Schnitt's material revolves around relationships, sex lives and the travails of being a young woman in New York City. (Illustration by Yunyi Dai, Maryland Institute College of Art)

‘Schnitt Talk’: The Only Barstool Sports Podcast You’ll Ever Need to Listen To

Hilarious, female-run and sex positive, Ellie Schnitt’s pod baby has it all.

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Schnitt's material revolves around relationships, sex lives and the travails of being a young woman in New York City. (Illustration by Yunyi Dai, Maryland Institute College of Art)

Hilarious, female-run and sex positive, Ellie Schnitt’s pod baby has it all.

If you don’t have some sort of podcast on your weekly rotation, can you even consider yourself a typical, technology-crazed young adult? Podcasts have taken over the media realm and gained a massive young audience. A particular podcast that has caught the eyes of many female college students is “Schnitt Talk” produced by Barstool Sports.

The title “Schnitt Talk” is inspired by Ellie Schnitt, a recent Illinois State graduate and Barstool Sports employee who became well-known for her social media presence, specifically on Twitter. Schnitt’s platform suddenly exploded when Twitter users took a liking to her humorous, self-depreciating and relatable tweets.

To date, Schnitt’s account has over 300,000 followers, with each tweet garnering thousands of retweets and likes. Her account has become so popular that it’s not uncommon to see Schnitt’s name when scrolling through the top trending tweets of the week.

The social-media star hits all the right chords, knowing exactly how to make her audience laugh. Sometimes I wonder if her humor is intentional, or if her subconscious is just so streamlined for millennial minds that the internet can’t help but it eat it up. We’ll never know.

Technicalities aside, Schnitt’s tweets provide the sort of transparency that reminds followers that she too is a normal person, who just so happens to have a following. Unlike other popular accounts, Schnitt is not shoving product placement down your throat or showing off a luxurious lifestyle. She’s an authentic person who experiences real-life, human struggles every day. In fact, her entire persona is based on how her life is anything but perfect, which is exactly what makes her account so humorous.

Listeners might tune in for the laughter, but the podcast’s transparency is definitely the element that shines through. “Schnitt Talk” features embarrassing sex stories, relationship advice and efforts to promote sex positivity. The start of every episode features a recap of how many times Schnitt and her producer, Alanna Vizzoni, cried throughout the week. While it seems like a small sentiment for the content, this act creates an even stronger bridge between audience and creator.

While not everyone is 22 years old and living in New York City like Schnitt, they do face similar social situations. They run into weird people at the bar, have awkward conversations after a one-night stand or spend their entire Sunday with a massive hangover, regretting all of Saturday night’s decisions. It’s comforting to know that in the middle of a migraine and dehydrated state, listeners are not alone. Schnitt’s audience can rely her to give them advice on how to reach the promised land of sobriety or date guys that actually respond to text messages.

Not only is this transparency comforting, but it’s funny too. If you’re a fan of dry humor and second-hand embarrassment, this is the perfect listening experience for you. With great chemistry behind the mic, Schnitt and Vizzoni’s conversations flow seamlessly, bouncing off each other as they share snapshots of their lives.

When I’m listening to the podcast, I feel like I’m chillin’ in my dorm room, listening to my two best friends give a recap of everything I missed over a bottle of wine. It is the most welcoming feeling, and with only one season underway, I’m excited to see where this project will grow and what paths Schnitt will take over the course of her career.

In addition to the podcast, Schnitt also operates an Instagram where she features daily videos shares life advice with her followers. The topics of advice range from dating to self-care, with a dash of motivation when a viewer needs it the most.

Out of all of the podcasts from Barstool Sports, this has to be a fan favorite. “Schnitt Talk” provides listeners with a mellow vent session and some honest advice, allowing listeners to feel like they’re leaving with something in their back pocket. This experience is crucial engaging their audience and making them crave more “Schnitt Talk” every Tuesday.

I was a follower and fan of Schnitt before her career at Barstool Sports began, so it’s great to see her growth and prosperity. What started out as a collection of a few funny tweets has skyrocketed into a career of content creation, comedy and a loads of other possibilities. Schnitt has certainly opened doors for herself, and I think we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg with where her media career will take her.

“Schnitt Talk” currently has 17 episodes, which are uploaded new every Tuesday. For now, the end of the season is not on the horizon, so there will be plenty of Schnitt to go around.


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