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9 Pieces From Designer Brands That Are Worth Investing In

Are you interested in expanding your closet with timeless, beautiful pieces but aren't sure where to spend your money? Here are nine that are sure to appreciate in value.
August 25, 2021
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Among the myriad of designer brands, it can be difficult to pick out which names are actually worth investing in. If purchased wisely, however, a designer item can not only double — or even triple — in value in years to come but can also make for a fabulous family heirloom. Overall, it’s generally safer to purchase pieces from designer brands that have a timeless appeal since it’s difficult to predict how contemporary designer brands will fare in the future. So, the question is: Which designer pieces are actually worth investing in?

1. Burberry Trench Coat

The Burberry trench coat essentially serves as the face of the brand, as this wardrobe staple is as popular as it was when Burberry first launched in 1856. Its smart yet practical design complements both formal and informal attire, while the tightly woven water-repellant gabardine fibers help protect wearers from any sudden downpours.

This designer coat currently retails between $400 and $4,000 depending on length, material and style. Used trenches can be sold for $1,000 or more, depending on their condition and style.

2. Chanel Tweed Jacket

Chanel’s tweed jacket has revolutionized the way women dress ever since its release in 1950. Not only has it become an item signifying elegance for many women, but it is also now beloved by numerous men due to its increasingly unisex appeal. The jacket is light yet durable, and its design is adaptable to the times. This cult classic has persevered as a true symbol for the brand, evidenced by its resale value and its high demand across vintage platforms.

3. Hermès Scarf

Popular with consumers of all demographics, these timeless scarves have always been a symbol of luxury and prove to be an essential part of the contemporary wardrobe.

A Hermès scarf takes six months to produce, as the dignified accessory is silkscreened by hand and boasts both hand-rolled and hand-stitched hems. Often commemorative, the design printed on a scarf can feature anything from more classic elements (such as equestrian) to more quirky and contemporary themes. Overall, the cost of a Hermès scarf is well justified by the amount of precision and diligence that is put into each item.

4. Gucci Belt

The Gucci belt is a tried and true statement piece that stands the test of time due to its versatility, ageless style and substantial quality. It’s a must-have accessory for many millennials and Gen Zers, as Gucci belts can help elevate any outfit and be dressed up or down.

Due to its antique brass buckle and full-grain leather material, the belt ages beautifully with minimal watermarks and blemishes. A Gucci belt is well worth the investment due to the brand’s high standards for quality control and renowned logo.

5. Rolex

With this designer brand being second to none in terms of quality, a Rolex watch can be considered a fashionable investment for both watch enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. Much of the brand’s appeal lies in its exclusivity, and the cost of owning one of its products continues to rise.

Made from durable materials such as Oystersteel and crystal, a Rolex watch is made to last. While modern Rolexes are in high demand, vintage pieces have also been highly sought after throughout the past few years. Although many designer brands come and go, it’s safe to say that Rolex watches will continue to keep devoted fans running back to them thanks to their style, quality and brand prestige.

6. Cartier Love Bracelet

The Cartier love bracelet is one of the most sought-out pieces of jewelry on the market, with many willing to drop the price of a used car on this little accessory. Due to its multifaceted appeal, this bracelet is a must-have for men and women of all ages and preferences.

With Cartier offering a wide range of gemstone and diamond combinations, the love bracelet ranges anywhere between $6,000 to $11,000. Due to its exceptional quality and its romantic symbolization of love and partnership, a Cartier love bracelet is definitely a worthy investment that doubles as a delightful heirloom.

7. Chanel Flap Bag

Although many Chanel bags can be considered a worthwhile investment, the classic Chanel flap bag is perhaps the most iconic due to its timeless design. Constructed from caviar leather, this designer bag has a grainy texture that makes it insusceptible to scratches and extremely enduring.

Furthermore, its value has only risen since its release in 1955 and is expected to further increase throughout the upcoming years. Before Chanel can increase the price of its most iconic handbag, it may be wise for consumers to invest in a flap bag as soon as possible.

8. Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Similar to the Chanel flap bag, the Neverfull from Louis Vuitton is one of the most classic pieces this brand has to offer. The bag comes in three sizes — PM, MM and GM, with MM being the most popular — and is extremely sturdy, able to hold up to 100 kilograms. True to its name, the bag hardly ever gets full due to its spacious interior, which makes it perfect for both work and travel. With its beautiful canvas exterior and smooth textile-lined interior, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is an incredibly well-made bag that will surely withstand decades of use.

9. Hermès Birkin

Perhaps the most well-known — and expensive — bag on this list, the ultra-luxurious Hermès Birkin is a bag that will never truly go out of style due to its extremely limited availability. Many consumers are expected to wait months before receiving one, and most are not even able to select the desired color or size. The voluminous polished leather design makes the Birkin a multifaceted masterpiece, making it perfect for both everyday and formal wear.

Although investing in a Birkin may not be cheap, the discrepancy between demand and access has generated a largely successful resale market, which ultimately makes this designer bag a worthwhile investment.

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