Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth have announced a new band together, shocking fans. (Illustration by Lina Kang, Rhode Island School of Design)

In Celebration of Simple Creatures, Here Are All Time Low and blink-182’s Best Songs

The new project from Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth might tank, so here are some classics to fall back on if it does.

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The new project from Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth might tank, so here are some classics to fall back on if it does.

If you haven’t already heard, bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus, of the legendary rock band blink-182, is teaming up with lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth, of All Time Low, to begin the new band Simple Creatures. Hoppus and Gaskarth dropped the announcement back in January, shocking many fans, and then released their first single, “Drugs.”

Simple Creatures, an unanticipated career move by both men, has left fanbases curious and apprehensive. Although both bands have been considered quintessential American rock groups, each has its own distinct sound, and while some fans might be feeling exuberant about the new project, others are worried that Simple Creatures will be a debacle.

Whether or not the new venture is a success, All Time Low and blink-182 are staples of the modern music world and are both responsible for a number of now-canonical tracks. To celebrate the bands’ collaboration, here are the two group’s five best songs.


1. “All the Small Things”

Coming in first is “All The Small Things” from their 1999 album, “Enema Of The State.”

If you look up the lyrics to “All The Small Things,” you might not understand them as anything but flippant, but you get a sense, much like the title of the song suggests, that life is all about the little things, and that small gestures can have a large and unforeseen impact on someone’s day or life.

Aside from the song’s deeper meaning, all of the “na na na na’s” add to its catchiness.

2. “I Miss You”

Next up is “I Miss You” from their “blink-182” album of 2003. The track begins with the soft scratching of drum symbols and eases into the song with some simple guitar before quickening its pace.

“I Miss You” is the epitome of the dark, emo vibe that blink-182 has always tried to exude. The song is about losing someone that you care for and how you might cope with the loss. A sad song, but a good song.

3. “What’s My Age Again”

“What’s My Age Again” is the third most popular song by blink-182; it is also from the same “Enema Of The State” album. Compared to “All The Small Things,” “What’s My Age Again” is downright verbose, and its lyrics lend themselves much more to analysis than the superficial songwriting of other blink-182 tracks.

After being introduced by a melodic guitar, the fast-punch lyrics hint at what young adults experience when coming of age. The song paints a perfect picture of the challenges that ensue when you first start trying to behave like an adult, but still find joy in adolescent activities.

4. “First Date”

If you’ve ever experienced a first date, you might remember just how awkward it was — unless it was so bad that you’ve blocked it from your memory.

In either case, blink-182’s song “First Date” illustrates the turbulence of a first date and is arguably their fourth-most popular track because the subject of the song is so unfortunately relatable.

5. “Adam’s Song”

Last, but surely not least is “Adam’s Song,” again from the 1999 album, “Enema Of The State.” “Adam’s Song” is just over four minutes in length, making it the longest on the album, and is a heartfelt piece about depression and people who take their lives because of it.

There is an important message within the song’s lyrics that intertwines perfectly with the melancholy music of the instruments. Hauntingly beautiful is the description that really comes to mind.

All Time Low

All Time Low was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and debuted in 2003. Accompanying Gaskarth was Jack Barakat on guitar, Zack Merrick on bass and Rian Dawson on drums; to this day, all of the original band members remain.

The group began as nothing more than a high school cover band before finding their niche in pop punk and writing and playing their own music. The two bands certainly share similar sonic qualities, but blink-182 has always leaned more punk, whereas All Time Low has always moved more toward pop.

Over time, All Time Low has received criticism for moving away from their original sound, but apologists of the band have countered that the group has simply evolved as the market has evolved. When All Time Low first began, they honed in on the trending emo/scene phase of tweens and young teens in the early 2000s. Like any other band, a portion of All Time Low’s fanbase is unwavering, but to the rest, the emo/scene phase was just that: a phase.

Over time, All Time Low grew into a more digestible version of pop punk. Stylistically, their music has transformed, but as far as visual appearances go, the band still projects their scene roots of side-swept bangs, dyed hair and skinny jeans (but in a grown-up, sophisticated kind of way).

Similarly to blink-182, All Time Low has a number of popular songs. The only difference is that a majority of blink-182’s best-liked songs were from their older albums, while the most popular songs by All Time Low are their newer works. It should also be noted that All Time Low has not been around as long as blink-182 and therefore, have fewer plays on Spotify.

1. “Dear Maria, Count Me In”

Considered an oldie but a goodie from the 2007 album “So Wrong, It’s Right,” “Dear Maria, Count Me In” is likely the band’s most popular song.

Lyrically, it tells the story of someone who falls for a showgirl and wants to help her make it, suggesting that there is more to her than being just a performer. Sonically it is upbeat, catchy and memorable.

2. “Missing You”

Coming in second is “Missing You” from the 2015 album “Future Hearts.”

If you’ve been a fan of All Time Low since the beginning, or if you’ve been an avid listener and have explored their older music, then you can tell right off the bat that “Missing You” is a creative leap in terms of their overall sound and brand. It’s light and peppy with a tinge of folky sound — a song to frolic to, rather than mosh to.

3. “Weightless”

“Weightless” is off of their 2009 “Nothing Personal” album, and arguably where one might begin to see the shift in the band’s image.

The song is about adulting and how things don’t come so easy, that at times you wish you could have a break from stress and the daily grind. It also has bouts of optimism that encourage listeners to keep on keeping on.

4. “Last Young Renegade”

From their 2017 album “Last Young Renegade,” their fourth most popular song is “Good Times.” The track gives off a feeling of youthfulness and empowerment, as it’s about standing up for what you believe in, despite having to leave everything you know behind. Not only is the song catchy, but it’s also uplifting and inspiring.

5. “Drugs & Candy”

“Drugs & Candy,” also from the “Last Young Renegade” album, is about being in love, thinking about them constantly and wondering when you will see them again — an addicting kind of love. Whether or not you have experienced this kind of love or even want that kind of affection, “Drugs & Candy” is easy to listen to and connect emotionally.


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