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Mary Kay Andrews Upcoming Novel Will Be a Delightful Summer Read

The prolific writer is coming out with a new, lighthearted book for people of any age.
February 6, 2022
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New York Times bestselling author Mary Kay Andrews is back with a new book, The Homewreckers,” set to be released in May 2022. Andrews releases a new book almost every single year, so this announcement comes as no surprise. A large portion of her books have caught the public’s eye, such as “Summer Rental,” “Spring Fever” and “Sunset Beach.” Although Andrews has a very distinct writing style, her books always follow similar themes. All her main characters are strong, independent women — and even though the plot descriptions on the back covers imply a lighthearted story, they have a lot more substance to them than meets the eye. However, readers usually do not discover the slightly heavier plots until a few chapters in. Andrews uses the “it all started when…” storytelling device to keep readers engaged, starting all her books with a big dramatic event that serves as a catalyst for the rest of the story.

“Spring Fever” is a prime example of this. The book begins with Annajane who is attending the wedding of her ex-husband when suddenly it is called to a halt. Mason’s wedding ends up being delayed for the foreseeable future, and the book explores the possibility of Annajane getting a second chance with Mason. This book also has a major side plot, which is something else that Andrews includes in a lot of her books. The side plot in “Spring Fever” is about Mason’s family business, a fictional cherry soda company, which involves another thread that ties together Mason to Annajane. There is a tertiary plot about exposing Mason’s fiancée, Celia, for some questionable behavior, but its only purpose is to prove that Annajane is a better match for Mason.

“Summer Rental” follows a similar plot format, but with a few differences. The story starts when one of the main characters, Ellis, loses the job she dedicated her life to, subsequently deciding she needs to go on vacation with her friends. That being said, “Summer Rental” is more of a friendship story, but in true Mary Kay Andrews form, it doesn’t go without a bit of drama. The side plot involves a character named Maryn, who is staying in the same beach house as Ellis and her friends because she’s on the run from a husband involved in illegal activity. The plot is far less complex than other books Andrews has written, so it definitely fits the description of “beach read” as some reviewers have stated.

“Sunset Beach,” which was published in 2019, is perhaps the darkest of all Andrews’ books, but still has that “beach read” feel to it. The story follows Drue Campbell, a former professional athlete, who is now working as a representative at her father’s law office. This book can technically be classified as a mystery novel, but unlike many books in the genre, “Sunset Beach” has two mysteries within the plot that need to be solved. The first revolves around a suspicious death at a nearby beach resort, and the other is a decades-old missing person case that Drue believes her family has a connection to. In “Sunset Beach,” Drue’s sports career ends due to an injury, which is the event that causes the rest of the story to move forward. However, the catalyst for the second mystery storyline is a client showing up at the law firm insisting that they take on her case despite it having been opened and closed multiple times.

Andrews published novels in both 2020 and 2021, and her next book, “The Homewreckers,” is set to be released on May 3, 2022. This novel follows Hattie Cavanaugh, who made a career for herself working for a company that restores old homes. Although she faces a setback when she loses her husband at the age of 25, she is determined to continue working in the home renovation industry. “The Homewreckers” will be one of Andrews’ more lighthearted works, as it centers around the main character getting the opportunity to star on a televised home renovation show.

What makes Mary Kay Andrews such an interesting author is her wide variety of subject matter. Picking up a Mary Kay Andrews book is like a mystery itself, as you never know exactly what kind of story you will get. There is always a lot more than what appears in the descriptions.

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