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5 Careers for the Tech-Savvy and Creative Millennial

Good with technology and want to exercise your creative muscles? There's a lot out there for you.
October 30, 2019
4 mins read

Millennials have always been in a unique position. They grew up during a period of rapid technological advancements and continue to witness them even today.

Because of this, millennials can navigate through different apps and software intuitively. They got to experience the transition from the old designs and interface to the modern ones, which helped them understand how programs have been developed.

That’s the reason why most millennials are tech-savvy and creative. Their knowledge of digital tools, coupled with their resourcefulness, is an immense advantage in their careers.

If you’re a tech-savvy and creative millennial looking for the perfect career, here are some options for you:

1. Animator

Animation is the ultimate combination of technology and creativity. This profession is ideal if you have an innate knack for creating imagery by hand. Today, this ability is facilitated by tablets and illustration software.

You can create digital art by drawing on a tablet, which immediately sends each line and stroke to your computer and saves it there. Nowadays, this peripheral device has also become quite advanced because some models can distinguish the pressure that you exert, which automatically changes the output that you see on the screen.

Moreover, artists with technical skills can improve their talents by enrolling in online colleges that offer animation degrees. With this, you can equip yourself with the practical knowledge to prepare you for the industry.

2. Web Developer

A web developer leans toward the more tech-savvy side of the coin. This job specializes in creating apps for the World Wide Web through a client-server model; you just need to learn a few programming languages, such as HTML/CSS, C#, Ruby and PHP, among countless other options.

A web developer is one of the best jobs for millennials because of its above-average salary and high work-life balance. If you choose this career path, you can opt to work in a large corporation or go freelancing and manage your work hours.

3. Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity is another technology-related industry that helps companies inspect and evaluate vulnerabilities in their systems to prevent infiltration. As a specialist or consultant, you’ll need to learn new technologies and software continually because hackers often use sophisticated tools to steal sensitive information.

Plus, you’ll also need creativity because each organization has different needs and goals. So, you have to be able to check their systems to help them build defenses against cybertheft and think like a hacker to figure out the sections that they may attack.

4. SEO Specialist

SEO or search engine optimization is the part of digital marketing that focuses on increasing web traffic by using organic or unpaid means, which is through rankings on search engines. You assess your client’s website and optimize each component for it to rank high on search engines for relevant keywords.

In this career path, you can work for any company or apply in SEO consulting agencies. You can even be an individual consultant and start your own business.

5. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is responsible for representing an organization on various platforms. You’re in charge of boosting the brand’s online visibility by engaging with followers and responding to their comments, as well as creating content for these channels.

This career path is ideal for English majors who are looking for jobs outside of teaching. It’s a combination of marketing and public relations, so you can put your persuasion skills to use.


The best professions for tech-savvy and creative Millennials include animators, web developers, cybersecurity specialists, SEO specialists and social media managers. These jobs allow you to work for a company or go freelancing and have full control over your work hours.

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