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The young, iridescent producer continues to fuse electronic music with dense hyperactivity.

Reeling in the wake of his 2017 debut album “Neo Wax Bloom,” UK electronic producer Iglooghost (an alias of Seamus Malliagh) is slated to release his follow-up projects on Aug. 8, 2018. The “Clear Tamei” and “Steel Mogu” EP album artwork alone is a cue that this baby-faced blitzkrieg is back to exhibit his holographic array of sonic experimentation.

With his normal, silly shtick in focus — like how NWB was a concept record about beings made literally out of gum — the lead single to this EP, titled “Nightracer,” is all the cyber-trap that listeners could possibly ask for. The song’s quick sub-bass percussion bumps rapidly as the techno staircase spirals through the track’s four beat drops in just under five minutes.

Malliagh’s presence in the electro scene is that of a growing young deity, coarse with ingenious genre hybrids and fine production that allows all his hectic additions to coexist with one another without muddy sound amalgamations. The DJ — who online is depicted as a 10-year-old boy that never seems to age — is young in spirit, but wise in execution, landing a record deal with Warp Records affiliate, Brainfeeder.

The Brainfeeder label harmonizes with Mr. Ghost in their constant cry to eviscerate the layers and ceilings of contemporary music. The brand focuses on pushing the envelope and staying ahead of the industry’s curve that ever so increasingly bends toward the tune of electronic music becoming more futuristic.

This duo EP, independent release cycle has been a busy one for Malliagh, with appearances on the Boiler Room show “Crowdsourced,” where listeners send in audio clips and featured producers sample them into musical compositions, as well as his trip to Japan and his first filmed music video in Los Angeles all culminating in the same two-month time span.

A tweet sent out on the dawn of March 29 by Iglooghost finalized a poll that asked if the next album was going to sound like “FAST SYNTHETIC BANGERS” or “EMO CLASSICAL SHIT WITH 808s.” Iglooghost responded to his poll a day later.

Not only did Iglooghost trick his already suspicious fan base, with the poll ending in a close 53 percent to 47 percent split, but the artist’s approach to addressing album hype is that of a musician who truly does care about the music. He didn’t give the audience the spoiling specifics on what the record will sound like, nor did he want the gratification of those who prod artists about what their soon-to-be coming sounds will sound like.

Telling your graciously voting fans to “FUCK OFF” in all caps is certainly a way to cement yourself in the industry, but what Iglooghost’s sounds lack in formality they make up for in an invigoratingly overwhelming destruction of sonic normality that has yet to be appropriately competed against.

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