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Tours To Look Forward to in 2023

After years of isolation, these artists are ready to take the spotlight once again.
February 24, 2023
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A lot of musicians are going on tour this year, and based on their new releases, clips on social media and past concert experiences, these tours are going to be thrilling.

Taylor Swift: “Eras Tour”

When Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour, the world couldn’t help but freak out. Not only would they get to hear songs from her newest album, “Midnights,” performed live, but they would also get to hear songs from previous albums like “Evermore” and “Folklore,” which were released during the pandemic. Given Swift’s universal fame, the Eras Tour was quick to sell out due to Swift’s gigantic and devoted fandom.

Swift is one of the biggest pop icons out there, and as her albums grow and develop along with her, it can only be assumed that the “Eras Tour” is going to be one for the books, especially since the release of her “Midnights” album and its viscerally candid 3 am tracks.

Sabrina Carpenter: “Emails I Can’t Send Tour”

Sabrina Carpenter had a pretty rough 2021 given the whole Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett drama that played out over the course of the year. While the drama was the main inspiration for Carpenter’s new album, “Emails I Can’t Send,” there were other factors and experiences that she drew from to write the album, making it one of her rawest ones yet. Shortly after the album’s release, Carpenter announced her “Emails I Can’t Send Tour,” which sold out almost immediately.

Fans have posted videos on social media of Carpenter performing her first tour, and it looks like it’ll be a blast. Carpenter improvises the final lyrics of her song “Nonsense” at every show to make them increasingly funny and dirty with each consequent performance. She even went as far as to say that “this song is not about Joshua Bassett” in one clip, prompting the crowd to lose their minds. In another clip, Carpenter asks a fan and her boyfriend what their names are, and when the boyfriend responds with “Joshua,” the audience erupts at the coincidence. However, while the album is deep and personal, Carpenter and the concertgoers seem to be having fun.

Harry Styles: “Love on Tour”

Harry Styles’ “Love on Tour” seems to be the most fun anyone has ever had at a concert. Styles never fails to bond with the audience and make them laugh during each tour. He even featured in someone’s Bereal during one of his recent concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York. 

Though Styles is wrapping up his “Love on Tour” tour, fans desperately hope that he’ll soon announce his “Harry’s House” tour since the album was recently released in May 2022. Fans who have had the honor of attending several shows on his tour, or even just one, have heard him not only perform songs from his first album, “Harry Styles,” but also from “Fine Line” and “Harry’s House.”

It seems likely that if he does decide to have a “Harry’s House” tour, it won‘t be until the end of this year or early 2024, but there’s always the chance that he will surprise his fans.

Metallica: “M72 World Tour”

One of the biggest tours of this year will be Metallica’s “M72 World Tour,” which has already sold out stadiums worldwide. Metallica is one of the biggest rock bands of the century, and while a lot of young people listen to them, a lot of older people are probably going to be in the audience as well. It’s a hotly anticipated tour, especially since their song “Master of Puppets” made a cameo on Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” which garnered even more recognition for the band. According to metallicatour2023, “the band is on tour to celebrate their first new album in 7 years.”

Blink 182: World Tour

Another anticipated stint this year and in 2024 will be Blink 182’s reunion tour. This world tour will be a big one, especially since Tom DeLonge is returning yet again after having left the band for a second time. This tour is set to be their biggest comeback yet, and it kicks off on March 11 in Tijuana, Mexico.

Coldplay: “Music of the Spheres”: World Tour

Coldplay’s world tour, “Music of the Spheres,” began last year in 2022 and is resuming this year in May. The band has never gone out of style, and nearly every Gen-Zer has heard at least two of their songs. Because of their popularity, this could be their biggest tour yet, especially since Coldplay has only ever released amazing songs. The band has already wrapped up the North American half of their world tour and will be finishing up their final shows in Europe. 

Based on all of the hard work and dedication these artists have put into their music careers, it’s clear that no matter which tour it is, they are all going to be worth it. Even if tours aren’t on someone’s agenda or budget, YouTube always exists to enable viewers to live vicariously through the lucky people who do go.

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