Why Careers in Information Technology Continue to Grow
Why Careers in Information Technology Continue to Grow

Why Careers in Information Technology Continue to Grow

In an increasingly competitive job market, why not find security in an IT career?
March 27, 2017
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There’s Nowhere to Go But Up in the IT World

In an increasingly competitive job market, why not find security in an IT career?

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If the last few decades have shown us anything, it’s that information technology is where it’s at.

Many have said that computers in every home was a fad that would never materialize, but Bill Gates and Steve Jobs proved skeptics wrong. Over 100 years ago, people told Henry Ford that everyone wouldn’t drive their own automobile either, and look what happened. Perhaps this is why information technology remains such a crucial part of business and personal lives.

For every 100 critics, there is one genius ready to change the world when the critics least expect it.

Information Technology in Today’s World

It’s a safe bet that information technology remains at the center of everyone’s universe in the 21st century. People cannot function without their devices anymore, and the demand for these personal electronics continues to grow.

How these devices operate on a worldwide information superhighway is also growing and changing, and communications businesses are looking to tap into existing and build new networking capabilities all over the globe.

Why Careers in Information Technology Continue to Grow
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All businesses run on some sort of information technology. Even if someone owns a mom-and-pop shop, chances are there is a computer network need in there somewhere. Whether it is to accept debit and credit cards, or to open another shop across town, you will be hard-pressed to find a business that does not use information technology in some form or another. It has become the center of all lives, and is even being introduced in third-world countries through nonprofit organizations.

A New Major or Career

What does this information technology buzz mean to you? It might mean a new major if you are currently in college or a new career if you’ve decided it’s time for a change.

In either case, you can enroll in an online IT program to earn your degree and enter a dynamic field that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

In fact, as more people become addicted to devices, including smart-watches and other gadgets inspired by science fiction, you can rest assured this field will continue to grow.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Says So

If you are skeptical, don’t be. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the computer and information technology field is expecting record growth. In fact, job demand in this specialized arena is predicted to increase by 12 percent by the year 2024.

For the record, this growth exceeds that of most other vocations, so if you change your major or take an online course during your free time, you will train to enter into a job market with more availability and opportunities than you might be studying for or working in currently.

The BLS states that employers are expected to add 488,500 new jobs over the next decade, which means IT employment will increase from 3.9 million jobs in 2014 to 4.4 million jobs in 2024. The only other field that might rival those numbers is the healthcare profession, but who wants to work with sick people when you can design and implement the next best cloud computing support network? Or, better yet, get that coveted job at the NSA and work to protect national security.

Some areas where this vocation is predicted to grow is in cloud computing, data collection and storage, networking everyday items to the internet, and, of course, mobile technology. You would be entering into a dynamic career in a field that changes how people live their lives, literally. This isn’t boring nor is it something of which you won’t make a difference. You will be employed in an industry that is the mover and shaker of the 21st century.

Money Talks

If you’re thinking helping sick people pays well, okay, there’s no argument there. But here’s another interesting statistic the BLS shares: In May 2015, the median annual wage for those working in the computer and information technology fields was $81,430. Are you ready for the average median annual wage for all other occupations? The BLS says it is $36,200. At graduation you can expect to make more per annum than many other careers, and after promotions, you could be bringing in six figures.

Whether you are still in college or looking to change careers, studying for your information technology degree online opens the doors to a fast-growing and dynamic field. If the BLS is correct, you can count on things looking up in IT for a very long time.

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