GG Magree is one of many EDM artists breaking out right now. (Image via Instagram)

4 Up-and-Coming EDM Artists to Check Out in 2019

Rave culture is on the rise and providing new opportunities for aspiring artist. Here are some new artists to look out for in the next few years.

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GG Magree is one of many EDM artists breaking out right now. (Image via Instagram)

Rave culture is on the rise and providing new opportunities for aspiring artist. Here are some new artists to look out for in the next few years.

Since the early 2000s, EDM has slowly worked its way up to be one of the most popular genres of music in the United States. This style of music’s firmly established community wormed its way into the hearts of Americans, and let us tell you, PLUR (peace, love, unity and respect) isn’t going anywhere.

October and November are the prime months for EDM concerts and festivals, stirring up excitement across the nation. Festivals such as Lights All Night, EDC Orlando and Escape Psycho Circus are the events of the year for those in the PLUR community.

In honor of these spectacular festivals and simply insane lineups, we wanted to spread the love. ANOTR, e_o, GG Magree and NuKid are all up-and-coming EDM Artists to look out for this fall festival season.


Coming all the way from the Netherlands, Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney make up the “electronic house” duo, ANOTR. They are well-known for their lack of allegiance to a single genre. They aren’t afraid to break the electric sound barrier, giving the EDM community a fresh and unique take on house music since 2015.

ANOTR - Let Me Tell You

Their style consists of light yet intentional beats, mastering the concept of the “signature sound” without a hitch. Often described as “a breath of fresh air” amongst music critics and journalists alike, their songs are easy to identify and unquestionably their own.

They made their start mixing beats in clubs, making waves across Europe. Prior to releasing their first EP, titled “Strobe,” in 2015, they signed with Armada Music, who vastly expanded their scope of influence from continental to global.

ANOTR has since been playing sets across the globe. They are known for their appearances at several big-name music festivals including the Smeerboel Music Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands, and both the Wonderland Festival and SWF in Amsterdam.

This October, you can expect to see this dynamic duo performing at major festivals in the United States. Look out for ANOTR at Audio in San Francisco on Oct. 24 and Escape Psycho Circus on Oct. 25. They will no doubt be worth the watch — and the listen.

2. i_o

Based in the United States, i_o is the stage name for producer Garrett Lockhart. Formerly known under the alias Fawks, Lockhart solidified his persona and sound with i_o. His recent cosigns with deadmau5, Tommy Trash and Jauz have certainly put his new name on the map.

i_o - Ghost in the Machine [Official Music Video]

His sound can be described as a combination of “dark electro sounds with heavy techno grooves and deep evolving melodies.” The techno artist offers his listeners a more intense experience with his compelling beats and interesting use of bass.

i_o’s most critically acclaimed release was his satirical piece, “Not Techno.” The song was produced in response to several techno critics and fans who turned up their noses at his sound, claiming it had no place in the category. The single was praised by fans and critics alike for its commentary on elitism in the techno genre.

Recently, i_o’s appearances have slowly become more and more high profile as he becomes established. The artist played sets at North Coast Music Festival at Northerly Island and Electric Zoo in 2019. Fans can look forward to his upcoming performances this fall at Escape Psycho Circus, Red Rocks Amphitheatre and EDC Orlando.

3. GG Magree

Up next we have GG Magree. Originating from Australia, her girl-next-door vibe helped her rise from a small-time DJ to playing sold-out shows across the globe. Since she was named Australia’s artist to watch for on Spotify in 2016, things have only been on the up and up.

Falling under the trap/bass category, GG Megree found her fame in her one-of-a-kind voice and collaborations with the likes of Pharrell, Azealia Banks, Jauz and NGHTMRE.

GG Magree - I Wanna Lose You (Official Music Video)

She releases her music via her creative hub named YEAH PUSSY, where in 2019 she has delivered, “a heavy dose of what can only be characterized as relentless club anthems.” 

While GG Magree is undoubtedly a talented recording artist, her true calling lies in her live performances. One of the highest sought after female bass acts, she has opened for and collaborated with some of the biggest EDM artists of the decade.

Her, “I can do it better” gimmick and persistence in the studio have landed her recent performances that are nothing to scoff at. This year, she had the privilege of performing at Ever After Music Festival, Audiotistic Bay Area and Prime Music Festival.

GG Magree has some exciting upcoming performances in 2019. Her sets at Escape Psycho Circus on Oct. 26 and Lights All Night on Dec. 27 will be impossible to forget.

4. NuKid

Last on our list we have the Los Angeles born and raised G-House artist, NuKid. NuKid’s style could be described as a healthy mix of gangster and grime, resulting in his hard yet fun persona.

His remix of Alessia Cara’s “Wild Things” gained him global recognition and the attention of record labels across the United States. This has allowed him to gain recognition from powerhouse labels like Universal and Def Records. NuKid has no doubt established himself as a G-House producer.

After his debut, NuKid went on to win Insomniac’s Discovery Project, a platform whose purpose is to expose the world to untapped talent in the EDM community. Since this victory, he has gained recognition from EDM giants like David Guetta, Malaa and Oliver Heldens.

NuKid has had the chance to perform at festivals like HOME BASS!, Beyond Wonderland and Nocturnal Wonderland. His most notable upcoming performance will be at Escape Psycho Circus in San Bernardino, California.

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