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Are Jackpots Bigger At Crypto Casinos?

The thrill of crypto casinos has taken the world by storm.
June 27, 2024
5 mins read

Sites in the gambling industry that use digital currency have kept all the features that make regular casinos so popular, such as an extensive range of games and awesome customer support, with the added twist of additional payment methods. 

For BTC and ETH enthusiasts, everything is more exciting and better when playing at the best crypto casinos on the market. The chance to combine their two favorite hobbies—mining and gambling—takes the experience to the next level. From their perspective, even prizes and jackpots are bigger at crypto casinos, but an unbiased looker-on will attest that’s usually not the case. 

Nonetheless, gaming with crypto can be very profitable, and here’s what you can do to maximize your chances of winning. 

Why Do Jackpots Seem Bigger At Crypto Casinos?

How much you stand to win while gambling doesn’t depend so much on the website you choose for playing (although that will have some influence) as much as it depends on the maximum winning potential of the game. Typically, slots have the highest max payouts, with jackpot slots having even higher limits. 

While choosing a game with a solid Return to Player ratio is imperative, you should keep in mind that the maximum payout for the same game can vary across different online casinos. To give you an example of how winnings can differ across various casinos, we’ll take two top-rated sites—Stake and BC.Game—and a popular Crash game.

BC.Game’s Crash has a maximum payout limit of $100.000, and all winnings above that threshold will be automatically reduced. The maximum payout figure sometimes depends on the currency, so it can be higher for crypto players. The discrepancy between figures could lead players to a false belief that jackpots are bigger at crypto casinos, but the number significantly depends on the current exchange rate for the coin

On the other hand, Stake’s Crash doesn’t have a clearly displayed max payout number. However, the game has a 1,000,000x multiplier, which would result in a payout that’s much higher than what BC.Game offers. Stake’s site has a maximum profit limit of 200,000 USDT, while BC.Game uses numerous cryptocurrencies that, when turned into USD, have max payouts that are much higher than $100,000. 

How to Maximize Payouts

While luck is the most important factor when gambling, there are also some steps you can take to maximize payouts once you hit that big jackpot. For example, you can make it your mission to go for the progressive jackpot feature which accumulates funds from all player bets in the game and progressively increases with time. The jackpot prize pot thus created can rise to incredible levels, eventually making one random player very happy. 

Apart from making sure you play at the best online casinos, you can also affect the winnings of the progressive jackpot by choosing a popular game. The more players and bets the game has, the bigger will the size of the jackpot be. Besides the aforementioned BC.Game’s Crash and Stake’s Crash, you can also go for Stake Plinko. It allows players to choose the volatility of the game, which can influence the maximum winning potential.

Likewise, pay attention to special symbols and bonus features. Cascading reels are the perfect example of a feature that can influence the max payout. With it, winning symbols disappear from the reel as you play, and new ones take their place. Thus, there’s no limit on how many times you can win and get paid, as long as you keep hitting winning combinations. 

Secondly, if you want to have a chance to win big on jackpot slots, you’ll also have to bet big. The size of the bet has an incredible influence on the maximum payout, as it’s a bit unrealistic to bet $1 and expect to win thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that gambling is a leisure activity and should be treated as such. Therefore, be careful how you manage your money and keep responsible gambling practices at the back of your mind at all times. 

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