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6 Awesome Blink-182 Tracks

The iconic pop-punk band has countless hits — how can anyone choose the best ones?

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blink-182 from music video
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The iconic pop-punk band has countless hits — how can anyone choose the best ones?

Pop-punk really peaked in the mid-2000s, with bands like Sum41, The Offspring and Green Day gaining commercial success across the world. However, there was nobody more significant in the genre than Blink-182, who dominated the airwaves with smash hit after smash hit. In recent years, the band has taken a different turn from their goofy high school nerd vibes and become a much different entity entirely.

The band started off with Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Scott Raynor. However, Raynor was replaced with the more impressive Travis Barker and this lineup is where Blink enjoyed their success. These days, the band is missing DeLonge, who was replaced by the frontman of Alkaline Trio, Matt Skiba. It is not really Blink anymore without DeLonge but the band has still produced two albums with this lineup.

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However, like the best forex trading platform available for you to use, this article will look at the purest Blink-182 songs of all time. In no particular order, here are six Blink 182 tracks to really make you fall in love with the pop-punk gurus.

1. Going Away to College

Released on “Enema of the State,” this tune is a real coming-of-age song that many fans can relate to. The song talks about a young relationship in which one of the two people is going away to college and how life was different in high school.

Hoppus takes the lead on vocals on this one, which allows DeLonge to riff on the guitar.

2. Mutt

From the same album as “Going Away to College,” “Mutt” is a change of pace with a faster flow and a bit more heaviness. However, it is equally as brilliant, with DeLonge on the lead vocals this time.

However, on “Mutt” it feels like Barker is leading the way with his superb drumming. This song even featured on the massive smash hit that was “American Pie.” The tune was made for a film like “American Pie,” because it addresses growing up and the view young men have about themselves and how they deal with the other sex.

3. Dammit

This contains one of the most recognizable intros in pop-punk history. This featured on the first breakout album for the band, “Dude Ranch.” This punchy number is quick, it is intense and Hoppus leads the vocals in a song about growing up and the anxieties of seeing an ex-girlfriend with someone new.

Much like many Blink-182 songs, it is relatable but also fun at the same time.

4. Rock Show

From “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket,” “Rock Show” is a standout from an impressive album. Inspired by bands like Descendents and The Ramones, “Rock Show” is raw and shows how love can be found no matter where you are. It is a middle finger to sensible ideas and conformity. The idea of young love prospering is crammed into this 171-second masterpiece. Hoppus really smashes this one.

5. Carousel

As the opening number for their album “Cheshire Cat,” this is such an important song for Blink-182. There are no lyrics until 1 minute and 24 seconds in. It shows the rawness of the band on their debut album. As they fly through this song with fun vibes, you can see why this is a fan favorite and even featured on their demo “Buddha.”

6. First Date

The tempo is once again high on this song from “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.” It talks about the plans and ideas of what we all have done — go on a first date. The intensity of the pace sums up what it is like to have that fun and excitement. It is a real classic Blink-182 song.

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