The band COIN ahead of their single Youuu
COIN's newest single has a heart-wrenching inspiration. (Image via Instagram)

COIN’s Latest Release ‘Youuu’ Has Serious Melancholy Vibes

The indie pop band’s newest single will make a fine addition to their upcoming album out this February.

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The band COIN ahead of their single Youuu
COIN's newest single has a heart-wrenching inspiration. (Image via Instagram)

The indie pop band’s newest single will make a fine addition to their upcoming album out this February.

COIN takes serenades to a whole new level in recent release “Youuu.” Dropping on Jan. 16, the track was welcomed to the world with a lyric video on COIN’s official YouTube page. The video features shots of a few different women that look like they came out of an indie film: a hand on a foggy mirror, a close up of eyes, a shot of a girl tucking her hair behind her ear. All of these images are in a sepia-like color palette, and are often interspersed with images of light, again giving an indie movie vibe.

The track is a plea to a mysterious “you” who has left the band in the dust. According to the official COIN Twitter, “Youuu” was written in a moment of pure sadness for the entire band. In the message accompanying the release, the band wrote that this song was written after a horrendous performance for the trio. One of the band members had just broken his ankle, and California was up in flames and they could no longer meet with people that they were supposed to due to the fires.

In a state of misery, the band wrote a heartbreaking song, where the lyrics really reflect their depressed mindset. The song opens on a synth-based lead, a slower BPM than most of their usual songs. This right here is the first hint that “Youuu” is a sadder track. The opening line of the song is “I know your heart / and I know your downfall.” Chase Lawrence — the lead singer who also plays the synthesizer — delivers these lines in such a heart-wrenching way; his voice dips out at the end making the lines slow and melancholy.

The end of the first verse leads perfectly into the pre-chorus. “Slow dancing with a stranger / but I found somebody new.” His voice gets softer on “somebody new” then gets softer still during the pre-chorus: “She moves just like you / and she tastes just like you.” The instruments follow suit.

This allows for a powerful effect in the chorus, when the vocals and the backing instruments burst into a high volume again. Lawrence screams, “But it’s always been you!” The word “you” is sung like “you-u-u” matching the title. Here, the lyrics let the audience know that it does not matter whom he is dancing with if it’s not her. This line is repeated again and again, a total of four times in the chorus.

In between the chorus and the second verse, there is a short musical interlude, showing off the talents of the other band members. Listeners can hear Ryan Winnen on the drums and Joe Memmel on the guitar, both killing it on their respective instruments. Lawrence’s synth skills are present as well.

Verse number two starts with “Back when we started / I was a fighter / I kept my guard up / but I took it down for you.” Here, Lawrence croons the word “you,” stretching it out to really turn it into a “youuu.” The end of this verse parallels the end of the first verse, again referencing some new girl. “I found another ex / Some temporary settlement / to kiss the heartbreak off my lips.” This makes for another seamless transition from verse to pre-chorus to chorus.

The bridge is a plea. He sings twice, “Don’t let go / If you love me / Don’t move on, don’t move on.” While the entirety of “Youuu” laments about the grief that comes with not being together with this mystery woman anymore, the bridge is a call to action. Here, the lyrics beg her to come back, beg her to love him again.

The song doesn’t really come to an end. The music just sort of fades out. There’s no closure in the song, much like how there’s no closure in the relationship being sung about.

What I like most about the track is the contrast between the vocals at the forefront and the music in the background. As the vocals scream the pain of loss, the music itself is rather upbeat, an odd juxtaposition that indie songs tend to favor (think Tessa Violet, Paramore, or even Halsey). Though “Youuu” is clearly a sad song, it’s still kind of a bop. It’s not a song I would play to jam out to in the car; it is far too slow for that. But, it is definitely a song that I would dance to at a concert, with the synth, guitar and drums giving enough of an upbeat flair.

Though the track isn’t my favorite COIN song by any means, I still think this is a strong showing from the Nashville-based group. “Youuu” comes in at seven of 14 on the tracklist of COIN’s upcoming release, “Dreamland,” which drops Feb. 21. Currently, fans have heard five songs from the album other than “Youuu”: “I Want It All,” “Simple Romance,” “Crash My Car” and the final track, “Let It All Out (10:05).” Also on the tracklist is the song, “Lately III.” “Lately” was the closing track on the band’s first album, “COIN.” “Lately II” was then on their second, “How Will You Know If You Never Try?”

Each of the released songs has a very different vibe, so I cannot even try to predict the general sound of the release. At the moment, it sounds more like a collection of singles rather than an album, but I have faith that the project will make for a wondrous work of art. I can’t wait to hear the whole recording once it releases, and I’m even more excited to see them for the second time on tour. COIN will be touring the United States this spring, starting in Tampa, Florida and ending in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I hope to see youuu there.

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