Everything You Need to Know About the Jonas Brothers’ Reunion

The fan-girl in me is screaming.

From the moment the Jonas Brothers stepped out of their childhood home in Wyckoff, New Jersey, and into the spotlight, they have taken the world by storm. Fans everywhere waited eagerly in lines for hours just to get a glimpse of their faces before their next concert or event. They hung posters from teen magazines like TigerBeat in their rooms and fought intensely over their favorite brother (it was either Joe or Nick, Kevin was sadly never part of the equation). They made posters, bought hundreds of dollars’ worth of merchandise, concert tickets and even signed their tour bus.

While there were some fans who were unable to go to their concerts or meet the band, they still bought their albums, played their music and watched anything the brothers starred in to show their support. It was then that the brothers realized how impactful their music was on fans and non-fans alike, who still acknowledged their talent and wide range of songs.

The trio brother band has released four albums (five if you count their album for their show “Jonas L.A.”), which have been played on repeat in stereos of any parent’s car who had a daughter under the age of 16 during the late 2000s. With hit songs like “SOS” and Burnin’ Up” as well as more sentimental songs like “When You Look Me in the Eyes” and “A Little Bit Longer,” the Jonas Brothers have proven that their music is timeless and can appeal to any generation.

The brothers were so popular and well-received that they were taken under Disney’s wing, starring in the “Camp Rock” films and their own shows “JONAS” and “JONAS L.A.” The Jonas Brothers were the full package.  So, when it was announced on “Good Morning America” in 2013 that the band of brothers was going to break up to create solo projects, many fans, including myself, were devastated.

After I was introduced to the Jonas Brothers from Disney Channel commercial, which featured their popular song “SOS,” I was instantly hooked. While I was only in third grade at the time, I knew that my life was going to drastically change after listening to this group. To put it bluntly, I was obsessed.

After subconsciously picking a favorite brother at first glance (hint: it wasn’t Nick), I told my parents about my newfound love for this group, calling myself a fangirl before I even heard of the term. My parents responded with laughter and exchanged smiles that said “This is just a phase. I’m sure she’ll get over it.”

I remember forcing my dad to stop playing his Metallica and Judas Priest CDs in his car in favor of my Jonas Brothers CDs (their self-titled album was always my top choice). Clearly, my love for the Jonas Brothers was more than just a phase, especially from my reaction to their recent, social media announcement of their reunion.

While there were rumors circulating for months that the Jonas Brothers were going to reunite in 2019, many people thought they were just that: rumors. With bands like One Direction promising fans that their hiatus would be brief, and then embarking on solo careers, it came as a surprise that the Jonas Brothers actually followed through with their reunion, especially after their six year break. After announcing their reunion, the Jonas Brother have revived their Instagram and made multiple radio and television appearances to share what’s in store for fans.

On Feb. 28, 2019, the Jonas Brothers posted that they were going to release their comeback single “Sucker,” and its accompanying music video at midnight the next day, giving fans little to no time to process and prepare. Yet, the short notice was fitting, given how long their hiatus lasted.

Once their song was released, fans were blown away by their more mature sound and descriptions of their relationships with their fiancée and wives. Many fans also took note of how the brothers incorporated parts of Nick’s solo music and Joe’s songs with his group DNCE into their newest single, as a homage to their past. While there were a few fans who were disappointed that their songs are so different from their Disney days, most fans loved the song and the band’s new direction.

Immediately after its release, the single “Sucker” soared to the No. 1 spot on streaming services, while its music video claimed one of the top spots on YouTube’s trending page. Shot in a mansion in England, the extravagant video was of particular interest to fans, as it gave viewers a glimpse into each brother’s romantic relationship.

British-born, American late-night television show host and previous Broadway actor James Corden announced that the Jonas Brothers would appear on his show for a week starting on March 4 to celebrate their return. During the week, they’ll be participating in interviews, skits, performances and Corden’s most famous segment “Carpool Karaoke,” where the brothers will sing some of their hit songs as Corden drives through the streets of L.A. Corden’s show will be the brothers’ first television appearance since their split.

The brothers have also appeared on radio stations like Z100 and BBC1 to promote their new single and give interviews, where they stated that they have recorded about 30 to 40 songs to be released. In these announcements, the brothers have also confirmed that they will be going on tour in Australia. Although other shows and tour dates have not been confirmed, fans can look forward to more shows and songs from the three brother band.

Last but not least, the Jonas Brothers have confirmed a partnership with Amazon to release a documentary about their lives and the band.  It’s said that the film inspired the brothers to reunite and produce more music. While, at this point, there are very few details about the documentary, some fans speculate that Demi Lovato will appear in the film and maybe even join the brothers on tour.

To say the least, Jonas Brother fans like me have a lot to look forward to. I’m a “Sucker” for their music and am “Burnin’ Up” to hear more.

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