as Buzzfeed Tasty, which includes fast-paced editing and large white font to allow easy readability.

4. @healthyminutemeals

Its username says it all: “Healthy Minute Meals” posts easy-to-follow video tutorials for the health-conscious viewer — and the on-the-go, super busy viewer. The account proves that even if you’re short on time, you can still make a healthy meal.


With over 2 million followers, this account encourages Instagram users who are interested in taking steps to becoming healthier versions of themselves. The account also encourages users to follow the people who originally posted the photos and recipes that are subsequently featured on their page, which allows followers to witness a greater sense of authenticity.

Check out any one of these pages for some good-ole food inspo. You might discover your new favorite dish or perhaps a hidden talent for cooking!  Then you can post your own DIY dish to your Instagram account to show-off your skills and encourage friends to try these recipes!

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