King's College London Protest
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King's College London Protest

One protestor left a note reading, ‘The guy moderating the talk is on my course and he’ll have a difficult time once the strike is over.’

Alt-right YouTuber Carl Benjamin received a violent outbreak from an Antifa group at King’s College.

A King’s College London event featured an anti-feminist, controversial YouTube star, leading masked protestors to storm the classroom where it took place, causing a violent outbreak.

Police are investigating after masked activists reportedly assaulted security guards as they barged into the university building, smashed windows, hurled smoke bombs and set off a fire alarm. The university has been accused of prioritizing “safe-space” policies over protecting students from violence.

Camilla Turner reported on The Telegraph that there have been growing concerns about free speech on campuses. Students are seeking to “no platform” individuals or groups whose views are deemed offensive.

The King’s College event is the latest in a series of campus events to descend into violence, with campaigners using aggressive tactics to shut down talks and intimidate audience members.

On Monday evening, the masked activists dressed in black broke into a room where King’s College Libertarian Society was hosting a panel event with guest speakers YouTuber Carl Benjamin and Dr. Yaron Brook, the chair of the board of directors at the Ayn Rand Institute.

Benjamin’s YouTube channel is known is known for having anti-feminist and anti-progressive views. He has been described as an “alt right” sympathizer.

Danny Al-Khafaji, the president of the Libertarian Society who chaired the event, said that as the evening got underway, suddenly there was a loud bang. “This was an extremely well-organized protest, Al-Khafaji said. “They jumped over the barriers, smashed windows and a door. The security guards on the door were attacked, two were hospitalized.”

According to Ellie Cambridge from The Sun the outbreak at King’s College was all caught on video. It shows the moment the masked group burst in, as scuffles break out while the groups clash. A number of security guards were assaulted and required hospital treatment, according to the organizers.

When fights broke out between the protestors and the audience members, police were contacted and the building was evacuated. Several notes were left by the protestors, with one reading, “The guy moderating the talk is on my course and he’ll have a difficult time once the strike is over.”

An anonymous eyewitness said, “Ten to 15 people dressed all in black, with black hoods and black face masks, leapt over the barriers and instantly engaged in a fight with two or three security guards. They tried to stop them but they just started punching them in the face. One guard received several punches.”

The group waved an Antifa flag and call themselves the North London Antifa group. The group was founded in the U.S. and is known for carrying out protests, often in a militant fashion.

After the break in, the group later tweeted, “Tonight a group of student and anti-fascist activists successfully shut down an ‘alt-right’ talk at Kings College. Here’s alt-right mouthpiece ‘Sargon of Akkad’ after he was forced to leave the building, no platform for him tonight.”

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