Olivia Rodrigo

In an article about Olivia Rodrigo's punk rock influences, an illustrated girl stands with an off-the-shoulder dress and safety pins in her hair. In cut-out letters, the words "Olivia Rodrigo."

Olivia Rodrigo Takes on Female Rage

Olivia Rodrigo’s success didn’t blossom slowly. It exploded. It’s not common for someone so young to win a Grammy on their debut album. While impressive, it wasn’t clear where all…
September 26, 2023
An illustration of a girl in distress reading hateful comments on her laptop screen in an article about Olivia Rodrigo and why society often hates young women who express their emotions.

The Olivia Rodrigo Hate Train

The patronizing criticisms of many female pop stars demonstrate a consistent theme: We really love to loath young women, don’t we?…
June 23, 2021