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The Top True Crime Podcasts to Check Out on Spotify

Dive deep into the true crime genre this summer.
August 8, 2019
8 mins read

Spotify has a great selection of podcasts to indulge in, but with so many to choose from, it can be a bit challenging to find the one that you’ll love. It took me a long time and some trial and error before I figured out what my favorite kind of podcast is, but it turns out that true crime caught my interest. And since Spotify has plenty of true crime podcasts to listen to, it was a challenge to find the ones that really captivated me.

Lately, I’ve been really invested in this subject, and true crime podcasts are fascinating because it’s interesting to hear if the person who committed the crime ever got caught, or what their motive was, as well as where the victims’ families are now and how they’re holding up. One of the podcasts that I listen to starts from the beginning: It usually mentions the victim and gives a brief summary of who they were, before going into the story of what happened to them.

Podcasts are great to pass the time if you’re bored or on a road trip and you want something to listen to, but you’re sick of music. They can be a good way to learn about the areas around you and the events that took place there, and true crime podcasts, in particular, can raise awareness of people who might have been wrongfully convicted, going over the details to shed light on the evidence and give people a chance to think it over again.

Some of my favorite true crime podcasts on Spotify are Crime Junkies, The Clearing, Parcast Presents: Summer of ’69 and Morbid. The narrators of the podcasts are friendly and present the cases in a way that’s easy to follow. Each true crime podcast is unique, and every podcaster has a different method of telling their stories, but they all keep you coming back for more.

Here is a list of some of the podcasts you should check out if you haven’t already. Keep in mind that some of the stories can be a bit disturbing, so make sure you know what kind of content you can handle before delving into them. Podcasts are always best when you have a friend to listen to with, especially if it might creep you out, so grab some snacks and prepare to dive into the world of true crime podcasts.

1. Crime Junkies

Ashley Flowers is the voice behind this podcast, along with her close friend Brit Prawat. The title says it all; for anyone who can’t seem to get enough of the true crime scene, this is for you. “Crime Junkies” began in December 2017, and although the most recent episode was posted just a few days ago, I would recommended starting off with the first one to get a feel of the podcast (but that’s just me). You’ll be all caught up before you know it. This is what I kicked off with when I started listening to crime podcasts, and it’s a pretty good one to begin with.

2. Parcast Presents: Summer of ’69

This is an interesting one that I still have to catch up on. It’s a historical podcast, but it has its dark moments that will keep you coming back for more, as you learn about events that you thought you knew. It even dives into the investigation of the Zodiac Killer, which is quite a story for those who don’t know about it. I recommend this one because it gives you a new look into how things were in the past, and, if you like historical mysteries, this is the one for you. This podcast began in June 2019, so it’ll be a snap to catch up on the episodes.

3. Morbid

Its pilot episode launched in May 2018, so while there might be a few episodes to catch up on, it is worth it, because this podcast is truly unique. It’s hosted by a hair stylist and an autopsy technician, which makes for a great time; there is some comedy thrown into the podcast, but it doesn’t take away from the creepy and spooky stories they tell. It keeps the mood light and fun, and makes it easy to listen to. I recommend this one if you need some comic relief in a podcast that might creep you out.

4. Small Town Murder

This one’s a bit strange because it is hosted by two comedians, but don’t let that fool you. James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman look deep into the stories of what has taken place in small towns and explore their dark secrets. The hosts have a way of making this podcast entertaining, but don’t let that distract you from the horrific stories that they tell. If you’re looking for a comedic twist to your true crime podcast, this one is definitely for you. New episodes air every Thursday.

5. And That’s Why We Drink

This podcast has the best of both worlds: It talks about true crime and the paranormal. If that sounds interesting, this one was made for you. With a backlog of 130 episodes, this podcast will last you for a lot of listening hours. Don’t let the title trick you into thinking it’s a tame show; this particular podcast is filled with some pretty scary stories, both true crime and paranormal.

The episodes can vary in length, ranging from 45 minutes to almost two hours, so if you’re a busy person, maybe this podcast isn’t for you. Or, at least, listen to the shorter episodes first if you really want to give this podcast a go.

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