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You Need To Hear These 5 Spotify Users’ Iconic Playlists

Playlists are king on the streaming platform. These five users take their playlist curation to the next level.
August 12, 2020
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When Spotify became popular roughly 10 years ago, it changed the way the world consumed music. Gone were the days of stockpiling iTunes gift cards in order to save up for the latest $15 album, as well as the days of music taste being determined by what you hear on the radio and what you were willing to purchase.

Streaming has allowed music to become more widely accessible by giving consumers the option of paying a monthly fee for access to any music. Spotify encourages users to listen to new music constantly, releasing a “Discover Weekly” playlist made up of curated songs Spotify thinks you will enjoy based on the music you already listen to. The streaming service also releases a weekly “New Music Friday” playlist complete with 100 just-released songs for listeners to check out.

On Spotify, playlists are king. Because users are encouraged to consume wide varieties and large quantities of music, making dozens of playlists is the only good way to organize your entire library. And while it’s easy enough to create your own playlist with songs you already know and love, there are also hundreds of independent users on Spotify already doing the work for you. Let’s take a look at five users who curate some quality playlists.

1. David Welch

No matter the mood or situation you find yourself in, David Welch probably knows how you feel and probably has translated that feeling into a killer Spotify playlist. With playlist titles ranging from “there’s a pretty girl in the car” to “im on aux at a party, F*UCK,” Welch has created more than a dozen perfect soundtracks that will make you feel all the feelings.

Welch has a very diverse taste in music, incorporating everything from mainstream pop and rap to underground indie artists.


main. character.

POV: its a car full of boys

simulation vibes

— Holding Hands With Timothee Chalamet’

2. Kyliemartinezx

Kylie Martinez makes the kind of playlists you don’t want to admit you need, but desperately do. From “the shower world tour” to “girl you don’t need him,” Martinez always has a way of getting right to the center of whatever you’re feeling.

Her playlists usually consist of contemporary pop artists and 2000s throwbacks, though she does have some pretty great pre-2000s playlists, including “throw it back” and “my dads music.”


90s & 2000s r&b for the soul

get hot girl 

sad boi hour

3. Eva Gutowski 

Gutowski first rose to popularity on YouTube, becoming a very popular influencer with loads of social media clout that followed her to her platform on Spotify, where she has close to 300,000 followers. While she may not seem as homegrown as the other playlist-makers on this list, Gutowski has tons of creative and well-made playlists that are worth checking out.

Her playlists tend to have more standard names, such as “Girls Night In!” and “Eva’s Work Out!,” though if you do some digging, you’ll find some more eccentric collections, such as “I Just Have A Lot Of Feelings” and “Eva’s Badass Girl Power Hits.”

Her music is very much pop-oriented and probably won’t expose you to any artists you haven’t already heard of, but her playlists nonetheless contain fun collections of catchy and upbeat music you’re sure to bop your head to.


If My Life Was A Vampire Movie

If My Life Was An Emotional Teen Movie

Staring Out The Window Vibes

4. tucker.g

I discovered tucker g’s Spotify account when he posted a TikTok about wanting to create a playlist called “110 Down a Backroad on a Wednesday at 2pm” and asked for suggestions in his comment section. He took all of the comments he received and created the most spectacular 2-hour and 55-minute musical experience one could ever hope for, including the likes of Lady Gaga, Kesha, M.I.A. and more.

Along with his incredibly popular TikTok-inspired playlist, tucker g also has a collection of other pop and dance-inspired playlists that are sure to brighten anyone’s day.


110 Down a Backroad on a Wednesday at 2pm

wait, do I like country?

sad hoe hours

5. Kristy Scott

Kristy Scott has all of the playlists to make you feel like a wandering lost soul in an indie film. Her vibe lies somewhere in between “everything is sad” and “everything is going to be fine,” and I love that about her.

I also discovered Scott’s Spotify on TikTok when she uploaded a video talking about a playlist she made that told a story using only Taylor Swift songs and challenged Swifties like myself to decipher the story. I immediately went to her Spotify and tried to decode the narrative, along with about 4,000 other people, and found that Scott had much more on her account than just Swift playlists.


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