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The 4 Best Self-Development Podcasts

Help yourself to these awesome podcasts.
July 8, 2019
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Self-help books, self-growth blogs and self-development podcasts … Whether you’re involved in the self-care movement or watching from the sidelines, taking an active part in your personal growth is not just a fad. The movement is also not just reserved for people who do yoga, meditate daily or drink green juices before breakfast every morning.

Self-growth means taking an active role in responding to circumstances, learning new skills, improving existing skills, developing healthy habits, ending destructive habits, choosing an intentional schedule over a busier one and yes, stretching into that downward dog pose if that’s an area of your life that needs improvement.

Regardless of how far you are in your journey of personal growth, these self-development podcasts will get you excited about being not only aware, but intentional about your growth.

1. “She”

“Hey sister” marks the beginning of most episodes of Jordan Lee Dooley’s podcast, “She.” The self-described “multi-passionate” sister is as real as it gets. Dooley is open and honest with her listeners about her struggles, whether in her personal life or professional life. She knows there are women out there going through the exact same struggles. Her goal is to let those women known that they aren’t alone.

Her bubbly, energetic voice paired with practical advice seems to transcend your listening device and makes it feel as if Dooley is right there next to you, acting as a life-long friend giving you the advice you didn’t even know you needed.

Although the foundation of Dooley’s belief system comes from a faith background, and the podcast is geared mostly toward women, everyone can take something away and “leave ignited,” as her motto encourages.

This “personal development podcast for the everyday woman” is all about helping women lead healthy, intentional lives and make the most out of every seemingly mundane day. Her energy is contagious, and her guidance is firm and inspiring.

2. “The Terri Cole Show”

Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist and transformation coach with over 20 years of experience up her sleeve. Using her extensive experience and education in psychotherapy, Cole helps listeners find purpose in their busy lives through different forms of psychotherapy, such as meditation and awareness. In “Hello Freedom,” her goal is to help listeners break free of the nagging voice constantly egging them on to achieve a certain feat, without which they cannot be truly happy.

Before starting her own therapy practice, Cole worked as a talent agent for actors and models. She had the glamorous life depicted by Hollywood, complete with cross-country trips between Los Angeles and New York City and a permanent, caffeine-induced rush of adrenaline coursing through her veins. When that lifestyle stopped being enough, the agent-turned-therapist was happy to realize there is more to life than what she had experienced until then.

She turned to psychotherapy and has been helping people break from the destructive mold of achievement-based worth demanded by the performance-crazed society surrounding us.

Cole’s work has been featured in noteworthy publications like Glamour Magazine, CNN, The New York Times, The Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan, and she has even delivered her own Ted Talk, “What if fear were just a feeling?”

3. “Live the Daydream”

“Live the Daydream” is a relatively new self-development podcast, with the first episode having aired just this past April. The podcast is hosted by Jonathan and Janelle Cuilla, a couple passionate about personal and relationship growth.

So far, in their 12 podcast episodes, the Cuillas have discussed gratitude and procrastination and have performed an in-depth analysis of Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages”.

Gratitude, the Cuillas say, is the cornerstone to living the daydream. But gratitude doesn’t mean settling, and that’s what they want to distinguish and guide listeners to understand. Whatever your daydream is, the Cuillas are here to help you “stop procrastinating and start doing.”

What makes this podcast special is the perspective the Cuillas can provide to relationship growth from the standpoint of husband and wife. Their open demeanor about their marital struggles encourages listeners who might be going through similar rough patches in their own relationships.

But don’t be misled. You don’t have to be married, or even in a relationship, to benefit from this podcast. Aside from the personal development topics the Cuillas delve into, their relationship advice can be applied to any relationship, whether it be a romantic one, or a close friendship or family relation.

4. The Productivityist Podcast

This weekly podcast hosted by productivity strategist Mike Vardy might be everything you need to finally live the productive, organized, carefully-planned life your Type A colleagues will be envious of.

Having started in 2012, the “Productivityist” podcast is on its 249th episode. It’s safe to say that Vardy knows a little bit about productivity tactics, but you don’t have to rely on Vardy’s expertise alone. Nearly every episode he interviews a special guest he has invited about their tips for success and small changes that can make a big difference.

From exhibiting efficiency and productivity in your workout routine, professional goal setting or personal to-do lists, the “Productivityist” podcast is a fountain of productivity tips and tricks waiting to flow through your device’s speakers.

Self-development podcasts are a great way to passively listen to personal growth tips while doing things you were going to do anyway: getting ready in the morning, cooking dinner, commuting to work or class, folding laundry or even avoiding people you don’t want to talk to. For the growth to occur, however, the passive listening must be accompanied by action.


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