Ugly God EP
Ugly God's EP is a hot and cold mixture with some beats and lyrics being better than others. (Image Mixtape Monkey)
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Ugly God EP
Ugly God's EP is a hot and cold mixture with some beats and lyrics being better than others. (Image Mixtape Monkey)

The unremarkable four-track project has only served to sour his fan base.

When people think of Ugly God, many immediately think of one of his first songs, “Water.” The song holds the type of beat that is loose and memorable, even if you’ve only heard it once.

Although the hit song is well-known, “Water” gave Ugly God a bad reputation for being an unserious artist.

Recently, the rapper released an EP titled “just a lil something before the album…” which, as the name suggests, is a “lil something” to tide everyone over while waiting for his highly anticipated album, “Bumps & Bruises,” to drop in the coming months.

Here’s a breakdown of Ugly God’s four tracks on his new EP.

1. “Leave a Tip” (feat. Splash Drexler)

For listeners who have heard Ugly God’s most popular hit, they will be drawn swiftly to this track. The beat of “Leave a Tip” sounds somewhat similar to “Water” because of its bouncy beat and quotable lyrics.

In this track, however, Ugly God seems to take his lyrics a little more seriously, portraying ideas that are popular in hip-hop culture and are comparable to larger, more popular artists. Ugly God takes over the first verse, while Splash Drexler leaves his mark in the second verse. Both artists give a performance that steadily remains on a fast beat without faltering or falling short of expectation.

“Leave a Tip” is definitely a catchy song with an upbeat tempo perfect for the dance and hip-hop scene.


Given the fact that this song is roughly two minutes long, fans may have jumped into this song expecting it to be powerful in the way that most short hip-hop songs are. However, Ugly God definitely fell short on this one. It almost seemed like he was tripping over his own words and lacked any type of flow, completely differing from “Leave a Tip.”

The second track showed a lack of effort, from the unimpressive beat to the repetitive lyrics. “BITCH WHERE MY HUG AT” was unsatisfactory at best.

3. “Tropics”

Slowing it down, Ugly God gives listeners a beat that’s easy to vibe to in his next track. “Tropics” demonstrates an impressive flow, making it a great comeback from the messy, disappointing track, “BITCH WHERE MY HUG AT.” Unlike the previous song, “Tropics” provides a story for listeners to connect with and a beat that anyone can get down and chill to.

The slower tempo of this song and the catchy roots immediately pull listeners in and keep them interested until the end of the song. Although this track will intrigue listeners, Ugly God does include a problematic line when he says, “I might spike your drink,” leading people to believe that he is promoting date rape.


Similar to the second track, listeners will be disappointed with Ugly God’s final song. “WEWANTALLTHESMOKE” is repetitive and juvenile, with lyrics that listeners would expect from immature, novice rappers. The beat is nothing to be desired, either. Reminiscent of “Water,” this song will leave fans thinking the track is some sort of joke. Unfortunately, Ugly God ended his EP on a bad note.

Overall, Ugly God has left listeners intrigued for his future album, with the hope that his newer songs will have a consistent flow and appealing lyrics. Although two of the songs on “just a lil something before the album” was disappointing, “Leave a Tip” and “Tropics” are bound to leave fans wanting more from the rapper.

“Bumps & Bruises” is set to be released sometime this year, so in the meantime, check out his EP and decide for yourself if this rapper is worth the wait.

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