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Camp Rock

‘Camp Rock’ Just Turned 10. Feel Old Yet?

Here's what the stars of the movie are up to now.
June 22, 2018
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“This is real, this is me, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now / So let the light, shine on me.”

Sound familiar? It’s the chorus of “This is Me” performed by Demi Lovato, from the movie “Camp Rock.” Yep, let the memories flood back. Obsessing over classic bad boy Shane Gray, fuming at diva Tess for her shady shenanigans, just wanting poor Mitchie to thrive and belt her heart out at the Final Jam.

The heartwarming, music-filled Disney film just celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Feel old yet? A lot has changed since then, including the lives of the beloved cast members.

Back then, Demi Lovato was rocking the straight hair and front bangs look, as she portrayed her character Mitchie Torres, a wannabe professional singer/songwriter who saw Camp Rock as an opportunity to follow her dreams to fruition.

Demi also had her own Disney channel show, “Sonny With A Chance,” where her character was essentially working in an “SNL” for teenagers.

Now, the cutesy Disney girl is a Lovato of the past. Within the past 10 years, she has leaned into her career as a vocalist, developing her voice and emerging into the music scene as a pop powerhouse.

Her range and technique have improved tremendously, apparent in hits such as “Stone Cold,” “Sorry Not Sorry” and “Tell Me You Love Me,” and her lyrical content has matured with her growth.

Lovato’s aesthetic has transformed — she now sports a darker, more serious pop-rocker vibe, but her love for her fans shines bright as ever. Her most recent song, “Sober,” resides in a more emotionally heavy caliber, as it details her struggles with addiction.

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Lovato’s loyal fanbase has expressed their unconditional love and support for her as she recovers. Stay strong, Demi. Mitchie would be proud of the pop star and woman you are today.

Now, onto the three men that comprised the iconic musical trio of our generation, “The Jonas Brothers.” In “Camp Rock,” Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas portrayed the boyband “Connect 3,” tasked with assisting the Camp Rock campers in their musical and performance related endeavors.

Joe Jonas had a more significant role, portraying the egotistical, immature boy whose selfish outlook was transformed by his budding romance with Demi Lovato’s character, Mitchie.

So where are these boys now? Sadly, the Jonas Brothers are a group of the past, but Joe Jonas has found new bandmates in his new band DNCE, known for their hit song “Cake by the Ocean.” He was also just a coach on “The Voice Australia,” giving him the chance to extend his vocal expertise to a new generation of singers.

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Nick Jonas launched his solo career, releasing a few albums and landing some hits on the radio, including “Levels” and “Jealous.” He’s most recently been on the news because he is rumored to be dating Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

That leaves Kevin Jonas, probably the most mysterious of all Jonas Brothers. Kevin is still married to his wife, Danielle Deleasa, and he now has two kids. His career path has shifted towards entrepreneurship, as he founded a company called The Blu Market. Kevin remains a celebrity presence on social media.

Finally, we have Alyson Stoner, who portrayed spunky, girl-next-door DJ and keyboardist, Caitlyn Geller. Alyson stayed with Disney channel for a significant period of time, as she provided the angelic voice of Isabella from the hit cartoon “Phineas and Ferb.”

She recently expressed her queer identity to the public through a publication in Teen Vogue, describing her heart-wrenching and transformative experience as she learned to accept and find her true self.

“Camp Rock” was one of those classic movies from our childhood that this generation will always remember, and its cast truly made it the spectacle that still manages to captivate our inner rock stars today.

I would like to extend a thank you to the cast of “Camp Rock,” straight from the hearts of our generation. Thank you for the songs and scenes that were so prevalent in our childhood. Thank you for the music and memories that still linger in our minds to this day.

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