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10 Ways to Celebrate This Galentine’s Day With Your Best Girls

Not looking forward to Valentine's Day? At least you have this holiday the day before.
February 13, 2020
5 mins read

Galentine’s Day may be the ultimate fake holiday to ever be made up, and ladies, we are here for it! We love seeing our coupled friends have their fun, but we want that for us too, which is why we have 10 ways for you to celebrate this Galentine’s Day. Round up all your girlfriends because this year is one for all the single ladies.

1. Spa Day

Love a good facial, massage, mani and pedi? Self-care always makes us feel refreshed and brand new. Use Galentine’s Day as an excuse to pamper you and your girls. Groupons are great for finding the best discounted prices and packages; otherwise, you can stay in and do each other’s. Make your own spa bar!



2. Laser Tag

While some girls might prefer doing something more lax, some of us would rather participate in some friendly competition. Find a group of friends, split into teams and compete in a game of laser tag. Want to make it more interesting? Place a fun little wager.

3. Brunch

Let’s brunch. Sleeping in and waking up hungry for a breakfast-lunch combo? Yes, please. And did you hear? There are rumors that endless mimosas are served during prime brunch hours. But don’t let your fun stop there. Walk downtown, shop antiques and indulge in a spontaneous adventure.

4. Karaoke

Sing your heart out to all your favorite love songs this Galentine’s Day. Go to a karaoke bar and rent out any themed room, or stay in and have your own set up any which way you want. Sing, dance, snack and laugh at how pitchy you and your girlfriends may be. Karaoke nights are the best nights to sing and dance like nobody’s watching.

5. DIY Crafts

We have all heard of Pinterest, and if you haven’t, be prepared to go down a rabbit hole full of creativity and fun. Get inspired by the endless DIY crafts out there. Make décor for your room, home or as a gift to someone close. There are ideas from wooden calligraphy boards, picture boxes, vision boards to mason jars, paints, and crafts made from recycling old junk. Get lost all Galentine’s Day in your creativity.

6. Dessert Spree

Gather all your kitchen utensils and start baking anything from cupcakes, brownies and chocolate-dipped pretzels. Use food coloring to make them Galentine’s Day-themed with pinks and reds or cookie cutters to shape desserts into XO’s and hearts. 

7. Game Night

Game nights have made a major comeback. Pick out a favorite board or card game and let the fun and laughs begin. Watch your girlfriends act out crazy charades or become hysterical over Cards Against Humanity. Sometimes it’s even more fun to make your own games and write instructions on Jenga, or spin the bottle with made-up spaces. Create and play.

8. Wine and Paint

Wine and paint nights are all the hype. More and more of these shops pop up so find one at your location and bring all your girls. Each day wine and paint shops have different paintings at different times so there are plenty to choose from. Sip and paint and see how you and your girls transform a white canvas into art. No one expects anyone to be Picasso, especially when there’s Chardonnay involved, so don’t stress. 

9. Fort Night

This Galentine’s Day throw it back to old school sleepovers. Find every blanket and sheet and build the ultimate fort. Throw on a favorite rom com and stay up late into the night with your girlfriends spilling secrets and making memories. This night is all about the simple joy of being surrounded by your friends.

10. All the Above

Who says you don’t deserve it all? Combine any one or two or all of these ideas and treat yourself to all the fun and love that hanging with your best girls brings you this Galentine’s Day.

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