7 Mellow EDM Artists That Are Perfect for Your Summer Playlist

Chill, spacey and hypnotic, EDM should be your move for the summer.  
June 17, 2018
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When listeners and lovers of music think of EDM, they often think of the types of beats blaring through subwoofers at raves, psychedelic lights, lasers and angst-filled teens dropping acid.

Unfortunately, EDM as a music genre remains widely misunderstood, even as it has grown in popularity among millennials. Although dance clubs and music festivals still feature a majority of these stereotypical, aggressively technical EDM mixes, other artists with a softer sound have started appearing on the scene.

Check out these seven, up-and-coming EDM artists, whose mixes are perfect for your summer playlist.

1. Kasbo

Swedish music producer Carl Garsbo, otherwise known as Kasbo, began his career at the top alongside fellow EDM artists ODESZA as they toured internationally. With a couple of EP albums in his back pocket, Garsbo’s desire to be in the studio, mixing and producing music, only deepened as he landed back in Gothenburg.

Since 2015, Kasbo has released a few relaxed remixes to dull the excitement of his previous EPs. In doing so, he also cleared the path to release new singles, such as “Found You” and “Lay It On Me (feat. Keiynan Lonsdale),” which quickly became two of his more popular mixes.

These unique ballad-like beats feature synthesized voices hitting eerily high notes, with smooth drops to follow. Then, Kasbo released his biggest project to date, the debut LP album “Places We Don’t Know,” with the help of label-mates ODESZA once again. From its minimalist cover to its flurry of endorphin-flooding melodies, these songs perfectly fit those mellow vibes that come with the summer sunshine.

Song Recommendation: “Places We Don’t Know”


ODESZA’s Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight can’t stop making music — and they won’t stop. After the release of three full-length albums and international tours to follow, ODESZA only continues to produce original mixes, fused with both classic drum beats and occasional guitar riffs, as well as their own synth style.

In their most recent release, “A Moment Apart,” ODESZA experiments further with “weighted atmospheres” and again incorporates feelings of nostalgia, optimism and hope as they did throughout their sophomore album.

Song Recommendation: “Line Of Sight (feat. WYNNE & Mansionair)”

3. Petit Biscuit

At only 18 years old, French producer Petit Biscuit is already performing internationally at music festivals and solo performances from the United States to Australia. Because he has a background in French classical music and has been playing cello since he was 5, Petit Biscuit has developed a keen ear for sound quality.

His education allows him to adeptly create music, edit and mix his own tracks with greater ease. He signed his first PC record contract when he was only 11 years old, and, since then, his experimental tracks have gained a widespread following of fans on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Debuting an EP in May 2016, Petit Biscuit developed a full-length album out of these preliminary songs, releasing his first LP, “Presence,” in late fall of 2017. Petit Biscuit excels in creating unmistakable chopped and twisted vocal leads, producing a chill, surreal sound that’s hard to describe, yet embodied perfectly in the album .

Song Recommendation: “Sunset Lover”

4. shallou

2017 opened a lot of doors for shallou, as he released his debut EP, “All Becomes Okay,”and  immediately skyrocketed to unexpected popularity by word-of-mouth from passionate fans.

Then, as multiple singles appeared on SiriusXM and Billboard Dance charts, his name continued to grow and allowed his music to be further discovered by influential mediums. In this way, shallou found the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, allowing his sound to collaborate with their ideas.

shallou uses his most recent EP, “Souls,” as a platform to showcase his collaborative work and progress. “These artists brought more of me out than I would normally be willing to share. I guess being around other people helps you learn who you are,” he said.

On his sophomore EP, which he produced in his bedroom, shallou shows his maturity as an artist. Similar to how ”All Becomes Okay” reflected the natural cycle of the seasons, “Souls” details the stages of a new relationship, from happy to hurt.

As summer love floats in the air, shallou channels the emotions that often come along with it into “Souls,” making it the perfect playlist to accompany you on your journey and ensure you are always feeling good no matter where you are.

Song Recommendation: “You and Me”

5. Tyzo Bloom

Casey Chen, more popularly referred to as Tyzo Bloom, is still a fairly unknown name. The artist has continued flying under the radar since 2016, when he released his first single, “Someday, I’ll Be with You (feat. Jnna).”

Often featuring female vocals, such as Jnna, Casey Cook and Lauren Marie, in his songs, Chen blends their catchy melodies with synthesized rhythms using samples of their voices. He created his alias Tyzo Bloom to embody his beats, given that the name “Tyzo” signifies a “quick, analytical and clever mind.”

In this way, his music adopts a methodical quality to mirror a sort of calming, hypnotic state brought forth by his dreamy rhythms.

Song Recommendation: “Drive (feat. JNNA)”

6. Kende

The name of another new artist, Kende, often appears alongside that of other musicians, as his claim to fame is his unique remixes of songs. His adaptability to various music genres is quite impressive, as he has paired with alternative band Good Great Fine Ok, as well as with hip-hop artists Quavo and Lil Yachty.

Nevertheless, Kende also produces his own music, releasing his first single, “n i h a o,” in 2017. Given his latest single release during spring 2018, listeners should expect to hear more from Kende in the near future.

Song Recommendation: “Wait For You – Kende Remix”

7. Lostboycrow

Lostboycrow developed as “an idea that pays homage to new beginnings and a poignant heritage – best described as a pop minded vocalist’s dark love affair with the world of modern R&B.”

Although some may not classify Lostboycrow as an EDM artist, his songs showcase chill beats alongside poetic lyrics, creating an addicting sound that could be played on repeat. Lostboycrow has already released a handful of EP albums, each part of a trilogy called ”Traveler,” his most recent being “Traveler: The Third Legend,” released in spring 2018.

Lostboycrow has been producing music since 2015, long before his name grew to gain a following of millions of listeners, including an additional EP, “Sigh for Me,” released in 2016.

Song Recommendation: “Real Name”



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