While many love songs focus on relationships and breakups, Jepsen takes a new angle in her new song. (Illustration by Sofie Moustahfid, University of Maryland, College Park)

“Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe.” You’ve heard this line before from “Call Me Maybe,” the 2012 hit song by Carly Rae Jepsen that everyone was singing until it disappeared into the mix of other hits, like many songs do.

Since then, the pop singer released several albums, the most recent being “Emotion: Side B” in 2016. The time has finally arrived for the Jepsies, or fans of Jepsen, as her new single, “Party for One,” was just released, along with the music video.

The exhilarating beat in the single will have you dancing around the room, celebrating yourself, which is exactly what you deserve. You’ll be singing to the lyrics in no time, beaming with self-love. Love songs are scattered throughout the music industry, most being about falling in love or breaking up, but Jepsen threw this song into the ring with the intent of listeners understanding self-importance when it comes to love.

Carly Rae Jepsen
Carly Rae Jepsen rose to fame after the release of her hit song, “Call Me Maybe,” in 2012. (Image via YouTube)

Jepsen begins the song expressing a recent breakup, singing, “Tried to let it go and say I’m over you. I’m not over you, but I’m trying.” Getting over someone can be tough, but sometimes it takes a bad relationship and a breakup for people to realize they should spend more time loving themselves. Doing so can allow you to become more independent and happier.

The happiness is heard in the lyrics, “Party for one. If you don’t care about me, I’ll just dance with myself, back on my beat,” which is part of the cheerful chorus. Jepsen is acknowledging her self-love in these lines, as she has decided to do her own thing without another person. She makes it clear that no one needs another person to be happy; it’s all up to you.

The other line in the chorus is, “If you don’t care about me, making love to myself, back on my beat.” The first thought anyone would have is that Jepsen is referring to physical love, such as masturbation. Of course, without another person, it’s the ideal situation, and even the music video will persuade you to believe this is what the singer meant.

However, another way to think about this line is that it reflects treating yourself with love, such as putting yourself first and practicing self-care. Jepsen stresses this in the song, repeatedly saying, “If you don’t care about me,” then she’ll take care of herself in different ways. She’ll care for herself because she knows that’s what she deserves, and she hopes her fans do the same. It’s also important that she knows she’s capable of being independent, just as everyone should be.

Now, a lot is happening in the “Party for One” music video, with several people staying in different hotel rooms alone. Each person, including Jepsen, is taking time for themselves in various ways, and they all are portraying self-love and self-care. They are doing what is necessary to be happy and taking a break from being around others.

Jepsen is seen singing and dancing around her hotel room in the beginning of the video, and, as a treat to herself, she has a new pair of heels delivered to her room. Why shouldn’t you occasionally spoil yourself with clothes and accessories? They say money can’t buy you happiness, but sometimes it can do enough to make you happy for a while.

If you’d prefer to spend less money on self-love, sometimes simply relaxing is the way to go, and it’s definitely one self-care method that Jepsen shows in her video. A woman smoking while in bed is letting off some steam, as is the man taking a bath while eating spaghetti and drinking wine. Both are simple but effective ways that allow people to focus on themselves and enjoy the needed time alone.

The girl lying in bed watching a movie is surely relaxing while indulging in food, but you can see that she’s also letting out anger as she cries, yells and throws food at the TV. It might seem like she’s not showing self-love by being sad, but she is. For one, she’s taking time for herself by eating junk food and watching movies, and two, she’s expressing her feelings rather than bottling them inside her. Crying is an effective way to feel better, and making yourself feel better is part of self-love.

Another hotel occupant is an older woman who justifies the literal side of Jepsen’s words, “making love to myself.” The woman isn’t in the mood to dance, party and relax like the others, but, instead, she is looking for the physical love that no one is giving her. She is filmed holding up different sex toys, deciding which one to use. Self-love comes in many ways, and if physical love is what you need, then go for it.

If you want to be even more spontaneous than the aforementioned self-care approaches, you could always change up your hairstyle, like the girl in the video who cuts her bangs short. Then, you could do your makeup and dress up elegantly like she does just for fun. You need to feel in control of yourself, and you have the power to be. Impulsive but sensible acts can help you fulfill that desire.

Near the end of video, the hotel power goes out, so everyone heads downstairs, and when the lights go back on, all the occupants are smiling and partying with each other. After spending the night alone and taking time for themselves, the occupants have achieved self-love, their smiles showing their refreshing spirits.

Of course, it’s evident that the time they spent together brought happiness as well, which means that while it is rejuvenating to be independent and go your own way, being around others can be just as fun and bring a similar joy. Regardless of what you do to love and care for yourself, you should put yourself before others as needed and be sure to treat yourself now and then with a “Party for One.”

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