The Ultimate 'Gilmore Girls' Refresher Course
The Ultimate 'Gilmore Girls' Refresher Course

The Ultimate “Gilmore Girls” Refresher Course

My early teen years are coming back with a vengeance, and for once I’m not upset.
March 8, 2016
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What Every Gilmore Girls Fan Needs to Know Before the Reunion

My early teen years are coming back with a vengeance, and for once I’m not upset.

By Mykaela Alvey, Anderson University

Break out your flannels, backwards baseball caps and witty banter: Gilmore Girls is back!

Though no specific date has been announced, producers have assured fans that the series plans to release sometime later this year.

If you’re like me, Gilmore Girls was a huge part of your life growing up. In a way, you grew older right alongside Rory. You felt the warmth of the mother-daughter moments, the pain of her young love break-ups and the drama of her teenage years. But if you haven’t watched the dynamic duo of Lorelai and Rory in a decade, you might need to refresh your memory on a few of the most important parts of the series.

If you’ve never been acquainted with this incredible duo, fear not! You don’t have to hurriedly watch all seven seasons in order to watch the newest episodes without confusion, all you need is a crash course in the strange and beautiful world of Stars Hollow.

Here’s are eight things to know.

1. Witty Banter 

Hopefully I’m not the only one who aspires to be everything that Lorelai Gilmore encompasses. But, if you want any hope of keeping up with everything that’s going on in her world, you have to prep yourself accordingly.

The comebacks will be quick, the sass will be unnaturally high and the wit will be worth the time you spent prepping.

In order to prepare yourself, the most helpful thing you can do is watch a few of the old scenes with Lorelai. I also find that practicing on your friends and family helps refresh your Gilmore fluency. What better way to spread the love than a little friendly banter? In the words of Lorelai, “Now repeat after me: I am completely helpless.”

Wisdom just seems to flow from Lorelai Gilmore.

2. Rory’s Boyfriends

It looks as though all of Rory’s past men will be making their appearances in the reboot.

Maybe this means that she’ll end up actually choosing one of them, finally ending viewers’ anxiety about her future. But, if there is any chance of Rory finding true love, we’ll need go through a quick boy-toy refresher so you know who to root for.

3. The Resident Heartsick Puppy

Dean was not only Rory’s first boyfriend, but her first love as well. I tend to call him moody, overly jealous and possessive, but don’t take my word for it, I’m sure some people like him.

Rory met Dean in high school and they dated for quite a while. He was her first “I love you,” but he tended to be insecure about her affections. All of the time! Give it a rest, man!

Then again, he probably had good reason considering who came next.

4. The Resident Bad-Boy-Turned-Good

Well, kind of.

Jess, the new kid in town, quickly swooped in and effectively stole Rory from Dean. The two shared an adorable, if not complicated relationship for a short time before he made the crucial mistake of running away from his problems.

Jess made short cameos throughout the rest of the series however, and they portrayed him as a mature, responsible adult who was still in love with Rory.

But, alas, things were not meant to be for Rory and Jess. When she left to pursue her dreams at Yale, Rory met her next serious boyfriend.

5. The Spoiled Rich Kid

Logan was Rory’s last “official” boyfriend. The two started out in a casual dating situation until she realized she wasn’t the casual type. Having fallen under Rory’s spell (similar to almost every man who ever met her), he chose to be in a real relationship rather than lose her. Gee, isn’t that romantic?

Logan did eventually prove himself to be pretty sweet, if not a little misguided in his life choices. The series ended with a proposal from him and a refusal from Rory. Ouch.

Not that I’m rooting for any specific man, but apparently in the reboot Dean is in one episode, Logan is in two and Jess is in three. The situation appears to be boding well for one specific ex-beau.

6. Lorelai and Luke

I didn’t forget the most iconic couple of Stars Hollow.

Luke was the owner of the quaint little diner in town that Lorelai and Rory frequented. Throughout the many seasons, Luke and Lorelai went back and forth between friendship and dating (even an engagement once), but nothing every really came from the relationship. The writers appeared to be against their wonderful love story.

In the final moments, the writers alluded to the idea that Luke and Lorelai still loved each other and were getting back together. And, let the record show that Luke is in all four of the new episodes.

Maybe this will finally mean a happily ever after for them.

7. Rory’s Ending

Even though she refused to marry Logan, Rory’s future looked bright when everything ended, as she had essentially chosen her career over Logan. Way to be an empowered woman! We were told she had been chosen to help in a presidential campaign, a huge advancement in her career.

Rory was always incredibly bright, so most viewers probably weren’t shocked as much as they were proud of her.

But, true Gilmore Girls fans can’t help but hope that she will settle down and finally choose someone. With any luck, these four episodes will reveal whether Rory ever decided to get married, even if her husband isn’t one of her past boyfriends.

8. Lorelai’s Parents

Not all mother-daughter relationships are as great as Lorelai and Rory’s though, i.e. the relationship between Emily and Lorelai. They had their ups and downs, but in the end they were on decent terms.

However, though Emily will be making her return with everyone else, the actor who played Richard (Edward Herrmann) will not be returning, as he recently passed away. The writers will be incorporating Herrmann’s death into the storyline, so all of the Gilmore women will undoubtedly be affected.

If you’re like me, Gilmore Girls was and is incredibly important to you and your pre-teen life.

No matter what state your Gilmore know-how is in, this recap should give you an idea of what the major watching points are. Regardless of your experience level with the residents of Stars Hollow, these four episodes are not to be missed!

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