Young Thug
When it comes to lyricism, few rappers in the world have as much range, creativity and bravado as Young Thug, who now goes by sex. (Image via Metro Lyrics)
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Young Thug
When it comes to lyricism, few rappers in the world have as much range, creativity and bravado as Young Thug, who now goes by sex. (Image via Metro Lyrics)

Jeffrey is dead. Long live SEX.

On the 19th day in the shortest month of the year, Jeffery Lamar Williams came out to the public and addressed a significant turning point in his career.

Taking to his Twitter followers, he made it official that he would like to be referred as, wait for it, “SEX.” Word for word, and cap for cap: SEX.

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This isn’t the first time he’s requested a name change, either. In 2016, Thugger said he’d start going by Jeffrey, but he ended up titling his next album that instead. So maybe there’s a “SEX” album coming soon, because there has been a significant lack of Young Thug music over the past six-and-a-half months.

Either way, his tweet clearly calls for a list ranking everything that SEX has made in his minimal discography, so here you go.

Fyi, I’ve included a number of guest verses and a couple of other gems that no breathing specimen should go without.

10. “Oh Okay” by Gunna (feat. Young Thug and Lil Baby)

Premier Bar: “Jump out the coupe and I’m living so lavish / R.I.P. Hugh Hefner, he like my daddy”

Thugger spits bars sparingly alongside Lil Baby on this standout track off of Gunna’s “Drip Season 3.” The only reason it sits so low on this list is because of its lack of anything more than about 12 bars, while all the following seem to pile up to the ceiling.

9. “Choppa Won’t Miss” by Playboi Carti (feat. Young Thug)

Premier Bar: “Cheated on my bitch with a bitch, so you know she was livid / Cheated on my bitch with a bitch with bigger titties”

This track off of Playboi Carti’s latest compilation of jumbled syllables and muffled gibberish hosts an excellent spazz moment from his fellow Atlantian. Thugger points to the fact that he is better than you by a mile (“A Bentley truck is my G Wagon!”).

8. “Now” (feat. 21 Savage)

Premier Bar: “Real big tongue on my kicks / Baby, put your tongue on my dick”

Not the biggest 21 Savage guy to be honest with you; in fact, I’m the furthest thing from a 21 Savage guy. But, luckily, we’re not talking about him over here. At all.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, there is one point in the middle of the verse that obliviously molests your eardrums (“And I’m gon’ pour my syrup”). He claims that there are so many diamonds on him, it might as well be urine (“Green diamonds, on me like piss”). I don’t know, man.

7. “Anybody”

Premier Bar: “Skippin’ school, that’s a truancy body”

Appreciate the only hook that found its way onto this list of trickling verses and cackling vocals. He couldn’t have spelled it out for us any clearer (“I never killed anybody / But I got somethin’ to do with that body”).

Young Thug’s whirling punchlines complement the nauseating production rather seamlessly. Evidently, the moral takeaway from this cut is that there is nothing he is more focused on than money (“I made me some racks in the mornin’”) and his fitness (“I had a six-pack by the mornin’”).

6. “Tie My Shoes” by Future (feat. Young Thug)

Premier Bar: “I scored first placed but didn’t get me no medal / I’m ‘bout to WCW your daughter, your grandma”

This is the collaborative effort of epic proportions that never seeks to fail. Since their work together on DJ Esco’s “Project E.T” tape, it seems as if every song Future and Young Thug have curated has delivered.

And although Future might have outshined today’s subject, that doesn’t manage to take anything away from Thug’s ridiculous displays of pronunciation and braggadocio. He consistently manages to make absolutely no sense (“I’m a humble dog like Dion Waiters”). Like, does he even know who Dion Waiters is?

5. “Sake Of My Kids”

“I don’t want that, oh, I… / Said that, I must was high / I took a Vicodin like ten minutes ago, but prior… to that, I was higher than a flier”

Three years worth of snippets and previews has ultimately brought us to this voluptuous leak. This is just so genuine and pure; he’s only doing this for his children!

He shows no sign of remorse for a former fling (“I laugh at a bitch that done played me / My god baby, baby”). What a genuinely warm-hearted guy who dedicated yet another song to his children.

4. “Signs (Demo)” by Drake (feat. Young Thug)

Premier Bar: “She tryna start young dog / I plan on fuckin’ every girl in the / world, but I’m takin’ it easy.”

This was the latest addition to this list of stanzas, thanks to it leaking for the public to feast off of in all means necessary. Nearly one full year following the release of Drake’s singy-song, a glorious leak arrived featuring Jeffery himself.

He recalls the days of Young Money and is clearly heavily indebted to the female subject of the song (“Walked on a aisle any day for you”). But, on the other hand, there is a sea of women that he can’t take his eyes off of (“You let me wear your watch, then I / fucked a girl in it”). As you can see, he’s reached a stratospheric level of bravado with this. That sounds like an ego trip all unto itself.

3. “Ooou”

Premier Bar: “I treat it right, I beat it up, that’s right she say love me / I can’t decide if I wan’ buss it n her eye or coochie”

Okay, well, if you are open to the idea of this listicle improving the moral makeup of your 2018, then you must be open to the glorious talent that Young Thug has to turn the most libidinous thought into a beautiful melody.

On top of that, there is also his ability to make as little sense as possible (“Started seein’ white stuff, call it egg yolk”). Isn’t that the polar opposite of what an egg yolk is? Or have I just been mistaken for my whole life?

2. “Georgia” by Future (feat. Young Thug)

Premier Bar: “Live with no regrets, we havin’ Rolex sex / And they both recessed, I know you best.”

On this heart-wrenching ode to their home state, Future glistens while Young Thug manages to completely radiate, beam and everything in between.

Jeffery pours his heart and soul out as his Georgia-bred blood oozes nearly as much as his jumbled falsettos do. At the 1:27 mark, he lets out an extremely fragile croon of sorts. And that, my friends, is the most beautiful time stamp that any song has provided over this past half-year.

1. “Offshore” by Swae Lee (featuring Young Thug)

Premier Bar: “They think it’s women inside me / ‘Cause the way I wear my tees and my jeans / Little do they know they women/ Got marks all on her knees”

That, right up there, is absolutely fucked. This is how Thugger opens up Swae Lee’s song, right before he unanimously steals the show. His vocabulary through the song is very chic, using  “ajar” to describe his swing’s legs and the back door of his Maserati truck.

He goes on to spew smoke at the president (“I’ll slap the shit out Donald Trump any day”) and namedrop a future Los Angeles Laker (“Bentley on the side and it’s sittin’ on LeBron James”).

Fun fact: This LeBron James bar is reminiscent to a classic Lil Wayne lyric, where he claimed to be “sitting on Tim Duncans,” alluding to 21-inch rims on Bentley Flying Spur. All the while, Young Thug is currently sittin’ on LeBron James. LeBron James wears number 23 … I rest my case.

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